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Nov 18

Kundalini Dance Awakening Men To Women’s Wisdom

By Jeremy Creager | Relationships

Kundalini Dance video below.

With Kundalini Dance we heal and release negative patterns and old programs that no longer serve us by working on core soul issues. We ask the higher self to speak its truth from a place of unconditional love by going within to be a witness. By doing this we empower ourselves to reweave the grid of our karmic vibrations and energetic circles of life.


(Warning, read the rest of this Kundalini Dance post at your own risk! It may not all be pleasant so I invite you to ground and protect yourself before going any further and take it in as enlightenment purposes only.)



I have never danced so hard in my life. Both my feet are sore, my legs hurt and my body aches all over, but I can’t tell you how good it feels to play full out and put my all into the retreat.


I am so deeply grateful and honored as I just had the pleasure to dance with and spend the last 8 Days at a Kundalini Dance Awakening Retreat with 17 divinely beautiful women, all consciously dancing their hearts out, alchemizing mother earth energy and father sun source energy, ecstatically activating their chakra systems to raise their own vibration and the collective vibration on this planet.


These Kundalini Dance women were all beautiful from day one, but by day eight they were all glowing with so much more unconditional love and light in their hearts. This presence created deep connections and affinity for each other, together building trust in them selves and with the divine feminine and the divine masculine, and healing sisterhood wounds and growing together.


There was massive appreciation from all the beautiful women to me for holding the masculine presence on the Kundalini Dance floor with compassion and unconditional love for all of them. I saw the divine in each and every one of these beauties and honored them as that. They all loved me for it, for my own authenticity and my courage, as I was the only male that was present at the Kundalini Dance Retreat and I was able to relax into my inner femininity and let go.  As the divine masculine, I committed myself to personal growth, to work on myself in any situation right along side of them.



To all the men out there that are not into Kundalini Dancing


I just want to let you know Man to Man that I witnessed a deep sad longing in the hearts of these Kundalini Dance Retreat women for the men in their lives to step it up, to have passion for personal self growth. They had a yearning for their men to come from a place of compassion and unconditional love and to have a mission in life that serves the greater good of all.


I have seen their pain and sad heart longing for the man to be there for them to catch up and lead by example in life, centered, grounded, balanced and present as the divine masculine in harmony with and with a huge affinity for the divine feminine.


I want to tell all men that if you’re coming from the right place you can grow anywhere, anytime, anyplace, always, even at a Kundalini Dance Retreat with beautiful women.



To show up as a man is the least you can do to hold space for her and support her to let go into trust.  After all, femininity has been suppressed for thousands of years. I think it would be safe to say that all women have been raped and molested in some form if not physically then energetically. If she hasn’t been raped in this life she has in a past life and for those of you who don’t believe in past lives there is also cellular memory of these traumas engrained in our family DNA and soul lineage. Many men will see a woman walking on the street, on TV or in a magazine and energetically cord her straight in her second Chakra by in his mind striping her naked and jacking off to her; he fucks her whether she wants to or not, without her permission.


Even in relationships a woman will have sex with her man even when she doesn’t want to, she gives up her power in fear of on some level not being loved. She spreads her legs and unpassionately lets her man fuck her, and then she is hurt even more because he didn’t even notice she wasn’t into it at the moment or worse, he didn’t care. Mainly this man is not present. If he was he would realize it was no better than masturbating. In fact it is way worse because he hurts her directly that way.


Lets face it, women have been raped, pillaged and killed by men for thousands of years just for being women. All throughout history women have been misused, abused, mistreated, misguided, manipulated, misled and burned at the stake by men. All human beings have fears and insecurities to heal and transcend and both men and women have to heal their karmic wounds together.2015-01-19_11282015-01-19_1128


Kundalini Dance for Healing

This type of Kundalini Dance self healing work directly focuses on oneness vibrations, revealing how everything is unconditionally connected to you, your relationships and all other areas of your life.

