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Blessings, I’m Jeremy Creager

Everybody’s got a story, and mine was a challenging journey from the beginning, but its not so much where you’ve been in the past that counts but where you are now and where you are heading that are important. I have been called many things throughout my life but some of the simplest labels for me are husband, big brother, entrepreneur, business owner, healer, mentor, and a high quality friend.

My intentions for this page is to share a small piece of my journey with you and I hope that you will benefit from my experiences and the insight I have gained, or at least resonate with me a little. Like everyone I have been through hardships in my life but now I can confidently say that I wake up almost every day feeling happy and optimistic. I am filled with unconditional love and positivity that allows me to find the beauty in everything and live my life in joy and integrity. I find passion in studying metaphysics and people, and through my journey I have found deep knowledge in spirituality, relationships and sexuality. I especially enjoy working with women on an emotional level and on sexual healing, and have found that my beautiful wife and I have gifts in practicing open hearted unconditional love and helping other people to find that place within themselves.

Below is a short version of my (Jeremy Creager) life story and although it may seem long there is so much more I have experienced that has contributed to my current views on life. I have had a crazy journey and faced a lot of adversity but I have learned a lot because of my positive attitude and open heart and would love to share this with you.

About Jeremy Creager

Mini Bio

I was born at home June 28, 1980 in Santa Cruz County, CA as the first child of a happy couple with drug and alcohol dependencies, my mother a talented artist from a history of severe, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and sexual abuse, and my father a mildly schizophrenic Vietnam War veteran who never held a job for more than a couple of months in his entire life. Despite their imperfections they were both very loving individuals. My father was always in and out of their lives so my mother raised me and my 5 younger brothers in a house she had built in the Santa Cruz hills. My family lived in poverty so I had a hard time relating to some of my peers growing up. I credits this for sparking my desire to be an entrepreneur. I also had trouble relating to my peers because I was labeled dyslexic in first grade and was put in special ed classes. I always loved learning but because of my educational limitations I never was really taught how to read and write. It wasn’t until after high school, when I taught myself to read that I read my first book.

Jeremy Creager Joining The Mormon Church And his Suicide Attempt

When I was 4 my mother, who is from a Jewish background, joined the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and “made” me and my brothers go to church with her and participate in all the traditions and beliefs with her. This indoctrination did not resonate with me much and so I stopped going, despite punishment from my mother at first. One way I did benefit from the Mormon teachings was learning good family values. I am grateful for that. Despite her tough love, my mother always loved her children and did the best she could, but in my younger days I resented not having her around because she had to work all the time to support our large family. I also had no dependable father figure and had no intimate relationships in my early life. Because of my loneliness and lack of self love, my younger self did not feel enough love growing up. This led to a suicide attempt, drug rehab and other delinquent activity’s in my late teens.

Jeremy Creager And His Family’s Underground Traveling Journey To Sonoma County CA

My mother remarried when I was around 13 and had her sixth son. The man she married was verbally, emotionally and sometimes physically abusive to all of us and allegedly sexually abusive to one of my brothers. One day, in fear for her self and her children, my mother had me help her pack up all their belongings and leave our home. After moving around for a few months we ended up in Washington, where I went to middle school while my mother fought a custody battle for her youngest son. When it seemed as if the courts were going to take her child away, my mother once again packed up our family and left our home, this time changing our names and traveling underground for many months before returning to Sonoma County so she could be close to her son, who had been put under the custody of her recent ex-husband. My mother still lives under an alias and went through breast cancer treatment later in her life. My father died from cancer and other health complications due to his unhealthy lifestyle. Even through our trials and challenges, me and my family all continue to have loving relationships with each other.

Jeremy Creager and his Entrepreneurial And Personal Growth Path

Because of my impoverished upbringing I started my entrepreneurial path early in life. I started babysitting my younger brothers before I was 10 and soon began taking care of other younger children for money. In middle school I began mowing lawns and other yard work and cutting firewood for payment. In my later teenage years I did work with stone and tile.

Once I graduated from high school I began network marketing and became an independent business owner. My long time mentor introduced me to Anthony Robbins seminars which led me down a path of continued learning through seminars, workshops and practical experience that gave me the skills to run a business. From that knowledge I began several ventures in online marketing and also started a successful window tinting business. Through my own entrepreneurial success I was able to invest in other entrepreneurial efforts that didn’t always pay off financially but were rewarding learning and growing opportunities. I feel these experiences helped to build character, friendships, and allies which have contributed to my continued achievements.

My interest in learning and personal growth was nurtured by many different seminars, internet learning, books and videos on a range of topics such as spirituality, relationships, communication, political issues and business marketing. While most of my friends spent their time at bars and clubs, my self teaching style has led me to spend most of my free time learning about myself and life. This quest for knowledge was deepened by a spiritual awakening that was cultivated in part by tantra workshops, meditation, rebirthing, becoming a minister and receiving my Reiki attunement. These tools helped develop my internal peace and awareness and allowed me the ability to choose to see the positive in all things.

In my younger years I did not experience this optimism as much. It took many years of painful relationships with others as well as myself before I could come to a state of self-love and unconditional compassion for others. In my youth I had many insecurities and limitations that led to relationships based on neediness, jealousy, mistrust and insecurity on both sides. I experienced sexual dysfunctions and other disempowering limitations. These experiences allowed me to grow into developing empowering belief systems, a passion to be in healthy relationships, and a desire for spiritual growth and personal development.

Jeremy Creager Overcoming Limitations And Stepping Into Empowerment

Through my personal growth process I was able to let go of self limiting patterns and experience intimate relationships that led me to a deeper understanding of unconditional love of self and others, sexual and emotional healing, female ejaculation, and the beauty and benefits of integrous intimate relationships. I am currently married to a beautiful healer who I met in a spirituality, energy healing and intuition development school. After several years of building a trusting relationship we decided to tantrically unite our energies and become life partners. Me and my wife Leah entered a committed relationship with each other to develop a deeper trust in our love. Together we work on and continue to heal our emotional challenges and co-creating life with each other. Through all my growing and learning I have come to a place of deep self love and practices unconditional love, honesty, respect, trust and integrity in all of my relationships.

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