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Oct 06

Healing My Little Boy’s Wounds On My Way Back To My Beloved Within

By Jeremy Creager | Jeremy Creager , Personal Growth

I feel a deep hole in my heart, a hole in my chest…

it’s a sadness… lonely…

A dark void hiding in its own shadows…

A hunger, a desire to not be empty inside…

A huge craving for sex and or pot to mask the pain…

I feel the energetic protection shield that has been covering up and protecting my heart, and it is thinning now, leaving me vulnerable and scared for my safety…

I feel lost… going in circles nowhere, or not knowing anywhere to go…

Having a hard time focusing on my life’s work or mission because its like this energy keeps on getting in my way and distracting me…

It’s a deep wound on the surface, but I am scared to look at it, afraid of what it is, where it came from, who or what caused it…

It’s like I want to be distracted and I feel the part within me that wants to run away, hide and escape.

Who has a good looking mask for sale so people can’t see my true face?

Deep in the depths of my heart where I feel a consuming black hole of shame and guilt for the separation for the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine energies within…

Please God/Goddess show me how to love fully again.

Show me the parts of me I don’t want to see that needs love from me, and then show me how to love that part of me so deeply.

I want to know the beloved within.

How do I love you even more my beloved within?

Oh… ok its linked to my scared little boy inside…

I am coming for you, my little self within… I am on my way… sorry its taking so long, I have been lost but I am looking for you now.

You will be ok… I am here for you now.

I love you so much and I will not let anything happen to you again, you are safe with me, I promise you this.

So breathe in and feel me breathing with you.

We can do this… Together we will heal all the past wounds and traumas from the past.

Trust me it is and will be ok, I brought my flashlight this time so we can see in the dark and you will be fine.

Thanks and blessings to the end of time,

My nephew and I

My nephew and I

PS. Below is a Fairy House

My little five-year-old nephew, with some help from his grandmother (my mother) built together this Fairy House.

Fairy House
And as I personally as well as many of you are doing work on our inner little boys or girls, I thought this would help bring some magic into our journeys within and help comfort our little ones.

Sep 30

How Can I Go Even Deeper Into Self Love Today?

By Jeremy Creager | FREEdom , Integrity , Personal Growth , Unconditional Love

Hello there friends,

It’s Jeremy Creager here again :) back with some more passionate writing and audio content for you… Thanks to The Art of Writing I am on Day 6 of my 30 Day writing challenge I gave myself because thats how long the course is that I am taking and I want to share my creativity and hope to inspire others with my passion.

Please let me know if you enjoy and get value from this. :)


Here we go:
I have started to ask myself this question out loud in the mirror every morning for the last few weeks now…

How Can I Go Even Deeper Into Self Love Today?

What an amazing way to start off my day…

Thanks to one of my awesome Mentors I have in life I have put more energy and focus into holding the consciousness and vibrational frequency to create thoughts like how can I love more today myself in every way?

How can I love life more today?

So what does self love mean to me?

Here, you can listen to the audio recording I did today that will show more of my “Come From” with this.

Play Audio Track!

Now the Key is to go Deeper into SelfLove everyday…

Like I talked about in the audio track taking inventory and stock of my thoughts and feelings within is a big tool that I’ve used in practicing self love…

This takes true self honesty… I do not believe one can come from a place of self honesty when one is being ruled by the ego mind…

By and through breathing and dropping down into the heart, breathing into your center and finding balance because it is from this place when in the heart we can find true self honesty…

The heart also is where we find courage to stand in Integrity.

Integrity brings accountability and self responsibility to own all of ourselves including the dark shadows and “egoic demons” within just being human, in all our perfect imperfections.

So from this place of self honesty and the intention to go deeper into self love, I want to know where am I wounded within?

Where is the emotional pain that I have been carrying in my body for a long time?

And how can I nurture them in safety and love in a sacred container free to fully express and release, surrender and let go?

This is my healing process and journey I love to be on.

After healing is growth…

Grow more in love…

Grow in vibrational light frequencies…

Grow in consciousness…

Grow in awareness…

Grow in inner peace and happiness…

Attract higher-quality experiences in life, also higher quality problems too :-) LOL

…BTW… All this is way its so awesome and important to have Life Coaches and Spiritual Mentors to help support and guide you!

Well thats it for right now…

More to come…

Thanks for stopping by and please leave your comments below!

Many Blessings,

Jeremy’s shameless selfy!
Jeremy's shameless selfy!

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Sep 25

The Only Way Up and Out Is To Love It!

