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Sep 30

How Can I Go Even Deeper Into Self Love Today?

By Jeremy Creager | FREEdom , Integrity , Personal Growth , Unconditional Love

Hello there friends,

It’s Jeremy Creager here again :) back with some more passionate writing and audio content for you… Thanks to The Art of Writing I am on Day 6 of my 30 Day writing challenge I gave myself because thats how long the course is that I am taking and I want to share my creativity and hope to inspire others with my passion.

Please let me know if you enjoy and get value from this. :)


Here we go:
I have started to ask myself this question out loud in the mirror every morning for the last few weeks now…

How Can I Go Even Deeper Into Self Love Today?

What an amazing way to start off my day…

Thanks to one of my awesome Mentors I have in life I have put more energy and focus into holding the consciousness and vibrational frequency to create thoughts like how can I love more today myself in every way?

How can I love life more today?

So what does self love mean to me?

Here, you can listen to the audio recording I did today that will show more of my “Come From” with this.

Play Audio Track!

Now the Key is to go Deeper into SelfLove everyday…

Like I talked about in the audio track taking inventory and stock of my thoughts and feelings within is a big tool that I’ve used in practicing self love…

This takes true self honesty… I do not believe one can come from a place of self honesty when one is being ruled by the ego mind…

By and through breathing and dropping down into the heart, breathing into your center and finding balance because it is from this place when in the heart we can find true self honesty…

The heart also is where we find courage to stand in Integrity.

Integrity brings accountability and self responsibility to own all of ourselves including the dark shadows and “egoic demons” within just being human, in all our perfect imperfections.

So from this place of self honesty and the intention to go deeper into self love, I want to know where am I wounded within?

Where is the emotional pain that I have been carrying in my body for a long time?

And how can I nurture them in safety and love in a sacred container free to fully express and release, surrender and let go?

This is my healing process and journey I love to be on.

After healing is growth…

Grow more in love…

Grow in vibrational light frequencies…

Grow in consciousness…

Grow in awareness…

Grow in inner peace and happiness…

Attract higher-quality experiences in life, also higher quality problems too :-) LOL

…BTW… All this is way its so awesome and important to have Life Coaches and Spiritual Mentors to help support and guide you!

Well thats it for right now…

More to come…

Thanks for stopping by and please leave your comments below!

Many Blessings,

Jeremy’s shameless selfy!
Jeremy's shameless selfy!

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Sep 19

Whats Your Come From?

By Jeremy Creager | FREEdom , Integrity , Personal Growth

LOVE vs. fear


Below the Integrity line:
If I only see how great I am as my ego self is, then that is all I can see in you or others, seeing them in there ego is my view, because that would be my come from within thus the vision I have can only see you as shameful, guilty, apathetic, grieving, fearful, lusting, angry and prideful.
Seeks approval.

Above the Integrity line:
But if I know the greatness within as beauty and divine love that is oneness with all, then that is how I will see the greatness in you and others because from this come from within I am you we are one together and the same. Full of courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace and enlightenment.
Seeks to give love.

I See The Love That You Are!

blessings on your journey’s within,


PS. I love myself and so you are loved!

Sep 17

Creative Expression Of Integrity

By Jeremy Creager | Integrity , Jeremy Creager , Poetry

Feel Free To Add Your Creative Expression Of Integrity Down Below

With integrity I am not playing around,
but it is time to get down,
integrity is found,
beneath the surface underground,
see the purpose and the vision is profound,
breathe you are the beautiful sound,
God’s expressions blessings without any bounds,
Integrous life is right side up but most of the world is upside down,
If you can speak vibrations like me,
Then express integrity flowing through us as energy,
This is our Tribe, and this is our community,

Challenge of Integrity

I told you I’m not fucking around on a mission with intensity,
It’s the Indigo-ness inside of me,
Driven by pure love that burns within; the egos enemy,
If you can feel my heart I want to be your friend and then play in creativity,
One by one end all pain and suffering,
In the creations of vibrations raising,
create the teachings of inner wisdom results will be surprising,
So it’s time to pay attention,
I promise you I’ve seen it with my own vision,
This opportunity you don’t want to be missing,
I can feel others that vibrate like me,
I know you’re out there otherwise I wouldn’t be,
We all feel a divine need,
Its time to quite screwing around you see,
I challenge the love and courage in you to express Integrity.

