How Can I Go Even Deeper Into Self Love Today?

Hello there friends, It’s Jeremy Creager here again back with some more passionate writing and audio content for you… Thanks to The Art of Writing I am on Day 6 of my 30 Day writing challenge I gave myself because thats how long the course is that I am taking and I want to share […]

Creative Expression Of Integrity

Feel Free To Add Your Creative Expression Of Integrity Down Below With integrity I am not playing around, but it is time to get down, integrity is found, beneath the surface underground, see the purpose and the vision is profound, breathe you are the beautiful sound, God’s expressions blessings without any bounds, Integrous life is […]

Holding Space through a Thymus Chakra Shamanic Journey at a Kundalini Dance Awakening Retreat

(My Journal notes that I read to both my wife and the woman I wrote about here.) We breathed together, we dropped in together bringing Earth energy up and Source energy down… alchemizing…left eye to left eye locked loving the beauty of each others souls. I asked her, “Who Are You?” she responded as love. […]