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Oct 30

I Just Bought A Big Purple Traveling Suitcase!

By Jeremy Creager | Integrity , Relationships , Unconditional Love , Workshops & Events

Hi friends,

I just wanted to write you real quick and let you know I will be
gone for a week and a half.

Very excited about going to Gabriola Island in BC Canada for an intensive
7 day Kundalini Dance Awakening Retreet.

Note: if you want to know more about Kundalini Dance go to Google and
Google it! :)

Each of the 7 days we will be doing focused dancing on each of the
7 Chakras, and deepening into our inner selves. It should be pretty
intense along with a lot of breath work,moving energy through the
body, consciously playing with Mother Earth energy and Father sky
Source energy.

We work on the self, healing of our emotional blocks and clearing
stuck energy. We do this so that we can continue to help people in
their own growth, since we will not share what we do not know to be
truth from our own experience.

I love it, there is sick ass music and beats we get to dance to.
I am not much of a dancer or anything, but you might be
surprised how much you can get out of an experience like this. It
has been my experience with Kundalini Dance that there are a lot
of ups and downs and growth that can be achieved by this evolutionary
method of alchemical dance.

You may throw up, get sick, cry, get mad, extremely happy, sad,
everything at once, release old stuck energies, patterns and beliefs
and get rid of what doesn’t serve you anymore.

When I finish a dance session, I leave more empowered, clearer
and aligned with my highest good ready to create!

Although I do my best to not have any expectations for the event
and I am open to it unfolding in any divine way it wants, my intentions
is I am hoping to work on my own inner personal power, and any blocks
I have with being financially abundant in my life.

I will be working on my life mission and soul purpose, energetically
focusing on my (this) website and whats the best
value I can offer you through this site.

I am always focusing on how to love my beloved more, both within and
without, and bring my relationships to higher and higher states of bliss,
and I am sure that God/Universe will surprise me with whatever I am
not expecting as well. :)

I cant wait to share with all of you about my experience when I
get back!

Blessings with love,

Jeremy Creager

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Oct 22

Training Men To Be Spiritual Warriors

By Jeremy Creager | Relationships


For Entertainment Purposes Only

From a friend:

Aloha Jeremy

I wanted to respond to “training women”…

You are a very good writer

It is true that we can define words as training women in any way we want. The trigger word let’s the person think of their meaning and open their mind…However the preconceived understanding can also limit their ability to truly hear your message.

I often say we train our mate or friends how to treat us by what we allow and what we expect….

I believe we can also help or hinder our mate and friends and ourselves by our words and actions to grow into our full potential of spiritual emotional, mental and physical being…..

As you say….

woman’s whole self healing process does not need the help and support of a “training” guide. If she is so fortunate to manifest her reciprocal in her life that can hold this kind of spiritual space for her to grow in, it is still her choice to take the opportunity or not, but it might make a big difference. I believe this process of emotional and spiritual growth can and should be done in ones life either way but sometimes it is easier with someone that loves you unconditionally by your side on this hard path.

I think this is true for a man or a woman so where is the article on training men…


My Reply:

Thank you so much for reading and responding not only from your heart but from a place of true wisdom and compassion. Also, thanks for the compliments about my writing. I love to write, but to be honest most of my stuff is edited because my spelling and grammar is so bad. I can’t always take all the credit.

The topic of “training men” doesn’t seem to be as emotionally charged as the phrase “training women.” It seems to be less threatening, less egoic, less derogatory and less control based, doesn’t it? It feels like it’s almost socially acceptable to “train” a man.

I think in most cases it’s an honor to be trained, like in sports or in such things as yoga training, meditation training, spiritual training or even job training. In these kinds of situations it is like a privilege to be trained. But when you talk about training within intimate relationships all of a sudden training can be seen as a bad word.

I think that the severity of the response to “training woman” can be related to the way that women have been mistreated for thousands of years. It seems the last thing women want is to be “trained” by a man, right when they feel they are getting their personal power back.