Check Out The Integrity Challenge

Apr 19

You’re Invited To The Integrity Challenge

By Jeremy Creager | Integrity

The Integrity Challenge is really an act of Service and an act of Courage.

If you have not yet read the post before this “To The Top 15 Percent And Growing Thank You For Having Integrity“, then do that right now…

But if you have then continue reading and enjoy!

Calling all Artists, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Teachers & Healers

I Challenge YOU to open up the Energetic Gates of:

It’s time to make a big difference right now!

(Syndicate Integrity, Syndicate Integrity, Syndicate Integrity!)

I want to share with you why I am doing this.

I want to bring more awareness to the vibration of Integrity in this world, on this planet and to this universe.

It seems most people don’t know what Integrity even is and one reason may be because it is hard to describe it or it’s not taught many places. So I would like to work together on that with you.

It is clear to me that most of the people on this planet are non- integrous, thus we get those vibrations of pain and suffering all over the world. This pain and suffering in the outside world is the vibration of our emotional wounds personally and collectively within.

It is up to us to teach the world the vibrations of Integrity, and show them what that means to us.

Why isn’t Integrity taught everywhere?

I don’t understand it and I have had enough. It’s time to make a difference about the awareness and embodiment of integrity.

Take the Integrity Pledge

The 7 Deadly Integrity Sins
Here are 7 basic reasons why we suffer and experience pain on this planet:

1. The First Integrity Sin Is: Being Ungrounded. As a collective we are disconnected from the Mother Earth energy. We have wars on our planet, we fight with our loved ones, we don’t know how to have healthy relationships in all areas of our lives, and we have poorness and poverty mindsets all over this planet. This is Not Integrity

2.  The Second Integrity Sin Is: Having Sexual and Intimacy Problems. Things like physical and sexual diseases, insecure mental mind states and emotional sufferings, spiritual/religious blocks, bad karma, guilt and shame. This is Not Integrity

3.  The Third Integrity Sin Is: A Misinterpretation of Personal Power. There are a lot of people with power that misuse, abuse, mistreat, disrespect, take for granted and advantage of others with their power. There are also a lot of good hearted people that do not know how to own their own personal power. This Is Not Integrity

4.  The Forth Integrity Sin Is: Not Having Unconditional Love or Compassion. After thousands of years on this planet we still steal from each other. We are mean to each other, we kill one another and we cheat each other, which brings hatred and suffering. This Is Not Integrity

5.  The Fifth Integrity Sin Is: Not Knowing and Not Speaking Your Truth. We have dishonest people everywhere on this planet that are straight up liars. They lie to themselves and to others all the time. There are snakes, hustlers and lost souls denying their own existence, enslaved to unconsciousness and external guidance. This is Not Integrity

6.  The Sixth Integrity Sin Is: Blinded Vision. We all have the ability to see the beauty in everything. To know that we are all connected and what is good for the greater good of all, but most people choose not to see this way. There are people with no clarity and fear based reasoning, not trusting their inner vision. This is Not Integrity

7. The Seventh Integrity Sin Is: Not Knowing God and Being Connected to Source. People have such a hard time just breathing fully, meditating, channeling Source Energy, or running Source Energy through the body in an active meditation.  Many people feel disconnected to God or Source energy and feel disconnected to the true higher self, or even know what that is. This is Not Integrity


Here it is

My Integrity Challenge to YOU is to answer as many of these questions on Integrity in the comment box below or email it to me.  If you would like to, also make a related video to add to your article/comment/question. Feel free

Start with going within yourself and tapping into your awareness about integrity, ask yourself guru/inner guidance.