Come on, guys think about all of those challenging issues that arise when in a relationship with a women.  Each partner brings a mess of baggage with deep emotional wounds and behavioral patterns.  Kundalini Dance is offering a safe place to not only face even the most repressed issue, but to actively transcend and move them out of your body.  Facilitating the evolvement of everyone involved, but speaking directly to my brothers I watched the transformation of these women in such a short period of time their inner being becoming softer, gentler, yet more empowered creative divine beauties.  What’s not to love?



And they want you to hold space for that. You help speed up their process and your own. A win-win and you don’t even have to do anything but be present; they do their own inner work.



So just to finish saying my piece to men as a man that was a witness to 17 spiritual high quality beautiful women at a Kundalini Dance Retreat: they would all love for more men to step it up and show up to be present and hold space for them. I know this as truth because I felt it heart to heart as the only man there witnessing their growth.


I did, I do and I can’t tell you how good it feels to be appreciated for showing up as the only man. All I can say is that you were missing out on witnessing their opening and alchemizing their energies and inner blossoming, all their letting go and setting free to shine with light from the inside out, the transformation of the divine beauty, their crying, their smiling and laughing and their love for witnessing, all at the Kundalini Dance Retreat.


Thank You All For That Experience!



That alone would have been worth it for me, but I got my own growth out of it as well, I got my own awakening in my own Kundalini Dance.


My Kundalini Dance Transformational Journey



I have been introduced to Kundalini Dance for the last 2 years now and before that I never really was into dancing, nor did I feel like I knew how to dance. But I have always loved personal growth and beautiful women so it just seemed like the place to be.


This eight day transformational Awakening workshop in Canada that I just returned from was deeply healing.


We danced, we did shamanic journeys, and we were all in intimate space, deeply connecting on the dance floor together. We were each others reflections to face and look at our inner selves through.


Some mornings at the Kundalini Dance Retreat we walked out to the beautiful sea to breathe the fresh air and move our energy, to alchemically activate and energize our Chakras before we went into the temple to dance. The days that we didn’t go out to the sea we still did that daily practice of alchemizing and balancing our divine energy’s before we danced and also all through out our dance as well. We started at the base Chakra and worked our way up to crown Chakra, including the thymus Chakra, focusing on one chakra each of the eight days.


It was interesting to notice the human programs and boundaries we all have at different levels. One in particular that my inner witness got to witness was that of being in a room with a lot of beautiful women, and even out of your eyes peripheral it’s really hard not to also see a room full of beautiful boobies.


Now I just want to say I love boobies but I also want to respect peoples boundaries and relationship agreements. With that said, it was interesting to notice the energy in the room and the thoughts in my head, because I know everyone else is not blinded and could see the abundant beauty that I saw. Even between the women there are still those boundaries and relationship agreements we are all conscious of respecting. I noticed how it is even more restricted on a different level for me just because I am in a man’s body.


I truly don’t think any one of the women felt violated in any way by who I am or what I did or did not do, but on a different deeper level I sensed there was a feeling of violation just because I am a man.


In this life it is my practice to love women unconditionally, so I was just present for that, for them and for myself. But in a past life it was not always as it is now.


On Solar Plexus Day in the Kundalini Dance Awakening Retreat, we all took a beautiful walk into nature, on this trail to a sweet little grove where we all did our spiritual voodoo breathing techniques. At one point I had a past life vision of me as King Of The Land and I had an abundance of concubines. I felt like I was the King that invented lust or at least made it socially and globally the norm frame of consciences within the masses.


We walked back to the temple, back on the dance floor in the middle of four beautiful altars earth, air, fire, and water. Then we paired up and witnessed each other go through a deep shamanic drum journey. My journey lead me down a path of intense shame I never got to face, feel, forgive, so I got to go through the healing process back when I was King in that past life. I felt my betrayal of all my people both the women and the men.


In my past life Kundalini Dance journey, I saw my self as a King who stole all the women from my own men. I had their mothers, sisters, daughters and wives all as my sex slaves, all mine. I owned them as my possessions and I don’t think it even registered in that life that women even had souls or I just didn’t care. But I did love them all, just like you love your clothes or your cars. If they didn’t do what the King said I just gave the order and got rid of them, I had them killed. I would never hurt them myself, so I thought. But I rapped them of their souls; I tore painful karmic energetic wounds with no consideration of others or myself at the time.


