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Apr 19

You’re Invited To The Integrity Challenge

By Jeremy Creager | Integrity

The Integrity Challenge is really an act of Service and an act of Courage.

If you have not yet read the post before this “To The Top 15 Percent And Growing Thank You For Having Integrity“, then do that right now…

But if you have then continue reading and enjoy!

Calling all Artists, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Teachers & Healers

I Challenge YOU to open up the Energetic Gates of:

It’s time to make a big difference right now!

(Syndicate Integrity, Syndicate Integrity, Syndicate Integrity!)

I want to share with you why I am doing this.

I want to bring more awareness to the vibration of Integrity in this world, on this planet and to this universe.

It seems most people don’t know what Integrity even is and one reason may be because it is hard to describe it or it’s not taught many places. So I would like to work together on that with you.

It is clear to me that most of the people on this planet are non- integrous, thus we get those vibrations of pain and suffering all over the world. This pain and suffering in the outside world is the vibration of our emotional wounds personally and collectively within.

It is up to us to teach the world the vibrations of Integrity, and show them what that means to us.

Why isn’t Integrity taught everywhere?

I don’t understand it and I have had enough. It’s time to make a difference about the awareness and embodiment of integrity.

Take the Integrity Pledge

The 7 Deadly Integrity Sins
Here are 7 basic reasons why we suffer and experience pain on this planet:

1. The First Integrity Sin Is: Being Ungrounded. As a collective we are disconnected from the Mother Earth energy. We have wars on our planet, we fight with our loved ones, we don’t know how to have healthy relationships in all areas of our lives, and we have poorness and poverty mindsets all over this planet. This is Not Integrity

2.  The Second Integrity Sin Is: Having Sexual and Intimacy Problems. Things like physical and sexual diseases, insecure mental mind states and emotional sufferings, spiritual/religious blocks, bad karma, guilt and shame. This is Not Integrity

3.  The Third Integrity Sin Is: A Misinterpretation of Personal Power. There are a lot of people with power that misuse, abuse, mistreat, disrespect, take for granted and advantage of others with their power. There are also a lot of good hearted people that do not know how to own their own personal power. This Is Not Integrity

4.  The Forth Integrity Sin Is: Not Having Unconditional Love or Compassion. After thousands of years on this planet we still steal from each other. We are mean to each other, we kill one another and we cheat each other, which brings hatred and suffering. This Is Not Integrity

5.  The Fifth Integrity Sin Is: Not Knowing and Not Speaking Your Truth. We have dishonest people everywhere on this planet that are straight up liars. They lie to themselves and to others all the time. There are snakes, hustlers and lost souls denying their own existence, enslaved to unconsciousness and external guidance. This is Not Integrity

6.  The Sixth Integrity Sin Is: Blinded Vision. We all have the ability to see the beauty in everything. To know that we are all connected and what is good for the greater good of all, but most people choose not to see this way. There are people with no clarity and fear based reasoning, not trusting their inner vision. This is Not Integrity

7. The Seventh Integrity Sin Is: Not Knowing God and Being Connected to Source. People have such a hard time just breathing fully, meditating, channeling Source Energy, or running Source Energy through the body in an active meditation.  Many people feel disconnected to God or Source energy and feel disconnected to the true higher self, or even know what that is. This is Not Integrity


Here it is

My Integrity Challenge to YOU is to answer as many of these questions on Integrity in the comment box below or email it to me.  If you would like to, also make a related video to add to your article/comment/question. Feel free

Start with going within yourself and tapping into your awareness about integrity, ask yourself guru/inner guidance.

I want you to write this article on integrity to all within and of this world. As Integrity includes all and excludes no one.

If you have kids, or even if you don’t, just pretend that you do or at least will one day, and then create your content with your kids in mind and all the children of this world.  Think of the level of integrity you would want them to have in everything they do, and write it to tell them this for their future as they grow and within the new integrous civilization to come.




What do you do for a living:

Integrity Questions for you to answer

  • What does Integrity mean to you?
  • For you and to your awareness, what are Integrity’s characteristics and behaviors?
  • What’s your take on Integrity in relationships with yourself and with others?
  • What do you think the difference is between having sex with someone that has integrity verses having sex with someone that does not?
  • Do you think that it is important for you to have relationships with people that have integrity, and if so, why?
  • How do you think and feel about Integrity within business and work environments?
  • Where are you at with Integrity within community and society as a whole?
  • Do you feel it’s important for you to do business of any kind with people that have integrity, and if so then why?
  • Do you feel and think our president and our government have integrity or not? Why?
  • Can you imagine a world fully based on integrity, and what does that look like for you?
  • Why is it important to teach our children about integrity?
  • How many places or people out there do you know of that teach integrity? Please share.
  • Do you have a way to know/tell or energetically read if someone has integrity or not? If so what is it and how do you do it?
  • Is there anything else you want to add about Integrity? Please do

I am really looking forward to your answers

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Blessings with love and integrity

Thanks for checking out The Integrity Challenge

Apr 17

To The Top 15 Percent AND Growing: Thank You for Having Integrity!