I want you to write this article on integrity to all within and of this world. As Integrity includes all and excludes no one.

If you have kids, or even if you don’t, just pretend that you do or at least will one day, and then create your content with your kids in mind and all the children of this world.  Think of the level of integrity you would want them to have in everything they do, and write it to tell them this for their future as they grow and within the new integrous civilization to come.




What do you do for a living:

Integrity Questions for you to answer

  • What does Integrity mean to you?
  • For you and to your awareness, what are Integrity’s characteristics and behaviors?
  • What’s your take on Integrity in relationships with yourself and with others?
  • What do you think the difference is between having sex with someone that has integrity verses having sex with someone that does not?
  • Do you think that it is important for you to have relationships with people that have integrity, and if so, why?
  • How do you think and feel about Integrity within business and work environments?
  • Where are you at with Integrity within community and society as a whole?
  • Do you feel it’s important for you to do business of any kind with people that have integrity, and if so then why?
  • Do you feel and think our president and our government have integrity or not? Why?
  • Can you imagine a world fully based on integrity, and what does that look like for you?
  • Why is it important to teach our children about integrity?
  • How many places or people out there do you know of that teach integrity? Please share.
  • Do you have a way to know/tell or energetically read if someone has integrity or not? If so what is it and how do you do it?
  • Is there anything else you want to add about Integrity? Please do

I am really looking forward to your answers

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Blessings with love and integrity

Thanks for checking out The Integrity Challenge

Apr 17

To The Top 15 Percent AND Growing: Thank You for Having Integrity!

By Jeremy Creager | Integrity

(Disclaimer; All of this is just my own opinion and personal truth at the moment.)

I love integrity its so cool when you truly understand the vibrations of integrity.  See, because having integrity is being honest and you know that you can trust someone with integrity.  Some of the biggest problems in relationships is about trust issues. When you can’t trust the one your with that will trigger things like jealousies and insecurity’s within us, but when you know the one your with has integrity you know they would never do anything to intentionally hurt you.

The best way to build trust with your partner with your lover or in business or in family and friendship relationships, IS to have integrity.  Another words; to naturally build trust in any relationship you need to live with integrity present.  Integrity earns trust.

People respect other people with integrity because of;

~ Accountability – Responsibility – Vulnerability ~

My friend Stephane from says that 85% of the population on the planet is below the Integrity Line. If that is true, then you can trust that you can’t trust 85% of the business deals you make with people and 85% of the relationships you have out there. That’s right. You can trust that you can’t trust them.

So it is my judgment that one can trust that 85% of the people out there will lie, cheat and steal. People that live below the integrity line are very unconscious and unaware of the lie they are living, “People of The Lie”, because they see the lie as their truth.

Below the integrity line is a state of being detached from oneness, from allness and from God (all the same thing).  I am “selfishly” all about helping to raise the vibrations of this planet and I believe above the line of integrity is a higher quality of vibration then below it. Thus a higher quality of experience we all get to live.

As a business owner, I have people trying to sell me things all the time. If I don’t know them how can I trust them when I know right of the bat there is an 85% chance that they are lying to me whether they know it themselves or not?

Unless you are paying attention and screening for integrity with everyone you have relations with then how do you know if you are working with the top 15% of people that have integrity? How do you know you can trust them? If they don’t have integrity you can’t, or you can trust that you can’t trust them.

Qualify Them.

The first and for most thing to do in order to recognize integrity in others is to first know it intimately within your own self. Then you will know what you’re looking for.  You know the vibration and what it feels like. It’s compassionate listening with-out-judgment and the way to do that is to first have done it yourself. I think that the more one learns about integrity and has a moment to moment life practice of living with integrity, the easier it will be to know when you see integrity in someone or not. “It Takes One To Know One!”

Sometimes you can just look into someone’s eyes and see and know if they have integrity or not. You will see in their eyes a soft present compassionate grounded loving gaze.  And you will know it as your own. You will be connected.

