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Jul 14

True Freedom & What It Means To Me! What’s it mean to YOU?

By Jeremy Creager | FREEdom

“True Freedom”

7/9/09 camping in Yellowstone on my honeymoon with my beautiful wife.

Contemplating true freedom and what it means to me, is to say the meaning I give true freedom is what it is to me. This is important to the level of freedom I am able to create for myself. Understanding that freedom for me is my choice and I decide when, where, and how freedom is used in my life. This gives me freedom in and of itself. To be free of expectations and know that all my limitations are set by me: spiritually and karmically.

Freedom is both a goal for achievement and a divine birth right we all have within us always without having to do anything for it. Freedom to the degree that we love ourselves, the state of unconditional love is to be free. Non-acceptance of all things is non-freedom. To not have freedom is to have a sick mind, an unhealthy state ruled by the ego, out of the moment lost in ones thoughts. The key is to release, to let go and make peace with. To breathe in the moment, it starts with inner peace. Inner freedom creates outer freedom.

Picture “ to flow without judgment like a big beautiful waterfall, heading passionately toward the cliff and then jumping off without any resistance soaring down with compassion, smashing the bottom floor free from shame and guilt loving unconditionally the observing of where it freely flows next.

The waterfall is not free in the sense that it goes where it wishes, as it flows where the rocks, mountains and landscape take it. There is no control in the matter of where it flows to, but free in where it flows from. Letting go of being attached to the outcome it is free from expectations thus no regrets of the past, not worried about the future and loving the present with amazement of the sheer beauty observing life as it is. Because where it comes from is a state in which every rock and bottom flow of river bed and every cliff it jumps of off it says Thank You for Loving Me, I Love You Back!. That is true freedom to me.

All the best unconditionally free,
Jeremy Creager

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