In this life I have compassion and know unconditional love and so I felt that what I was not able to feel in the evolutionary process I was at then. I surrendered to and let go of egoic attachments of pride and I felt immense pain of intense shame for what I did on so many different levels, I felt the pain of all the men and the women I betrayed in so many different ways.


I am sure I didn’t go as deep as I could have with more time because before I knew it we were lead right out of our journey back through the light with love again.


I came back out still a King but a King of service to my people, the people of humanity. I am a King of compassion and understanding. I have a lot to give back and it is my right to. I am a King of forgiveness because I have forgiven myself. I am dedicated to make right where I have done wrong in the past. I am a King of Integrity and Unconditional Love. I am not here to have power over anyone, but to be of service and to empower, to up lift and bring out the divine in you. I also have a huge affinity for the feminine, for women and the quality of relationships we have with women and women have with themselves and each other.



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Check out this video:

“Kundalini Dance – Sacred Alchemical Evolutionary Keys”

***Leyolah Antara, the founder of Kundalini Dance, facilitated the Awakening Retreat we just went to.

I love her, she is a pure divine radiating love based energetic being.  She shares her wisdom and empowerment freely with those who wish to find true freedom.  Visit Leyolah on facebook.

***My long time friend Yarah is a Kundalini Dance Facilitator and is raising her energy for the highest good of all.  Located right here in the States based out of Santa Cruz Ca,


Yarah and her divine sisters will go where the people want to dance and raise their vibrations!  Interested?  We can offer a retreat in your area, let us know where you are at.  Contact Yarah on facebook.

Thanks unconditionally and all the best,


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Nov 16

My Devotion to Her Divine Essence

By Jeremy Creager | Relationships , Unconditional Love


(Excerpts from my journal writing at the Kundalini Dance Awakening Retreat)

It doesn’t matter how!

Just be

I am present, madly in love with Kali

I see her beauty even when she does not

I step in my personal power so that I am present for myself and for her in her awakening

Divinely perfect always in the process!

I always work on myself; it’s all about personal growth for me

What can I learn? What kind of win-win can I get out of this?

I am worth whatever I say I am worth at any moment in life

I am all LOVE

I can’t help but see her divine beauty even when her own self cannot and when she cannot it makes me so sad, I long for her peace so much

My tears fall from my face to know she’s in pain, more then anything in life I want my beloved Kali to be free to express herself always fully without being judged by herself or others

I dream and live for the day that all feminine divine shines, empowered lights of love during all her states of being.

I tell you it’s possible to see your divine greatness and full potential without knowing what that is

I do see more beauty in your eyes then you can possibly imagine

My mission is to be present and to serve Kali (Feminine Yin) in her Global Awakening to her full state of ecstatic vibration of Unconditional Love and Integrity

I live today for lifetimes ahead

When her tough cookie has been softened and she is still empowered, when she is always creative, inspiring, vibrating orgasmically and naturally in all of her states of radiating love, bliss and joy through out all life

I live for that day and to witness it today in the process

It has seemed she has had no idea

So I am making it clear

I am here for you

I don’t have all the answers but I do love you fully as you are

I want the best for you

I see your pain and I can feel your distance and resistance of me

I trust you to trust me because you trust yourself

How may I serve you?

I am my own King here to serve you!

What is it that you need from me?

PS. I am still learning the definitions and meanings to the word “Kali”, but as of now my meaning and understanding of her is of motherly compassion for all things, but you would never want to fuck with her, for she knows all too well the intense depths of violence and rage that run through her karmic bones, but mature with emotional awareness and integrity of grounded intention and still free flowing out of control feminine beauty, desirable on every level, sexy as hell, intimately knows her own wrath but would rather seduce you because it is way more pleasurable, she is creative inspiring radiating beauty and light energy of smiles and love to share with the world.

More to come on my thoughts of “Kali”….