But with that said, I agree with you and I have heard it before that “people treat you the way you train them to”. So if that is true then we are already training everybody anyways, intimately or not.

Note: I would also like to say that I am kind of being a biter because my online friend Stephane Hemon at is where I got the whole idea of training from. At this point I don’t know where he is with this concept but he did create the “Girlfriend Training Program” awhile back and now I believe he is no longer offering it anymore, if I am correct.

And to your request for an article on “training men” here it is.


Training Men

Things a woman should know in order to train
a high quality man

If you’re a women and you want to know about “training men” then read the rest of this post, and don’t forget to re-tweet this post please.

A woman who is a qualified “man trainer” must first know how to love herself. She must have patience, remember to breathe, and always work on coming from a place of compassion. She can do this by being aware of and connected to her true self as Love. One important way to do this is to stay connected to mother earth and a supportive tribe of women in sisterhood. Through this great loving support she can further hold her man as another reflection of herself and love his imperfections, seeing the perfection in them. It is important for a woman who is training a man to remember to dance, have fun, laugh and play. This kind of man is trained with positive life experiences.

Challenging men is usually not an effective way of training them. A woman can train a man she is in a relationship with by taking her own personal growth steps which forces him to grow with her. A woman can train a man by trusting him and opening to him more, allowing him to do the same. Another component of training is also in the quality lifestyle example you live with and around him, showing him by example so he knows to keep up. However, it is important to know that men generally go through their growth process differently than women. Men tend to sort out and reflect on their growth process more internally, such as through contemplation and meditation. Women tend to talk about and communicate their feelings in order to process them. When training a man, a woman should feel free to lightly check in with him but remember to approach the subject of his internal growth and processing with sensitivity in a non-confrontational way. Another words Respect his process.

A note on the process of unfolding a deep connection of intimacy- I think it is true that when a couple is having sex, the more they work through their relationship and specifically the more she opens and surrenders to the source of love energy, the more a man can, through this deep connection of divine energy through a woman, learn to know God more. For this he will love the woman he is with even more and gain a deeper love for himself as a connected part of that divine energy.

Qualities, behaviors and characteristics
of a man worth training

Not every man is ready to work on himself enough to be “trained” by a woman, so here are some qualities, behaviors and characteristics of a man worth training. Trainable men come from an understanding of unconditional love, compassion and integrity. They are spiritually inclined, come from the heart and are deep and wise. Trainable men have a good sense of humor, are in touch with their feminine side and have a sense of having a mission in life. This type of man ideally should have a natural inclination towards healing, love to learn and grow and understand that the true meaning of life is to be happy.

A woman who wants to be in a relationship of mutual growth and happiness should know that words like “training” are simply tools to communicate the concept of practicing unconditional love, honesty, respect, integrity and pure compassion to hold space for another person to unfold into the highest version of themselves.

For The Trainable Man

If you’re a man and you want a qualified woman to train you, let me tell you from my experience what you’d be looking for. And don’t forget to re-tweet this post please.

A woman who is a qualified man trainer is a spiritual warrior. She is strong, her soul is deep, she loves herself and is unconditionally compassionate. A qualified man trainer is a woman who truly loves the man she is with and has his best interest in mind. Trust her intuition and allow her to use it to encourage both of you in your mutual training process that comes from sharing love, trusting each other and mutual empowerment. This type of woman will serve as a great mirror for a man but he must do a lot of personal work so he can attract a highly qualified woman and build a trusting relationship.

