Training Men To Be Spiritual Warriors

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For Entertainment Purposes Only From a friend: Aloha Jeremy I wanted to respond to “training women”… You are a very good writer It is true that we can define words as training women in any way we want. The trigger word let’s the person think of their meaning and open their mind…However the preconceived understanding […]

Training Women! Are You Triggered by these Words?


    I think that at some point in every woman’s development she needs to be trained. There is something to be said about the resistance and reaction of many people to the term “training women.” Training women, to me, means healing them and loving them unconditionally, but some have a negative response when they […]


        Hi this is Jeremy Creager hope all is well with you. Please read enjoy and share this paper with your family, friends, and enemies. Thank you 5-10-07 PERFECTION I am Perfection; this is who I am, all that I am BEing is perfect; I am not “only just” a man, I […]

What is Family?

My Family

Family Dynamics To me; Family is weird; it is a fascinating program to look at, it seems one can not escape it. Family is one of those things that can tie us all together, or rip us apart from ourselves and each other. Family is a label and with labels comes constrictions and limitations. But […]