Also pay attention to ones actions including body language. Are they doing kind or mean things? Are their actions for the greater good of all or selfishly only for one’s disconnected self? Are they low down and shameful with ego, or are they high, bright and blissful with love and integrity?

To see the quality of behaviors and true intentions that others have, I really pay attention to the language people are using and to the quality of words they use. I also watch their physical interactions with their selves and others.

The way people talk will tell you if they have integrity or not.

Superficial vs. Deep Conversation

*Do they talk about topics that have very little value or substance?
*Are they talking about other people behind their backs? Gossiping about others? *Do they make stuff up?
*Are they sarcastic, dishonest or tend to lie about things?
*Do they ask but really don’t want to know?
*Do they always tell the same sad story, or are they stuck in their story?


*Are they present and aware of what is going on in the moment?
*Do they care? Are they sincere? Are they grounded when they speak?
*Do they come from the heart with compassion?
*Are they asking because they really want to know?
*Do they want to know your core?
*Do they love you as you are?
*Are they respectful with direct open honest communication?
*Do they get straight to the point when it’s time for business?
*Do they have a sense of humor?

My Theory

My theory is that most people don’t know a lot about integrity, and that there is a need to learn and teach the vibration of integrity on this planet today.  I think the world needs to see the value of living fully with and of integrity.

My theory is that by reading what one has to say about integrity we can get a feel for the level of one’s integrity/vibration/energetic value, and it may be a big or small feel but I think it says something about the people that will do it in the first place.

I also feel that the more we each express our own personal understandings and awareness’s of integrity and similar vibrations we put focused energy on it as a collective holding this high vibration can and will only manifest peace and unconditional love in the long run.

This is a call to action, a call to step up and take a stand, a call of growth and awakening, a call of Integrity, a call and challenge to help raise the conscious awareness of this planet, to create a world of unconditional love, honesty, truth, integrity, happiness, joy, compassion, beauty and peace from the inside out.

My theory is this could be an Integrity Movement, spread over the internet with twitter, facebook and other social networking sites.

I believe that integrity shapes your character and gives high quality value to your Being. Integrity is having high personal ethics and is at the heart level of unconditional-love-oneness-consciousness. Integrity doesn’t do things that are not for the greater good of all, but also evaluates everything it does do with intentions of serving the greater good of all.

My beautiful wife Leah displays integrity in both her professional and personal relationships, always wanting the best for people. She is honest and she speaks her truth. She cares so much for her own health that she can’t help but care about everybody else’s health as well.

Leah has a strong level of self integrity when it comes to the food she puts into her body. She cooks with integrity because she puts so much love into it, it’s not just because she has a passion for cooking but it’s because she also is educated and health conscious holistically. She also has a passion for your well being. Her integrity shows by the people she hangs out with and builds long term relationships with. The information she studies, and her intention of being a healer of love for the world is having integrity.

Leah is kind hearted and has so much love to give. One of the many beautiful things about Leah is she has such an open heart. When we first meet she gave me a heart shaped rock that I still have to this day.

She had good intentions from the beginning of our relationship.  That’s integrity!

It feels so good to be in a relationship based on integrity. With integrity we can work (and play) through anything in life together.

My Integrity Vision and Intention

*I see a world where every government and religious figure has raised their level of integrity to share with the world.

*I see a world where people only watched TV stations from the ones that all owners and employees have integrity.

*I see a world where all parents know and embody integrity for setting an example for their children.

*I see an online spreading of integrity awareness.

*I see Integrity giving us courage for facing our shadows and demons.

Can you imagine if those that wanted to be elected President of the United States had to first come and answer these questions on integrity and leave their answers in the comment box for all people to see and read? Then we would really get an idea and sense of the quality vibration of who they are and why we can trust them or not.

Can you imagine if every time someone tried to sell you something, you would first come here to see if they have posted their response so you know better if you can trust them or not?