Working on yourself

To me working on yourself means constantly checking in with the deep questions of life and trying to understand the point of your existence. It is wanting to be a deep man, a deep thinker, a man of presence so deep that it is easy to drop into the witness and just be. It is coming from a place of love from the heart and understanding the concept of the interconnectedness of everything. It is important for a man that is wanting to be trained to work on healing emotional wounds. In my situation I feel like I was lucky to have deep painful heart wounds early on that forced me to make the decision to never be the victim of low vibrational feelings and emotions of insecurity, jealousy and fear again. I think emotional pain can be a good thing when it is experienced and used as a learning and growing tool. We all make mistakes but a man of integrity will admit his mistake, correct it the best way that he can and then learn to not make the same mistake again. A trainable man is committed to self honesty and truth. He will use the energy of pain to inspire a new empowering meaning or focus of self serving awareness. A trainable man understands the art of positive manifestation and seeing the beauty in anything and everything within all life.

The most trainable men are in touch with energy and their intuitions. Women and men who are meant to help each other grow and “train” each other mutually attract each other into their lives, whether they are conscious of it or not. That is, when the student is ready the teacher will appear but in this case it would be “trainer” because you have either just manifested a qualified girlfriend “boyfriend trainer” or a qualified wife “husband trainer”.

He must be aware

In order to allow the growth process of being “trained” to occur, a man must be humble and have humility and must not take things personally. He must be aware that when confrontations occur with the woman in his life it is a mirror reflection of his own actions. He must know that at times she won’t believe or trust him, but by trusting in the universe and trusting her she will relax and open back to trust as well. He must trust his mate that he attracted to himself and trust his own self judgment. He must know that there may be times she will be mad because it will seem she is doing all the work on herself in the relationship and he is “Mr. Perfect” and never has to work on his stuff, but really this may be because men are more solitary in their personal growth process and don’t feel like they need to communicate to someone about it as much. It is not his job to make her happy, but his joy to do so.

A trainable man must know, eat, sleep and shit unconditional love. He must love himself and all others as himself. It is deeply important for both partners to have an understanding of polarized attraction and not give up when times get hard, unless it is obvious that they are moving on if they decide to move in different directions in life.

Remember that a man does not need women to train him but if she is truly qualified it is a wonderful experience of learning, growth and love.

Love the process

The idea is to have fun, play with it and don’t be so serious with it all.

Remember we are both going after the same thing; the embodiment of compassion.


Jeremy Creager

PS. Thanks for reading and thanks for your questions and comments

PSS. I love my wife, she is so cute!


this video is in honor of her Grandma Lenora who would be 77 today.



Oct 16

Training Women! Are You Triggered by these Words?

By Jeremy Creager | Integrity , Unconditional Love

I think that at some point in every woman’s development she needs to be trained. There is something to be said about the resistance and reaction of many people to the term training women. Training women, to me, means healing them and loving them unconditionally, but some have a negative response when they hear this phrased as training. Training a woman to me means being present for her growth process with her best interest in mind, guiding her to Honesty, Truth, Unconditional Love and Integrity, and having High Personal Ethics, all while she is being a crazy female in all her free flowing emotions, fears and insecurities. And its loving her unconditionally in her process of becoming the healthy, conscious, empowered, grounded, beautiful Goddess/Priestess that she is.

A man who is qualified to train women stands strong with integrity and compassion when there is a fight with his woman and shit hits the fan, he does not fight back or flee. Training women is about not taking her emotional reactions personally and not making it about you. It is breathing and finding some way to love her and focus on her beauty even in the hardest moments and helping her to see the root of her problem through the painful emotions. Its showing her love even when she is looking at you as if her eyes could kill you. It’s having compassion.

A woman’s whole self healing process does not need the help and support of a training guide. If she is so fortunate to manifest her reciprocal in her life that can hold this kind of spiritual space for her to grow in, it is still her choice to take the opportunity or not, but it might make a big difference. I believe this process of emotional and spiritual growth can and should be done in ones life either way but sometimes it is easier with someone that loves you unconditionally by your side on this hard path.

