Stop Kissing Frogs in 60 Days or Less! We don’t believe in fairy tales … but we do believe in love – by Yitzhak Miller

A Free Interactive Introductory Teleseminar Time Wednesday, April 27 · 1:00pm - 2:00pm Location At YOUR CHOICE OF TWO TIMES (1pm or 6pm Pacific), in the comfort of your home or office, by phone FREE BONUS: … [Read more...]

Tantra and Ecstasy: Love, Sex and Evolution Retreats for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Teachers & Healers

Hi, Jeremy here :) blessings my Tantra friends! My success in relationships and business has come from the depths from witch I truly know myself. I have used Tantra as a tool for deep personal growth and pleasure along my life journey. The … [Read more...]

How is this Ecstasy and Alchemy: Tantric Shamanic Training Retreat Level 1 different from a usual Kundalini Dance Retreat?

Hi Jeremy here, thanks for checking out this post. :) I am really exited about this event I am sharing with you all! I plan on attending myself and look forward to connecting with you there. My good friend Yarah Volkman and I are helping our … [Read more...]