Can you imagine if we as consumers asked the owners of big business to come and answer these questions about integrity before we did business with them? Would that raise industry and economic standards of businesses, corporations, governments, religions and personal relationships? I think so…

What if this was one of the best places online people can come to read what you have to say on integrity, to get a better idea and energetic vibe of you in order to decide if they want to have a relationship with you or do business with you? Vision of Integrity

*This is a place to help spread the word and vibrations of integrity, unconditional love and compassion to help bring trust back into the hearts of men and women.

*This is a place to hold high standards of intimate relationships and business ethics right out in the open for everyone to read and comment on.

*This is a place to be authentic, honest and open and to leave your contact info if you like, to state what you do for a living and or what your passions are.

*Likewise this is a place for you to send potential business partners and or intimate partners to see if they are in alignment with this vibration of raising the level of the planet with integrity. (This is also the same vibration of unconditional love and compassion.)

  • I would love to know your questions about integrity.

My next blog post will be an Integrity Challenge Invite Page with questions of Integrity for you to answer if your game and want to play.

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Nov 14

Holding Space through a Thymus Chakra Shamanic Journey at a Kundalini Dance Awakening Retreat

By Jeremy Creager | Integrity , Unconditional Love


(My Journal notes that I read to both my wife and the woman I wrote about here.)

We breathed together, we dropped in together bringing Earth energy up and Source energy down… alchemizing…left eye to left eye locked loving the beauty of each others souls. I asked her, “Who Are You?” she responded as love. I honored her as that. I then held space and guided her through her layers during a thymus chakra journey.

I was caught off guard in the beginning and noticed I had to let go of the attachment of thinking she needed to go deep into some kind of intense pain like I had just done when she was holding space for my journey.

Her journey started off over all light, playful and even seductive along with some resistance to go into the journey at first, a little fear, and an energetic picture of “some mother fucker holding her back”.

As I let go of my judgment and became even more present as just the witness leading her through her own journey, to my surprise she began going deeper not into pain to work through but instead deeper into the states of bliss and ecstasy she needed to experience.

(Now as I write this, I am wondering where was the resistance coming from and why? Who was the “some mother fucker holding her back and why?)

She was (is) so beautiful and brave for how deep she went. I keep my distance holding my space as she went deeper into an ecstatic river of gold ecstasy on the floor in front of me, her body vibrating in her opening of trust and joy of her connectedness to the matrix of love and bliss. Then moving that energy of bliss of the ecstatic river of gold back up through the pathway she came from to get there, taking those energies of ecstasy back thorough her picture of “some mother fucker holding her back” and up through her fear and her resistance with this process: clearing, releasing, healing herself, becoming lighter, brighter and glowing from having a full body orgasm within her journey of the thymus chakra.

And to complete her process she needed me to stand behind her as the divine masculine, put my arms around her up by her shoulders and hold her with my love.

Damn, that was sexy and beautiful! Now that it is over I have to make sure I did not cord her. All my attraction buttons where pushed, I am even witnessing my desire of wanting her, wanting more of her divine feminine opening even still with my beautiful wife in mind and in my heart.

So I sit with that, it feels good, it feels pure. I am not attached to any outcome, and I am just noticing it as it is. I am not leaking sexual energy. I am not creating any fantasies in my head. I am still just witnessing. I see beneath the desire, there is love. I do not need anything, as I surrender I let go and I am free. Yes, she is sexy and beautiful when she moves her body. But it is not my second chakra that is affected, it is my heart chakra that appreciates the love and beauty that she is. So I honor that.

My heart also wants my wife to know that I love her and that she is also sexy and beautiful when she moves her body. And that it is the opening of the divine feminine to her love and bliss that triggers my deep desire for her.

Thank you for loving me.

Thank you for reading, if you like this please share it with your friends.

Blessings with love and light

Jeremy Creager

PS. I would love to read your comments on this post.

PSS. If you want to know more about Kundalini Dance go to my Tribe Page


Oct 30

I Just Bought A Big Purple Traveling Suitcase!

By Jeremy Creager | Integrity , Relationships , Unconditional Love , Workshops & Events

Hi friends,

I just wanted to write you real quick and let you know I will be
gone for a week and a half.