I have noticed that many women are triggered by the phrase Training Women. The thought of a man having the power to train them triggers fear based reactions that do not allow women to see the true meaning behind this phrase. By training women I do not mean an ego based idea of control. What I mean is more the heart centered concept of healing through guiding. As humans we choose the meanings we give to words and phrases based on our perception and focus. This is one reason it is so hard for most people to accept the concept of training women as a good thing rather than a bad thing or something to fear. It’s the meanings they have attached to the words, not the words themselves. Assuming a state of non-judgment and an unattached perspective allows one to become self empowered to find the happy meanings and self serving programs in each life situation. This unbiased state of presence supports us to feel good, seeing the beauty in all of life and knowing unconditional love.

I would say that “training women” from the heart is more like “healing women, assisting them in healing their emotional, mental and spiritual baggage and issues. This also means helping women to be comfortable with embodying their true feminine power, and knowing this empowerment directly. I believe the training of women is really more like the training of men to be present for women with integrity and unconditional love. This means holding heart-centered space for women and leading them through emotional processes that allow them to return to a place within themselves of love and not fear. One of my approaches to training women is loving them for being emotional intuitive beings and excepting and appreciating them for all that they are.

Ironically, the women that are most triggered by the words Training Women need to be trained the most because they have resistance to it. What is your reaction when you think of a women being trained by a man? Is it fear based or love based? This is the first step.

Fear based reactions to the phrase training women trigger responses such as women thinking that this comes from an egoic intention of control and power. Thoughts such as feeling disrespected, mistrust, judgment, abuse, and anger can arise in a woman who is having a fear based reaction towards a man who is assisting her to come into her female power more fully. All that stuff is fear based blocks not yet ready to be faced. That way of thinking is not coming from a place of love but of fear. This fear can manifest in a feeling of mistrust of men, fear that the man is unintegrous and does not come from the heart, fear of being hurt, abused, or mistreated, fear of being disrespected, or fear of judgment, among other reactions. These fears can stem from negative past experiences with men in this lifetime or in lives past. Men have abused, misused, mislead, tortured and killed women on this planet for thousands of years.

I think it is difficult for a spirit to come into this world as a female in this society and not have trust issues with men. I believe this is ingrained into the psychological programming of domestication and cellular memory encoded in the family DNA lineage since the beginning of time. That alone is enough but if you believe in reincarnation it is possible that in many life times as a woman you were raped, pillaged, beaten and killed by men. All of these past experiences can also combine with the fear of the illusion of control in the first place, and the state of not being fully aware of what true power really is, or being afraid of the concept of power and of their own personal power. Sometimes it can also be the fear that some women have of not being unconditionally loved for who they are, or even being scared of not knowing what true unconditional love looks like, feels like, and not recognizing it when it is staring them in the face. It’s not the norm to know unconditional love for all things, you know.

Because of the past history of men dominating women, I believe that women would have the right to be afraid of the phrase training women, if it was meant from an egoic place of control. But when I say this phrase I mean it truly from a state of love. There is one thing I do know for sure and that is that I see love in all things. Beauty can be found, felt, and created in all places, spaces, and times.

I believe it is so important to know where someone is coming from. Only then can a woman start to see this process of mutual training as a process of unconditional love unfolding.

Men that are heart centered beings and are least attached to the ego based illusions that may come along with the term training women are the most qualified trainers. Men that truly come from the heart stand strong, create a safe space for women to open up and then reflect back to them the fears that need to be faced and patterns that need to be addressed. This type of man has done a lot of his own inner self training and comes from a place of unconditional love, integrity and full compassion. A heart centered man sees opportunities of holding spaces of presence for women as mutual growth processes. Not only is his state of non-judgment and unconditional love beneficial to the healing of the woman he is holding space for, but it is self training for him by conditioning himself to be present for women so they may both see each other as a reflection and can safely take inner steps toward personal growth.

So what does the phrase training women mean to you? Is your reaction fear based or love based?


They key to experiencing a love-based reaction to this concept of allowing heart-based men to help facilitate a process of spiritual and emotional growth is trust. It is trusting and forgiving men, and the letting go of hate, anger and resentments. When you can feel trust and not be stuck in the thinking about feeling trust, then you have entered into the realm of knowing where the man is coming from, in that moment, and not worrying if he has a hidden intention or agenda. Feeling this trust allows women to face fears, deal with them and use the self reflection generated by the training interaction with a man to take further steps down the path of spiritual growth.


