9/26/2010 – “Altered States for Healing featuring Kundalini Dance” – Day Long Worthshop

Have you been wanting to attend a Kundalini Dance Workshop? [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTtWkWPKWNM[/youtube] Below is information from my wife Leah about a Kundalini Dance workshop that her and a friend our putting on and I will be there so hope to see you there or at a future one if now is not the right time. If […]

Creative Expression Of Integrity


Feel Free To Add Your Creative Expression Of Integrity Down Below With integrity I am not playing around, but it is time to get down, integrity is found, beneath the surface underground, see the purpose and the vision is profound, breathe you are the beautiful sound, God’s expressions blessings without any bounds, Integrous life is […]

Promote Yourself And Share What You Do!


I would like to give everyone a ’safe space’ to promote yourselves so Promote Yourself and share what you do with the community… Introduce yourself and your business and let us know what you’re passionate about and what you do for a living! Spamming rules don’t apply here… Feel free to Promote Yourself and leave […]

Magnificent Is Our Beautiful Spirits Vibrating At Its Highest Potential.

“To see and have knowingness of and into the universe anywhere and whenever we want to; A make believe place, in a make believe time, in this make believe realm, darkness is make believe inside the mind.” Perception to see beyond duality imagine that, Evil, good, Light, dark, Positive, negative, All energy at heart, We […]