Very excited about going to Gabriola Island in BC Canada for an intensive
7 day Kundalini Dance Awakening Retreet.

Note: if you want to know more about Kundalini Dance go to Google and
Google it! :)

Each of the 7 days we will be doing focused dancing on each of the
7 Chakras, and deepening into our inner selves. It should be pretty
intense along with a lot of breath work,moving energy through the
body, consciously playing with Mother Earth energy and Father sky
Source energy.

We work on the self, healing of our emotional blocks and clearing
stuck energy. We do this so that we can continue to help people in
their own growth, since we will not share what we do not know to be
truth from our own experience.

I love it, there is sick ass music and beats we get to dance to.
I am not much of a dancer or anything, but you might be
surprised how much you can get out of an experience like this. It
has been my experience with Kundalini Dance that there are a lot
of ups and downs and growth that can be achieved by this evolutionary
method of alchemical dance.

You may throw up, get sick, cry, get mad, extremely happy, sad,
everything at once, release old stuck energies, patterns and beliefs
and get rid of what doesn’t serve you anymore.

When I finish a dance session, I leave more empowered, clearer
and aligned with my highest good ready to create!

Although I do my best to not have any expectations for the event
and I am open to it unfolding in any divine way it wants, my intentions
is I am hoping to work on my own inner personal power, and any blocks
I have with being financially abundant in my life.

I will be working on my life mission and soul purpose, energetically
focusing on my (this) website and whats the best
value I can offer you through this site.

I am always focusing on how to love my beloved more, both within and
without, and bring my relationships to higher and higher states of bliss,
and I am sure that God/Universe will surprise me with whatever I am
not expecting as well. :)

I cant wait to share with all of you about my experience when I
get back!

Blessings with love,

Jeremy Creager

PS. While I am gone make share you check out my new Integrity Challenge
and retweet it to your followers on Twitter and share it with your
Facebook friends.

Oct 16

Training Women! Are You Triggered by these Words?

By Jeremy Creager | Integrity , Unconditional Love

I think that at some point in every woman’s development she needs to be trained. There is something to be said about the resistance and reaction of many people to the term training women. Training women, to me, means healing them and loving them unconditionally, but some have a negative response when they hear this phrased as training. Training a woman to me means being present for her growth process with her best interest in mind, guiding her to Honesty, Truth, Unconditional Love and Integrity, and having High Personal Ethics, all while she is being a crazy female in all her free flowing emotions, fears and insecurities. And its loving her unconditionally in her process of becoming the healthy, conscious, empowered, grounded, beautiful Goddess/Priestess that she is.

A man who is qualified to train women stands strong with integrity and compassion when there is a fight with his woman and shit hits the fan, he does not fight back or flee. Training women is about not taking her emotional reactions personally and not making it about you. It is breathing and finding some way to love her and focus on her beauty even in the hardest moments and helping her to see the root of her problem through the painful emotions. Its showing her love even when she is looking at you as if her eyes could kill you. It’s having compassion.

A woman’s whole self healing process does not need the help and support of a training guide. If she is so fortunate to manifest her reciprocal in her life that can hold this kind of spiritual space for her to grow in, it is still her choice to take the opportunity or not, but it might make a big difference. I believe this process of emotional and spiritual growth can and should be done in ones life either way but sometimes it is easier with someone that loves you unconditionally by your side on this hard path.

I have noticed that many women are triggered by the phrase Training Women. The thought of a man having the power to train them triggers fear based reactions that do not allow women to see the true meaning behind this phrase. By training women I do not mean an ego based idea of control. What I mean is more the heart centered concept of healing through guiding. As humans we choose the meanings we give to words and phrases based on our perception and focus. This is one reason it is so hard for most people to accept the concept of training women as a good thing rather than a bad thing or something to fear. It’s the meanings they have attached to the words, not the words themselves. Assuming a state of non-judgment and an unattached perspective allows one to become self empowered to find the happy meanings and self serving programs in each life situation. This unbiased state of presence supports us to feel good, seeing the beauty in all of life and knowing unconditional love.