Blessing from my heart,

all the best


Your High Quality Friend

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Oct 14


By Jeremy Creager | Unconditional Love , Vision





Hi this is Jeremy Creager hope all is well with you. Please read enjoy and share this paper with your family, friends, and enemies.

Thank you



I am Perfection; this is who I am, all that I am BEing is perfect; I am not “only just” a man, I am

Perfection within all my imperfections,

Lessons of life in all dimensions,

As ones heart has love in it then perfection is realization,

Painting beautiful pictures of life from the fulfillment of the heart is passion,

One may see perfection in pain and suffering with compassion,

Self love means; perfection is I am,

When we penetrate the deepest depths of perfection,

All the qualities of love in us come out from within,

Perfection from perception,

Who sees beauty’s flawlessness in all that is?

Perfection is yet another thing that connects us,

You are me and I is we perfect us be,

The perfection that is us blows my mind,

As perfect as one is being love perfection is all that we find,

All things are wonderful even within space and time,

I know the greatness within you as the perfect divine,

See the perfection in death and be at peace with it,

See the perfection in life and love it,

Perfection sees beyond duality,

Perfection sees the illusions of reality,

Perfect freedom as life dose whatever it’s doing,

Perfect is peace stillness the unmoving,

Perfect perfection is within all of us,

Find perfection within yourself and yourself you will love and trust.


Channeled Through, Jeremy Creager

Aka, Perfection

I would love to here your input on this. Please leave your comments or questions or email me at

Thanks and many blessings,


PS. I got this video off my friend Jayson ॐ Shawver ‘s facebook page; sick video or I should say music with a great message and high vibrations

~Timothy Leary



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Oct 10

What is Family?

By Jeremy Creager | Relationships , Unconditional Love

Family Dynamics

My Family

To me;

Family is weird; it is a fascinating program to look at, it seems one can not escape it.

Family is one of those things that can tie us all together, or rip us apart from ourselves and each other.

Family is a label and with labels comes constrictions and limitations. But family’s are also a wonderful and beautiful thing, because within this physical world we not only need some constrictions and limitations for our evolutionary process but we can not yet enter this wonderful physical world as a physical being without being part of and having a family.

Family comes and family goes, family teaches LIFE long lessons and so dose non-family as well.

There is spiritual family meaning (to my understanding) individuals with like minded consciousness that shear a spiritual vibrational match, a soul to soul connection and have made an agreement as spirits to learn, grow and evolve together or to become stagnated and dis-evolve together.

Family is weird, weird is a good thing, some of life’s hardest challenges to dill with come from family issues, if life is our mirror and it is, then family can sometimes be a big fat mirror right in our face reflecting our inner selves, showing us our own inner issues to work on and our own inner greatness’s to enjoy and be aware of. Family is one of the best teachers of compassion and love.

Family can be a whole lot of fun amazing experiences.

I believe family is perfect in all its imperfections just the way it is.

I love my family.

thanks for reading

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Oct 10

Love equals Love

By Jeremy Creager | FREEdom , Integrity , Unconditional Love

(Disclaimer; All of this is just my own opinion and personal truth at the moment.)


Love equals Love

I have an abundance of love within me.

I am who I am;

It is a gift to experience me in your life, as equal a gift as to experience you in mine.

A gift of giving is love. Love is open and letting go. To give our love as a gift is just being and that is all.

Caring is love; to give a gift is sharing.

To give love is to give caring, sharing is caring, and is to give love.

Love is always open, it is never closed.

I am who I am;

I was not afraid of my dad dieing, I am not afraid of my mom dieing, I am not afraid of dieing, but I am afraid of not living to the fullest.