By Jeremy Creager | FREEdom , Jeremy Creager , Personal Growth , Poetry , Workshops & Events

…Here is a audio recording I did (today, the next day from when I wrote and posted what you are about to read below) and I wanted to add it in the post so you can hear me talk about it out loud if you like too.

Love the pain love the process…

Hello friends,

Jeremy here and I am being inspired to do creative writing every day for the next 30 days so I welcome you to join me!

As the tittle says; The Only Way Up and Out Is To Love It!

What I mean by that is when we are feeling down and low in life or when we feel stuck, stagnant or even metaphorically drowning in our shadows of negative beliefs, programs and systems that no longer serve us, it is love that is our way up and out.

I love life, I love personal growth… aka. The Personal Growth Intensity Junkie

I find I get into self-sabotage modes, and it comes and goes, in cycles it flows, in spirals in and out like the waves of the unknown.

I have learned how to say; hello to my ego, I feel its time to open up so we can get to know, ourselves in our deepest shadows and I have journeyed to darkest depths of my soul, now I welcome resistance because the reflection of Hell is really just a portal doorway to the next level of consciousness and deeper in love we go.

I meet fear within, that’s where lies the center points of my own sin, to truly face this is what will find the courage needed to win…

But how do you win when you feel stuck in a rut?

How do you get up from being so down?

Where is the hope when hope is know where to be found?

Why even try, when life passes us by and all we want to do is cry?

But we can’t because we have been living a lie…

To wake up from this feels like death is knocking at the door and we are fighting for our last breath…

Our identity is all our ego has got left…

Just the masks we wear to impress, get validation, seek attention and fit in, to the norm of depression because my pride is better then your pride and I still have not learned my spiritual lesson…

Jeremy Creager in a Tree

I still got to love the process…

Learn to love the pain for the lessons gained!

Has I learn to ask more of life to come what may, I welcome all of my shame, I welcome my fear, sadness and anger… I call forth my rage; let me surrender to the energies within that have been saved, afraid to come out like a loving beast monster trapped in a cage…

It is time to welcome: Come What May!

You may find your help from the Divine is love anyway…

Now more then ever is when, this very moment I say YES to the resistance, yes to the struggle and pain, yes to the trauma that I have over came, Yes to my woundings for they hold the keys to my salvation and blooming…

Bright like the light from the sun bring compassion for the darkness like the magick in the night innocence takes flight under the moon light.

Vulnerability in the safety of her womb, I surrender and open up my heart to be consumed, pure love I call you, come to me in my dreams, in my wake, awaken me…

I believe we are here on the planet and in life to learn and grow!

Sacred Relationships of Divine Union meeting our Beloveds deeper as we heal and reunite the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies first within balanced in harmony, love and honor embracing the universal flow…

I love this path of intense healing and personal growth and one reason is when I heal myself I help heal the world the collective energy as one raises the vibrational frequency and consciousness.

The way I see it is that love is at the core of everything!

So I welcome it all!

This journey in life of love and light is not always easy and it is so very important and valuable to have Mentors, Coaches, Guides and Spiritual Teachers as well as high quality friends that always want to inspired hope and love into your life so you can be happier and live life to the fullest…

My last year in High School I was in a mentoring program and got teamed up with a mentor that eventually took me to a Anthony Robbins Seminar when I was 18 and that changed my life for ever never to be the same again!

This is a life path, a way of life and the reason for living.

As always I welcome you to join the journey at whatever time is right for you.

I can’t wait till you do!

It gets lonely at the top, the higher in vibrational frequency the higher quality of life only less have chosen to take the path of least resistance…

Most are to scared to go through the death to be reborn.

I am scared too, every time I do go through it scares the living shit out of me, but thats the point you see, I now have fun meeting the depths of me.

enough about me…

I invite you!

Come journey with me!

Come find a Coach, a Mentor, Teacher or Guide!

I Recommend The Fountain of Life if your ready to dive in deep?

Thank you Dr. Azra and Seren Bertrand for bringing this work out from within.

Many Blessings,
Jeremy Creager

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Sep 19

Whats Your Come From?

By Jeremy Creager | FREEdom , Integrity , Personal Growth

LOVE vs. fear


Below the Integrity line:
If I only see how great I am as my ego self is, then that is all I can see in you or others, seeing them in there ego is my view, because that would be my come from within thus the vision I have can only see you as shameful, guilty, apathetic, grieving, fearful, lusting, angry and prideful.
Seeks approval.

