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Sep 21

9/26/2010 Altered States for Healing featuring Kundalini Dance Day Long Worthshop

By Jeremy Creager | Workshops & Events

Have you been wanting to attend a Kundalini Dance Workshop?


Below is information from my wife Leah about a Kundalini Dance workshop that her and a friend our putting on and I will be there so hope to see you there or at a future one if now is not the right time. If you would like to contact me go here: Contact Me

Leah Rose Duke and Yarah Volkman invite all of our sisters and brothers to join us at the Sebastopol, Ca Yurt on September 26th 2010 for a much needed day of Diving Within, Kundalini Dance and Breathing Ecstatically.

This is a perfect opportunity for those interested in future Kundalini Dance events or the Shakti Priestess Circle.

The theme for this worthshop is Re-Member.





While the Hot embers of this intense Summer still burn underneath our feet, and Fall beckons us to
balance, it is time to gather together and Re-Member where we can find our perfect equilibrium. Join us for a beautiful ceremony of conscious creating and ritual to honor the cycles of life and death within us all.


We are asking for a Donation of $33 for this day long event, although no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Space is Limited to 16 participants for this Kundalini Dance one day Retreat. To register and for more information (like the exact location), please contact


“There is no better way to work on your human evolution than through Kundalini Dance”

Check out this Kundalini Dance Video

If you love to dance and you love personal growth I promise you will love Kundalini Dance.

Kundalini Dance is a contemporary personal growth practice, drawing on ancient traditions and wisdom, designed for the accelerated times we live in. You don’t need any dance experience or knowledge of the chakras to attend just a willingness to let go. Everyone is welcome and everyone is accepted; all shapes, all sizes and fitness levels, all races, all religions, all walks of life come and join in the dance of transformation, the dance of awakening, the dance of purification. Surrendering in the Kundalini Dance will naturally bring you to new blissful heights, raising your vibrations and attracting more positive energy into your life.

Sep 17

Creative Expression Of Integrity

By Jeremy Creager | Integrity , Jeremy Creager , Poetry

Feel Free To Add Your Creative Expression Of Integrity Down Below

With integrity I am not playing around,
but it is time to get down,
integrity is found,
beneath the surface underground,
see the purpose and the vision is profound,
breathe you are the beautiful sound,
God’s expressions blessings without any bounds,
Integrous life is right side up but most of the world is upside down,
If you can speak vibrations like me,
Then express integrity flowing through us as energy,
This is our Tribe, and this is our community,

Challenge of Integrity

I told you I’m not fucking around on a mission with intensity,
It’s the Indigo-ness inside of me,
Driven by pure love that burns within; the egos enemy,
If you can feel my heart I want to be your friend and then play in creativity,
One by one end all pain and suffering,
In the creations of vibrations raising,
create the teachings of inner wisdom results will be surprising,
So it’s time to pay attention,
I promise you I’ve seen it with my own vision,
This opportunity you don’t want to be missing,
I can feel others that vibrate like me,
I know you’re out there otherwise I wouldn’t be,
We all feel a divine need,
Its time to quite screwing around you see,
I challenge the love and courage in you to express Integrity.

Check Out The Integrity Challenge

Sep 05

Magnificent Is Our Beautiful Spirits Vibrating At Its Highest Potential.

By Jeremy Creager | Poetry

“To see and have knowingness of and into the universe anywhere and whenever we want to;
A make believe place, in a make believe time, in this make believe realm, darkness is make believe inside the mind.”

Perception to see beyond duality imagine that,
Evil, good,
Light, dark,
Positive, negative,
All energy at heart,

We breathe in life and love,
Free is mine for you I give to lift you high above,
Can you see the love?
Read between the lines
I could still SEE the beauty even if I was blind
Freedom to imagine
Beyond what you now can even fathom
The real you is all love like I am
Life God unconditional eternal expression
Beauty in all things is love and compassion

Class is in session,
If not to learn the lesson,
Then doomed to repeat again as is perfection.
What is the wisdom inside?
A reason, a divine act, what is, is on you to decide.
To heal,
To grow,
To love,
To know,
To feel the pain,
With meaning and purpose to gain

Divine experience of unconditional love brings the power to change the hearts of our women and men.


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