I am not afraid of our relationships dieing, but I am afraid of being in a relationship (with myself or somebody else) that is not a vehicle to being able to live life to the fullest, through transcending fear and insecurities.

Fear is conditional; Love is unconditional.

Conditional is attachment to.

Unconditional is letting go of attachment and or being free.

Unconditional needs no judgment.

Conditional needs to judge out of fear of not meeting the conditions and by judging the conditional conditions.

Fear being conditional, judges what’s conditional; fear judges fear.

Fear is judgment.

From the heart; love does not judge love.

Love = love.

Love is not better or worse than love. Love can have all different forms of love but love still = love.

All love is equal, thus being unconditional.

There is love and there is more love and more love is freer, to be freer is to have or be more love.

In this realm of freer love, love from within expands, grows, and expresses more and more love.

I have an abundance of love within me.

To share myself with anyone is to share my love with them, and to experience another is to experience love.

The same abundance of love that is within me is also within everyone.

It is the nature of love to be free.

One cannot grow in love when one is not free.

One becomes not free, when one becomes attached to anything, even when one becomes attached to not being attached, one takes away freedom from one’s self.

(From a nonjudgmental point of view) When we are attached to something, it is neither good nor bad; it wisely serves its purpose, other wise it would not be there in the first place.

Attachment is only of the lovely ego, it is taking things personally.

The ego takes things personally out of fear of not being enough, out of this fear the ego attaches itself to anything and everything it can, to try and be secure because it is not.

Ego is always wanting more, and never wanting to let go of anything.

To have for the ego is to be more, and more for the ego is never enough.

It is the illusion of the ego to be separate from, disconnected from self and all else.

The ego imprisons itself unknowingly or uncaring, in our allowing of the taking away of our freedom and giving up our self power to the lovely ego.

One of the hardest things to let go of is attachment.

It is one of, if not the (in my opinion) strongest survival tools the ego has, to survive and to control us, by our allowing the ego to still our self power, self freedom, and self love, and then fill us with fear; fear of not being enough.

Self power, self freedom and self love are the self, we our free love empowered.

Free love empowered is enough.

I have fears, and I process them.

I have fears and I see the illusions that they are.

In just seeing the illusion of fear creates non fear out of fear, it makes fear no longer fear, no fear, but only the “illusion of fear” is fear, is just an illusion.

Take away conditional and there is unconditional.

Take away fear and there is love.

Take away conditional fear and there is unconditional love.

Jeremy Creager

Check out Michael’s wise words of wisdom in this video – for all you Michael Jackson lovers out there.

Michael Jackson speech about Freedom and Love.
Dont forget his words! Rest in Peace Michael.


Ok now,

I just found this maybe you will like it, I thought it was good. I don’t know him but his name is Tom Delonge

Tom Delonge’s Speech On Love


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Oct 10

Embrace 100% Desperation where the birth of Success is born

By Jeremy Creager | FREEdom , Integrity , Relationships , Vision


I am desperate and I don’t care who knows about it. It’s not a bad place to be but in fact it’s a perfect new beginning to start with.

To give up, to let go, to release and be free in the moment.

I heard this quote The Mother of all Success is 100% Desperation off some online training video months ago. I didn’t fully know what it meant but it did resonate with me so I typed it out real big in Word Document and then printed it. I posted it so I see it right in front of me when I am sitting at my desk every day.

I want to be as real with you as I can and don’t pretend to have all the right answers in life.

What you are about to read below is me, a desperate man coming from my heart expressing how I feel in life at least right now in the moment I was righting it. I sent it to a select few close friends and family and a few people that could be experts in the areas of my desperations. I got some really good replies; they were my own personal questions so I got back some really good personal answers.

AND thank you so much to those that did respond to me, they really mean a lot to be for all your love and support.

Blessings to you all with love and light

I was thinking that if I posted my questions here, not just in privet messages.

It could be two fold. If you want to play!

First, to those that may really relate to what I am saying and want to add, comment or ask questions you can AND you have my permission to be as DESPERATE from your heart as you want and need.