By Jeremy Creager | Integrity

(Disclaimer; All of this is just my own opinion and personal truth at the moment.)

I love integrity its so cool when you truly understand the vibrations of integrity.  See, because having integrity is being honest and you know that you can trust someone with integrity.  Some of the biggest problems in relationships is about trust issues. When you can’t trust the one your with that will trigger things like jealousies and insecurity’s within us, but when you know the one your with has integrity you know they would never do anything to intentionally hurt you.

The best way to build trust with your partner with your lover or in business or in family and friendship relationships, IS to have integrity.  Another words; to naturally build trust in any relationship you need to live with integrity present.  Integrity earns trust.

People respect other people with integrity because of;

~ Accountability – Responsibility – Vulnerability ~

My friend Stephane from says that 85% of the population on the planet is below the Integrity Line. If that is true, then you can trust that you can’t trust 85% of the business deals you make with people and 85% of the relationships you have out there. That’s right. You can trust that you can’t trust them.

So it is my judgment that one can trust that 85% of the people out there will lie, cheat and steal. People that live below the integrity line are very unconscious and unaware of the lie they are living, “People of The Lie”, because they see the lie as their truth.

Below the integrity line is a state of being detached from oneness, from allness and from God (all the same thing).  I am “selfishly” all about helping to raise the vibrations of this planet and I believe above the line of integrity is a higher quality of vibration then below it. Thus a higher quality of experience we all get to live.

As a business owner, I have people trying to sell me things all the time. If I don’t know them how can I trust them when I know right of the bat there is an 85% chance that they are lying to me whether they know it themselves or not?

Unless you are paying attention and screening for integrity with everyone you have relations with then how do you know if you are working with the top 15% of people that have integrity? How do you know you can trust them? If they don’t have integrity you can’t, or you can trust that you can’t trust them.

Qualify Them.

The first and for most thing to do in order to recognize integrity in others is to first know it intimately within your own self. Then you will know what you’re looking for.  You know the vibration and what it feels like. It’s compassionate listening with-out-judgment and the way to do that is to first have done it yourself. I think that the more one learns about integrity and has a moment to moment life practice of living with integrity, the easier it will be to know when you see integrity in someone or not. “It Takes One To Know One!”

Sometimes you can just look into someone’s eyes and see and know if they have integrity or not. You will see in their eyes a soft present compassionate grounded loving gaze.  And you will know it as your own. You will be connected.

Also pay attention to ones actions including body language. Are they doing kind or mean things? Are their actions for the greater good of all or selfishly only for one’s disconnected self? Are they low down and shameful with ego, or are they high, bright and blissful with love and integrity?

To see the quality of behaviors and true intentions that others have, I really pay attention to the language people are using and to the quality of words they use. I also watch their physical interactions with their selves and others.

The way people talk will tell you if they have integrity or not.

Superficial vs. Deep Conversation

*Do they talk about topics that have very little value or substance?
*Are they talking about other people behind their backs? Gossiping about others? *Do they make stuff up?
*Are they sarcastic, dishonest or tend to lie about things?
*Do they ask but really don’t want to know?
*Do they always tell the same sad story, or are they stuck in their story?


*Are they present and aware of what is going on in the moment?
*Do they care? Are they sincere? Are they grounded when they speak?
*Do they come from the heart with compassion?
*Are they asking because they really want to know?
*Do they want to know your core?
*Do they love you as you are?
*Are they respectful with direct open honest communication?
*Do they get straight to the point when it’s time for business?
*Do they have a sense of humor?

My Theory

My theory is that most people don’t know a lot about integrity, and that there is a need to learn and teach the vibration of integrity on this planet today.  I think the world needs to see the value of living fully with and of integrity.

My theory is that by reading what one has to say about integrity we can get a feel for the level of one’s integrity/vibration/energetic value, and it may be a big or small feel but I think it says something about the people that will do it in the first place.

I also feel that the more we each express our own personal understandings and awareness’s of integrity and similar vibrations we put focused energy on it as a collective holding this high vibration can and will only manifest peace and unconditional love in the long run.

This is a call to action, a call to step up and take a stand, a call of growth and awakening, a call of Integrity, a call and challenge to help raise the conscious awareness of this planet, to create a world of unconditional love, honesty, truth, integrity, happiness, joy, compassion, beauty and peace from the inside out.

My theory is this could be an Integrity Movement, spread over the internet with twitter, facebook and other social networking sites.

