Kundalini Dance Awakening Men To Women’s Wisdom

With Kundalini Dance we heal and release negative patterns and old programs that no longer serve us by working on core soul issues. We ask the higher self to speak its truth from a place of unconditional love by going within to be a witness. By doing this we empower ourselves to reweave the grid […]

My Devotion to Her Divine Essence

(Excerpts from my journal writing at the Kundalini Dance Awakening Retreat) It doesn’t matter how! Just be I am present, madly in love with Kali I see her beauty even when she does not I step in my personal power so that I am present for myself and for her in her awakening Divinely perfect […]

Root Chakra: Deepening my Roots

(Notes from my journal during “The Awakening Retreat” Day 1) I bring in mother Earth Energy I bring in financial abundance I release financial blocks and limitations I am grounded I am in love with nature Nature is in love with me Thank you for loving me I love you back Thank you for being […]

Holding Space through a Thymus Chakra Shamanic Journey at a Kundalini Dance Awakening Retreat

(My Journal notes that I read to both my wife and the woman I wrote about here.) We breathed together, we dropped in together bringing Earth energy up and Source energy down… alchemizing…left eye to left eye locked loving the beauty of each others souls. I asked her, “Who Are You?” she responded as love. […]