I would say that “training women” from the heart is more like “healing women, assisting them in healing their emotional, mental and spiritual baggage and issues. This also means helping women to be comfortable with embodying their true feminine power, and knowing this empowerment directly. I believe the training of women is really more like the training of men to be present for women with integrity and unconditional love. This means holding heart-centered space for women and leading them through emotional processes that allow them to return to a place within themselves of love and not fear. One of my approaches to training women is loving them for being emotional intuitive beings and excepting and appreciating them for all that they are.

Ironically, the women that are most triggered by the words Training Women need to be trained the most because they have resistance to it. What is your reaction when you think of a women being trained by a man? Is it fear based or love based? This is the first step.

Fear based reactions to the phrase training women trigger responses such as women thinking that this comes from an egoic intention of control and power. Thoughts such as feeling disrespected, mistrust, judgment, abuse, and anger can arise in a woman who is having a fear based reaction towards a man who is assisting her to come into her female power more fully. All that stuff is fear based blocks not yet ready to be faced. That way of thinking is not coming from a place of love but of fear. This fear can manifest in a feeling of mistrust of men, fear that the man is unintegrous and does not come from the heart, fear of being hurt, abused, or mistreated, fear of being disrespected, or fear of judgment, among other reactions. These fears can stem from negative past experiences with men in this lifetime or in lives past. Men have abused, misused, mislead, tortured and killed women on this planet for thousands of years.

I think it is difficult for a spirit to come into this world as a female in this society and not have trust issues with men. I believe this is ingrained into the psychological programming of domestication and cellular memory encoded in the family DNA lineage since the beginning of time. That alone is enough but if you believe in reincarnation it is possible that in many life times as a woman you were raped, pillaged, beaten and killed by men. All of these past experiences can also combine with the fear of the illusion of control in the first place, and the state of not being fully aware of what true power really is, or being afraid of the concept of power and of their own personal power. Sometimes it can also be the fear that some women have of not being unconditionally loved for who they are, or even being scared of not knowing what true unconditional love looks like, feels like, and not recognizing it when it is staring them in the face. It’s not the norm to know unconditional love for all things, you know.

Because of the past history of men dominating women, I believe that women would have the right to be afraid of the phrase training women, if it was meant from an egoic place of control. But when I say this phrase I mean it truly from a state of love. There is one thing I do know for sure and that is that I see love in all things. Beauty can be found, felt, and created in all places, spaces, and times.

I believe it is so important to know where someone is coming from. Only then can a woman start to see this process of mutual training as a process of unconditional love unfolding.

Men that are heart centered beings and are least attached to the ego based illusions that may come along with the term training women are the most qualified trainers. Men that truly come from the heart stand strong, create a safe space for women to open up and then reflect back to them the fears that need to be faced and patterns that need to be addressed. This type of man has done a lot of his own inner self training and comes from a place of unconditional love, integrity and full compassion. A heart centered man sees opportunities of holding spaces of presence for women as mutual growth processes. Not only is his state of non-judgment and unconditional love beneficial to the healing of the woman he is holding space for, but it is self training for him by conditioning himself to be present for women so they may both see each other as a reflection and can safely take inner steps toward personal growth.

So what does the phrase training women mean to you? Is your reaction fear based or love based?


They key to experiencing a love-based reaction to this concept of allowing heart-based men to help facilitate a process of spiritual and emotional growth is trust. It is trusting and forgiving men, and the letting go of hate, anger and resentments. When you can feel trust and not be stuck in the thinking about feeling trust, then you have entered into the realm of knowing where the man is coming from, in that moment, and not worrying if he has a hidden intention or agenda. Feeling this trust allows women to face fears, deal with them and use the self reflection generated by the training interaction with a man to take further steps down the path of spiritual growth.


Blessing from my heart,

all the best


Your High Quality Friend

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