I believe that integrity shapes your character and gives high quality value to your Being. Integrity is having high personal ethics and is at the heart level of unconditional-love-oneness-consciousness. Integrity doesn’t do things that are not for the greater good of all, but also evaluates everything it does do with intentions of serving the greater good of all.

My beautiful wife Leah displays integrity in both her professional and personal relationships, always wanting the best for people. She is honest and she speaks her truth. She cares so much for her own health that she can’t help but care about everybody else’s health as well.

Leah has a strong level of self integrity when it comes to the food she puts into her body. She cooks with integrity because she puts so much love into it, it’s not just because she has a passion for cooking but it’s because she also is educated and health conscious holistically. She also has a passion for your well being. Her integrity shows by the people she hangs out with and builds long term relationships with. The information she studies, and her intention of being a healer of love for the world is having integrity.

Leah is kind hearted and has so much love to give. One of the many beautiful things about Leah is she has such an open heart. When we first meet she gave me a heart shaped rock that I still have to this day.

She had good intentions from the beginning of our relationship.  That’s integrity!

It feels so good to be in a relationship based on integrity. With integrity we can work (and play) through anything in life together.

My Integrity Vision and Intention

*I see a world where every government and religious figure has raised their level of integrity to share with the world.

*I see a world where people only watched TV stations from the ones that all owners and employees have integrity.

*I see a world where all parents know and embody integrity for setting an example for their children.

*I see an online spreading of integrity awareness.

*I see Integrity giving us courage for facing our shadows and demons.

Can you imagine if those that wanted to be elected President of the United States had to first come and answer these questions on integrity and leave their answers in the comment box for all people to see and read? Then we would really get an idea and sense of the quality vibration of who they are and why we can trust them or not.

Can you imagine if every time someone tried to sell you something, you would first come here to see if they have posted their response so you know better if you can trust them or not?

Can you imagine if we as consumers asked the owners of big business to come and answer these questions about integrity before we did business with them? Would that raise industry and economic standards of businesses, corporations, governments, religions and personal relationships? I think so…

What if this was one of the best places online people can come to read what you have to say on integrity, to get a better idea and energetic vibe of you in order to decide if they want to have a relationship with you or do business with you? Vision of Integrity

*This is a place to help spread the word and vibrations of integrity, unconditional love and compassion to help bring trust back into the hearts of men and women.

*This is a place to hold high standards of intimate relationships and business ethics right out in the open for everyone to read and comment on.

*This is a place to be authentic, honest and open and to leave your contact info if you like, to state what you do for a living and or what your passions are.

*Likewise this is a place for you to send potential business partners and or intimate partners to see if they are in alignment with this vibration of raising the level of the planet with integrity. (This is also the same vibration of unconditional love and compassion.)

  • I would love to know your questions about integrity.

My next blog post will be an Integrity Challenge Invite Page with questions of Integrity for you to answer if your game and want to play.

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Apr 12

Thanks For Coming To The Site Where LOVE IS AT THE CORE

By Jeremy Creager | Jeremy Creager , Unconditional Love

Make Yourself At Home

It is my wish and intention to honor and have the up most respect for how, when, why, and where one is at in life.

I invite YOU to see perfection in all that is.

“Without expectation, It be what it be, It is what it is, I am who I am, You are how you are, Take it or leave it, Go or stay, Do what ever you will, You’re perfect in every way.”

I am a teacher and learner of karmic lessons.

Of heart centered unconditional love relationships with the self, others, and all of life.


What I am about is simple; I am a spiritual traveler along my paths in life searching for knowledge and love with every breath I take. I’ve come here to share with you some of what I have learned along the way.

My Mission Is:

To raise the spiritual vibration of love to that of unconditional love in ourselves, human race, all beings, our planet, galaxy, and universe’s  by having the intent to elevate consciousness, and happiness while having fun in this play-land we call life in this present moment realm.

What’s the meaning of life?

What’s our purpose?

And how do we live out our purpose?

These are some common deep philosophical questions that perplex us all at least once in a life time. Here at I don’t claim to have all the answers for you, although I do have tools and techniques designed to help move you to take personal growth steps towards a more positive, happy and rewarding existence.

“The idea of an extraordinary life is an extraordinary psychology, which is a mindset that allows you to find empowering meanings in whatever life brings you.”

This Blog Is About

  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Personal Growth
  • Ethical Entrepreneurship
  • Honest Relationships
  • Integrity
  • Unconditional Love
  • Metaphysics
  • The Internet
  • Online Marketing
  • Workshops & Events
  • And More…

“To lift the veil and cross the bridge to face the fear, transcend it and then to let it go, to find the keys, and see the lies, to know it’s make believe and understand the reasons why.”