Second, for artist, teachers and healers, for those that has valuable insight and wisdom to share about these times of desperation. We would love for you to put your heart into your response not just for me but for all those that come across this post and feel like they are in the same boat in life at this particular time. And you can add value to them and their lives right here on this page.


Desperation from the bottom of my heart

I am looking at and working on myself – What is my life all about?

How does a 29 year old man that sucks at grammar and spelling although enjoys creative writing become successful with an internet website/blog business?

How can a man that has looked at his purpose and mission in life still not know what to do in the world and not know what to offer?

How can a man that has spent most of his life wanting to help others not know how to help them or even his self sometimes?

How does a man that has so many passions in life not know what to focus his business on or about and how to make money at that?

How could a 29 year old man that has been doing personal and spiritual growth since he was 18 if not his whole life, not know what he has to offer to the world?

Why does an honest man with compassion and integrity still after 29 years on this planet struggle with financial problems in life?

Why does a man with so much information and awareness in his head have such a hard time getting it out into the world in a way others can and want to hear it, and want to pay for it as valuable life serving content?

How does a man know if he is clear on what he loves and is passionate about in life?

PS. How are you doing in your life? Hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Other then the above words my life is beautiful.

Blessings with love,


I wanted to share what my mom rote back to me because I love her so much and I am grateful to have given her the opportunity to share her love and wisdom with me.  Thank you mom for loving me, I love you back!

Here it is;

How does ANYONE, of ANY age, achieve success in business, have clarity of their purpose, goals, passion, service, focus, priorities, and fine-tuned communication skills? Men who are much older than you often still ask those questions, sometimes their whole life through. The answers are in-part inside of you, ready and waiting for your surrender and acceptance of yourself, your limitations, and your flawless talents; and also in-part found in the world we live in (or universe). The internal and the external factors work in balance, and we either choose to work with those forces or against them, every day, every moment–and that balance changes continually.

For me, I get my comfort, clarity, and assurance for following my best path through my dependence on God. I don’t know any other way to find such answers but to seek guidance, try a path out with our best efforts, while letting go of the burdens that hold us back–which is done by relying on a higher power to handle them for us.

Keep learning, keep soul-searching, keep doing and trying your best, be teachable, adaptable, willing, and never give up. I have complete faith in you to follow your passions and find your niche successfully. Thank you for writing to me. I love your with all my heart.



I am desperate to hear your response, please leave your comments below

I am desperate to know how I can help you in life.

I am desperate to know how you can help me in life.

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Oct 08

Tantric Numerology

By Jeremy Creager | Integrity , Jeremy Creager , Personal Growth , Relationships , Sexuality Awareness

Tantric Numerology

If you want to do your own Tantic Numerology Click Here:

Tantric Numerology

Name: Jeremy Dylan Creager
Birth date: 06/28/1980

Tantric Numerology – SOUL OF 10

The SOUL Number is the core of your identity. It indicates your own internal relationship with yourself. Your relationship to the infinite, unlimited part of yourself. It is the key to tapping into your creativity and depth.

As soon as you are under stress, you have an internal attitude of “I can’t do it…I just don’t have the energy…Oh God, I’m just not able to…” etc. The world for you seems to be a big Zero! You just can’t seem to make things happen.

This feeling of total weakness and an absolute inability to do anything, alternates with periods where you feel that you can do absolutely anything at all! It is a situation where you feel that you are either “All or Nothing”.

The solution is to meditate, to connect with your Soul, and to develop the attitude of, “I’m going to give it my 150%, no matter what!”.

The essence of your own inner identity is Total Radiance. Who you are, in the highest and deepest essence of your own creativity, is a majestic and royal king or queen; totally courageous and absolutely radiant.

Tantric Numerology – KARMA OF 6

Just as the SOUL number indicates the nature your relationship with your own soul, the KARMA number indicates the nature of your relationships with other people. This is the number that describes your ‘test’ in life… the thing you must break through in order to be successful in your relationships with others.