Blessings and Devotion to Her Divine Essence

Jeremy Creager

PS. I am now offering Personal OneOnOne Life Coaching Sessions


Nov 15

Root Chakra: Deepening my Roots

By Jeremy Creager | Vision


(Notes from my journal during “The Awakening Retreat” Day 1)

I bring in mother Earth Energy

I bring in financial abundance

I release financial blocks and limitations

I am grounded

I am in love with nature

Nature is in love with me

Thank you for loving me

I love you back

Thank you for being so beautiful

I drop down into my center

I own my personal space

I am healed by Earth Energy and I am empowered through Source Energy

I am soft free flowing and solid all at the same time within me I am balanced

I am truly loved

I am blessed by God

I honor my unique gifts

I breathe and I am calm

All the beauty in the world is a gift for me

I am truly grateful

I want to surrender all my past guilt and shame

I release and let go of all judgments

I wish to know death intimately unafraid

I wish to drown to be reborn free to flow as eternal conscious source energy

I pray for forgiveness and know there is nothing to forgive

I pray to know God intimately

I pray for strong self discipline

I pray to know and experience my personal power unwavering in my space with serenity and clarity of purpose in alignment with the greater good of all

I pray to know my purpose for the divine feminine

Thanks for reading


Jeremy Creager

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Nov 14

Holding Space through a Thymus Chakra Shamanic Journey at a Kundalini Dance Awakening Retreat

By Jeremy Creager | Integrity , Unconditional Love


(My Journal notes that I read to both my wife and the woman I wrote about here.)

We breathed together, we dropped in together bringing Earth energy up and Source energy down… alchemizing…left eye to left eye locked loving the beauty of each others souls. I asked her, “Who Are You?” she responded as love. I honored her as that. I then held space and guided her through her layers during a thymus chakra journey.

I was caught off guard in the beginning and noticed I had to let go of the attachment of thinking she needed to go deep into some kind of intense pain like I had just done when she was holding space for my journey.

Her journey started off over all light, playful and even seductive along with some resistance to go into the journey at first, a little fear, and an energetic picture of “some mother fucker holding her back”.

As I let go of my judgment and became even more present as just the witness leading her through her own journey, to my surprise she began going deeper not into pain to work through but instead deeper into the states of bliss and ecstasy she needed to experience.

(Now as I write this, I am wondering where was the resistance coming from and why? Who was the “some mother fucker holding her back and why?)

She was (is) so beautiful and brave for how deep she went. I keep my distance holding my space as she went deeper into an ecstatic river of gold ecstasy on the floor in front of me, her body vibrating in her opening of trust and joy of her connectedness to the matrix of love and bliss. Then moving that energy of bliss of the ecstatic river of gold back up through the pathway she came from to get there, taking those energies of ecstasy back thorough her picture of “some mother fucker holding her back” and up through her fear and her resistance with this process: clearing, releasing, healing herself, becoming lighter, brighter and glowing from having a full body orgasm within her journey of the thymus chakra.

And to complete her process she needed me to stand behind her as the divine masculine, put my arms around her up by her shoulders and hold her with my love.

Damn, that was sexy and beautiful! Now that it is over I have to make sure I did not cord her. All my attraction buttons where pushed, I am even witnessing my desire of wanting her, wanting more of her divine feminine opening even still with my beautiful wife in mind and in my heart.

So I sit with that, it feels good, it feels pure. I am not attached to any outcome, and I am just noticing it as it is. I am not leaking sexual energy. I am not creating any fantasies in my head. I am still just witnessing. I see beneath the desire, there is love. I do not need anything, as I surrender I let go and I am free. Yes, she is sexy and beautiful when she moves her body. But it is not my second chakra that is affected, it is my heart chakra that appreciates the love and beauty that she is. So I honor that.

My heart also wants my wife to know that I love her and that she is also sexy and beautiful when she moves her body. And that it is the opening of the divine feminine to her love and bliss that triggers my deep desire for her.

Thank you for loving me.

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Blessings with love and light

Jeremy Creager

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