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Aug 25

Bringing Integrity Into Awareness

By Jeremy Creager | FREEdom , Integrity , Jeremy Creager , Unconditional Love , Vision

I can envision the whole wide world with Integrity and the understanding of it as the norm. Meaning: having Integrity in all of human-doings and in all human-beings within society as a whole. Can you follow that? In the world that we live in, Integrity is not looked at as a necessity, and I imagine that when the world functions as a whole with Integrity there will be no more wars and probably no more suffering like is happening now when the world is functioning without Integrity..

I think of Integrity as an energy field that brings vibrations of Unconditional Love and Honesty, Trustworthiness, standing for the greater good of all and doing what is right in despite of what others may think.

I might say that having integrity is having a good understanding of karma.

Having Integrity is when you do something wrong, you correct it, you make it right as best you can in whatever way you need to make it happen. It is doing what’s right and living your life like that. A lifestyle, a way of living and the way you do anything is the way you do everything so do all things with integrity the best you can/know how. The key is to be in a state of compassion so that you can hold Integrity in your energetic space, so that you act in kindness with gratitude for all things.

So let’s collect, post, share and add to all the different levels of understanding, meaning and awareness’s of Integrity.

Check this bad ass video clip out

Al Pacino’s Speech in “Scent of a Woman

OK lets here what INTEGRITY is to you now.
And if you have any questions about Integrity just ask I will give you the best answer I can.

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