Your test in life is to live to your word in all your business and personal relationships. You often say things, and then aren’t able to live up to them. Your word lacks power. You are unable to be constant or consistent, to follow things through with concentration and commitment.

The solution is to master your mind and so become one-pointed and gain the ability to be consistent.

Tantric Numerology – GIFT OF 8
This number indicates your natural GIFT in life. This is your God-given talent. You don’t have to work for it; it’s yours… IF you accept it!

The key to accepting your GIFT is to connect with your soul. You cannot accept and use your gift unless you feel that you deserve it. Remember, this gift is already yours. Relax, use it and enjoy it.

Your gift is Fearlessness.

This gift will give you the ability to plan ahead and to help others to get ahead as well. It will enable you to serve many people because it brings with it boundless energy. Your gift will allow you to keep up through every obstacle of life and never quit.

If you keep up on a spiritual path in your life, nothing can ever stop you from achieving your goals. The more you work on yourself, the more your gift will manifest.

Tantric Numerology – DESTINY OF 9
The DESTINY number indicates the main trait that you have worked on within yourself for many lifetimes. It is the thing you have mastered through personal sacrifice and effort. You may not see this mastery in yourself, but in actuality, it shows in everything you do. The destiny number is a description of how OTHER people see you. It is a mirror. It is YOU seen through the eyes of others, not through your own eyes.

People tend to see you as someone who is very competent and masterful in every situation. You find it easy to learn new systems and things very quickly because you have worked on mastering things for many lifetimes.

Tantric Numerology – PATH OF 7
Your PATH number is the key to living a fulfilled life. It is the key to understanding who you are and why you are here on this planet at this time. Your PATH is the the single aspect of yourself that you must manifest in your day to day life in order for you to feel fulfilled and successful within yourself. Without understanding and manifesting your path in your life, you will always feel that ‘something is missing’ from your life. Live your path and all else will work out naturally.

Your key to success in this life is to be kind and merciful to others. You must learn to always uplift all those who surround you, to always give people inspiration, and to make them feel that there is hope where there appears to be no hope. Your presence is very powerful. You are naturally able to uplift others. Use this energy to uplift the humanity through your words, your music, and your actions.

Tantric Numerology

Here is a suggested personal sadhana for Jeremy Dylan Creager:


In order to work on and strengthen your RADIANT BODY you can do any or all of the following yogic techniques:

1. Recite the poem Jap Sahib by Guru Gobind Singh every day.

2. Do the “Guru Gobind Singh Shakti Mantra Meditation”, on page 101 of the manual, KUNDALINI YOGA SADHANA GUIDELINES.

3. Do Archer Pose. Stand with feet wide apart and turn body to face left without moving feet at all. Now raise arms and extend left arm forwards parallel to the ground in a fist with thumb on top (as if holding a bow) and place the right fist close to the right ear (bending the elbow and keeping the bent arm level) as if holding the bowstring. Tense all muscles and breathe DEEPLY from the navel. Reverse posture and repeat. Do this for 11 minutes on each side (left and right) every day.

4. Do “Varuyas Kriya”, which appears on page 67 of the manual KUNDALINI YOGA SADHANA GUIDELINES.

5. Keep your hair long and uncut.

All Yoga manuals can be obtained from from Ancient Healing Ways at 1-800-359-2940 or on the Web at

Tantric Numerology


In order to work on and strengthen your ARC LINE you can do any or all of the following yogic techniques:

1. Meditate daily for at least 31 minutes with any meditation.

2. Do the exercise set, “Ajnaa Stimulation Kriya” on page 26 of the manual KEEPING UP WITH KUNDALINI YOGA.

3. Do the meditations on pages 45 and 57 of the manual called MAN TO MAN Part 5.

All Yoga manuals can be obtained from from Ancient Healing Ways at 1-800-359-2940 or on the Web at

Tantric Numerology