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Nov 29

12/12/2010 ~ Sacred Wisdoms ~ “Be Ecstatic Be Well” featuring Kundalini Dance and Ecstatic Breathwork ~ Day Long Workshop

By Jeremy Creager | Workshops & Events

Join us for a day of Kundalini Dance and Ecstatic Breathwork!

Kundalini Dance and Ecstatic Breathwork
Getting Ready to Kundalini Dance!

You may have been interested in taking our last Sacred Wisdoms Kundalini Dance and Ecstatic Breathwork workshop that happened last September 2010. If you could not make it, this is your next chance!

Leah Rose Duke and Yarah Volkman invite all of our brothers and sisters to join us Saturday December 12, 2010 for a day of Ecstatic Bliss alchemized in Kundalini Dance and Ecstatic Breathwork. This day long workshop will take place on sacred land known as “Shamans Ranch”in the Santa Cruz mountains.

The darkest time of the year is right around the corner, and we invite you into your shadows. We will be holding space for you to breathe deep into your depths and dance into your light.

“There is no better way to work on your human evolution than through Kundalini Dance and Ecstatic Breathwork”


Kundalini Dance and Ecstatic Breathwork
Kundalini Dance and Ecstatic Breath – BE Ecstatic BE Well


Here is what Jason and Shannon shared about the last Sacred Wisdoms experience with Kundalini Dance and Ecstatic Breathwork:

Kundalini Dance and Breathwork Participant JahSun Martini

“Crucial Chakra awakening for mind body spirit…. Reconnection with self and universal oneness. Thank you for creating sacred space to allow for this activation! Love, light and Liberation.”

Jah-Sun “White Eagle” Martini

Sacred Wisdoms Participant

“Accepting transformation throughout the dance. I was meeting some resistance, I found myself able to move through most of it. The Ecstatic Breathwork was amazing! The Breathwork has helped me to break through my limitations. I have found this work to be some of the most transformative, healing work I have ever experienced. Leah and Yarah are such amazing facilitators! I feel absolutely safe and secure to dive deep into my process which needs healing to what I am manifesting! Thank you so much! Much love and many blessings.”

Shannon Reed

Who is Sacred Wisdoms?

Sacred Wisdoms is a collaboration based on the passions of it’s founders Leah Rose Duke and Yarah Volkman. Through our own processes, we have found Kundalini Dance and Ecstatic Breathwork to be two very valuable tools one can use on the path transformation which we have witnessed within ourselves and in others. We have combined these practices and wish to share these potent Sacred Wisdoms with you.


Sacred Wisdoms facilitators Leah Rose Duke and Yarah Volkman


For more information on Sacred Wisdoms Kundalini Dance and Ecstatic Breathwork workshops or to register, please contact Leah Rose Duke here: Contact Leah or Yarah Volkman here: Contact Yarah

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