Thanks for reading, and if YOU have any questions (yes, you) then just ask, and I will do my best to answer them in future newsletters!  (Clean data is good but, don’t give your life story, just a question or two.

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I just more thoroughly read the emails you’ve sent to me in the past. I went through my inbox searching for your bit on “Trust issues” to forward to my roomate; didn’t find it, but was sort of blindsided by my reaction to the content of your other letters.
To say the least, it has prepared me a little better to go into these up&coming sessions I have planned with you for myself and John. To comment furthar on the content of your writings, I would have to send essays I am not at this time prepared to create. I would like to say, that regardless of my feedback, (or lack-thereof as the case may be) I do benefit from your insights and musings and I would appreciate it if you’d keep me on your mailing list.

Thanks for sharing!



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PS. So what do I want in life you ask?

That’s easy; the essence of life is to be happy.
I want to be happy just like YOU do.
And then one might ask what creates happiness?

I’m sure YOU know the answer is producing values for others, doing something of real value for someone you care about makes you happy.

So I want to produce and create values for society, I want to be time and financially free, I want to grow, learn, and teach, I want to SEE what no one as ever seen before, I want to discover something never discovered before, I want to put some of the grate big massive bright beautiful pieces of life’s puzzle together that has never been snapped together before, and I want to make the universe a better place, exc., exc., the list goes on and on in my head except the only difference is in my head all those wants are replaced with WILL, DESIRE, DRIVE, LOVE, PASSION, CONSISTENCE, PERSISTANCE, and ACTION.



Apr 06

Words From The Wise: A Woman Comment’s on A Womans Guide To Trust E-Book

By Jeremy Creager | Personal Growth


Wise Comments from a woman named Toni who read “A Woman’s Guide to Trust” E-Book

About Kimberlya:

It’s great that Kimberlya sees her pattern of judgmental behaviors…

And she is actively doing something about it!

About Caroline:

I love this woman!

This is very common – and yes males tend to push these buttons (if revealed) when angry. It’s extremely hurtful and easily scars the weak!

About Amy:

A clip from Amy: “I think that my deep masculine mistrust must come from past lives.”
Toni says: “Nope! It’s an answer – a possibility but I don’t feel it’s the right one…”?

A clip from Amy: “Honestly I feel that this paranoia is so deep and from so far back and I do not know how to let myself let go and trust the masculine.”

Toni says: “Drop this self imposed wall and live in the now!”

Toni says about from what I wrote to Amy: “YES, Awesome! Bingo! This is a lesson or “gift” that everyone has to experience. Some have it – some have to learn it – and unfortunately the majority of folks don’t even realize there is a huge puzzle piece missing from their lives. I feel for Amy… I am hoping she is fairly young so she has time to work through this serious insecurity she could get hurt and or have regrets for many years to come.”

About Jan:

A clip from Jan: “On a general level, men can act very disrespectful towards women when with others of their own sex. They are not mindful or respectful for women’s emotional being at times and seem to get very “clannish” in their attitudes which have been programmed since birth.”

Toni says: “LOL! You think, when this happens it cracks me up – it is dangerous (to the heart) to take these clan sessions seriously… call it male bonding comedy moments!!”

A clip from Jan: “I have met very few who are down to earth and confident of their own talents which saddens me deeply. I find that most do not even know what their won true talents are! I can admit that I don’t have any women that I can call friend at this time.”

Toni says: “My heart cries for Jan, I understand her experiences. I love this gal – she is very special…”

A clip from what I wrote to Jan: “If you are a women that is self aware or even becoming self aware I would remind you to communicate with him more, tell him what you need, he can’t read your mind unless he is very intuitive and even then so he would much rather hear his beloved tell him verbally visually and kinesthetically what you want and need then to read your mind.”

Toni says: “Perfect! Understanding each other is learned through communication.”

About Tina:

A clip from Tina: “Also with women, they tend to not really like me, don’t really know why.”

Toni says: “I am guessing Tina is a sweetheart… Honest – nice person – insecure women do not like this – not at all!”

About Kristen:

A clip from Kristen: “Trust with women: they will manipulate to get what they want regardless of girl code!”

Toni says: “LOL”

About Deborah:

Toni says: “Yes! Yes! Yes! Perfect! Ditto here!”

About Tiz:

Toni says:  “Ditto her too! Every journey is special… beautiful – happy – sad – hurtful we have them to learn – to embrace life as it is at any given moment true unconditional love for life.”

About me:

“Jeremy, this is a beautiful service your doing… very special! Thank you from my entire being for sharing with me. I will always be grateful to you.

Love to you and yours,”


There are many women and men out there that would love to read this little ebook and would really appreciate it if you tweeted and shared this post with them. Trust me, otherwise it would not have been created… :)