Now With Completion Crack My Heart Open And Let Come What May!

Jeremy Dylan Creager Now with completion… I welcome new energies of more love and innocence… With the doors of completion closed with and in love behind me I stand in an open field of new possibilities… Freedom from emotional shackles that no longer tied me down or hold me back… I look in front of […]

Protected: My 4 In 1 Sacred Resistance Spiritual Portal Doorways

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Moving Through Transition Spiritually In Front Of A Sacred Portal

Thank you Anabel for posting this on facebok In the resistance feeling overwhelmed by unfinished projects, to many passionate focus’s, so many dimensions to life… Moving through transition but only in the preparation phase where shadows pick up and get stronger fighting for its life because a certain level of consciousness is about to die […]

How Can I Go Even Deeper Into Self Love Today?

Hello there friends, It’s Jeremy Creager here again back with some more passionate writing and audio content for you… Thanks to The Art of Writing I am on Day 6 of my 30 Day writing challenge I gave myself because thats how long the course is that I am taking and I want to share […]

Being On A Mission In Life – Day 3 Of My 30 Day The Art Of Writing Journey

Blessings all, its Jeremy Creager here again, for day 3 of my 30 day The Art of Writing journey I am taking with work. Today is a beautiful day and I am inspired to talk about being on a mission in life that drives you every single day, year after year and as a […]

The Only Way Up and Out Is To Love It!

…Here is a audio recording I did (today, the next day from when I wrote and posted what you are about to read below) and I wanted to add it in the post so you can hear me talk about it out loud if you like too. Love the pain love the process… Hello friends, […]