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Apr 22

Our Connections Have Inspired Me!

By Jeremy Creager | Jeremy Creager , MKP Mankind Project , Personal Growth , Sexuality Awareness , Workshops & Events

by Jeremy Dylan Creager on Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 11:39pm

Hi friends,


Our connection has inspired me, so this is not a short message but if you want to know me more and what my life is all about these days, then keep reading…


So, what are you into?


I would bet that if you truly are friends with me you are also into deep personal and spiritual growth and or making streams of money from home.


If you are in love with doing deep personal and spiritual growth work then you are like me.


I have a deep passion in Sexual Healing for the Divine Feminine (and Masculine) and invite you to check this out: Tantra and Ecstasy: Love, Sex and Evolution Retreats for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Teachers & Healers at:


Also, as a man committed to your inner growth and the growth of the men in your life, I invite you to check out The ManKind Project at


I am very passionate about this work. I have built relationships with men of Integrity, depth and that choice to live lives of mission in accountable communities.


I personally live in the beautiful San Francisco CA Bay Area and was recently interviewed about my MKP New Warrior Training Adventure weekend experience and if you would like to check it out please go to the Nor Cal MKP site here: and get the 12 audio interview series Voices of Warriors for free. :)


I have done and still do many kinds of workshops, retreats and events but MKP is my biggest focus for my inner growth these days.


How many man do you know that are willing to look at there own shit or even own there shadow side and also allow themselves to be seen in their gold?


My Integrity Vision and Intentions


*I see a world where every government and religious figure has raised their level of integrity to share with the world.


*I see a world where people only watched TV stations from the ones that all owners and employees have integrity by job requirement.


*I see a world where all parents know and embody integrity for setting an example for their children.


*I see an online spreading of integrity awareness.


*I see Integrity giving us courage for facing our shadows and demons.


My theory is that there is a need to learn and teach the vibration of integrity on this planet today.  I think the world needs to see the value of living fully with and of integrity.


And as far as making money from home…


Here is the Return On Integrity Unlimited info you just attracted into your life! :)


The simple message:

Turn A One Time $250 into Streams of $5,000 Again & Again.


Like Webinars? Watch this recording:


The Nuts and Bolts Straight Up:


I love this one:

It’s a PYRAMID! What’s the Product???

First of all… we don’t need to sound so amateur… look

around… EVERYTHING is a pyramid!


Your government…

Your job…

Your financial system…

Your family…

Your church

Your schools…


DUH… the real hidden question is this:


Is this legal?

Is there a product?


Your Answer from the CEO:


24 Hour Recorded Product Overview:



Google: “M..L..M.. Attorney Kevin Thompson”


They just conducted a full legal audit

of our company, program structure and

comp plan… of course we passed with

flying colors…


so after you take a look at all that info I would love to know what you like about it :)


It will help to build whatever else you are already doing right now!



Blessings of love and light my friend,



PS. Also anyone that joins our ROI Unlimited team gets all the Simple Freedom training for free.

Check it out here:


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