Above the Integrity line:
But if I know the greatness within as beauty and divine love that is oneness with all, then that is how I will see the greatness in you and others because from this come from within I am you we are one together and the same. Full of courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace and enlightenment.
Seeks to give love.

I See The Love That You Are!

blessings on your journey’s within,


PS. I love myself and so you are loved!

Sep 13

WOW! APOLOGIES TO THE SACRED MASCULINE (The letter this warrior-in-transition would like to receive)

By Jeremy Creager | Personal Growth

Thank you so much to my good (online facebook, womb sister) friend Florence Speranza for honoring me with this gift of recognition, appreciation and love for who I truly am and what I do, how I be in this world.

This really makes me feel blessed.

It’s so true… “The letter this warrior-in-transition (me) would like to receive” from many of the women in my life over the years. Its such a beautiful “come from” and enlightened place of the heart.

And although it would be amazing to received a letter like this come from, by someone I am thinking about in my head right now, but its all good because the truth is the universe is listening and so is my friend Florence. :)


Apologies to the sacred masculine

APOLOGIES TO THE SACRED MASCULINE (The letter this warrior-in-transition would like to receive)

APOLOGIES TO THE SACRED MASCULINE (The letter this warrior-in-transition would like to receive)

I apologize for those moments when I couldn’t see beyond my projections to your true nature. With so much relational trauma in the rear view mirror, I couldn’t distinguish the heartless from the benevolent warrior. With my lens blurred by unhealed emotions, I was unable to see you in your wholeness. I unknowingly projected my negative expectations without recognizing those moments when you were moving from love. Please forgive me my projections, and know that below my pain was a heart that genuinely longed to merge with yours.

I apologize for pushing you to open your heart when you weren’t ready. I longed to be met in my openness, and I couldn’t bear the disconnect between us. I am nourished by direct communication, and I took your silence personally. I didn’t understand the relationship between your detachment and your warrior conditioning. I do see this now. From the beginning, you have been cast in the role of warrior protector and your emotional armour was fundamental to your task. Without it, you would not have been able to remain vigilant on the battlefield, nor succeed in the competitive marketplace. As our world moves away from survivalism as a way of being, I am hopeful that you will feel safe enough to live from an open heart. Such beautiful light comes through that opening.

I apologize for not always seeing your limitations and struggles. There were times when I could not see past my expectations and fantasies. I had grown up with a fairy tale of a great knight that would save me, and I clung to that vision, preferring the perfection projection to the reality of humanness. As a result, I didn’t always see how much stress you carried, how difficult things were, how hard it was to hold it all together. Of course, we perpetuated the projection together- you hid your humanness from view while I chose not to look for it. I look forward to the day when our relationships are not predicated on illusions, but on a deep recognition of each other’s authenticity.

I apologize for giving you mixed messages about how I wanted you to manifest. At times, I wanted you to be soft and tender. At other times, dominant and protective. How confusing this must have been for you, how challenging to go back and forth between such differing feeling states. It has been so confusing for all of us, trying to straddle the line between our needs for both safety and vulnerability. One day, the perversions of polarity will fall away and we will arrive at a sacred balance between all healthy ways of being.  Women will feel safe to assert their voice and embody their wholeness, and men will feel equally safe disarming and speaking from their vulnerability. On the rivers of essence, everything flows in the same direction- towards the ocean of wholeness.

I apologize for being passive aggressive towards you. I was not taught to express anger directly, and I was frightened of your aggressiveness. I know that you have had similar challenges with experiencing your sadness and releasing your tears. In the world we are moving towards, I am hopeful that both genders will have seamless access to all emotional states and healthy forms of expression.

I am sorry that I expected you to fill my emptiness, when the only one who can fill it is me. I have often looked for answers in relationship, somehow imagining that another could complete me. After so many centuries of disempowerment, I didn’t realize that I had the tools for my own self-creation. But I am recognizing it now. Where before we met as two fragmented beings, we will soon meet as two whole beings- each of us healthily boundaried, well-integrated and intrinsically complete. Two soulitudes.

I am grateful for all those moments when you held me safe and operated within the heart of compassion. The backlash of recent decades was a necessary response to generations of suffering, but many of your contributions got lost in the shuffle. In my efforts to find my voice and stand my ground, I have not always given credit where it is due. I encourage you to re-claim anything you have lost along the way, and to proudly embody the sacred masculine as you once did. I apologize for those moments when I discouraged your power. I could not distinguish it from its historical misuses.

I am grateful for the many positive contributions you have made to my reality. I realize that you often communicated your love for me and the village with deeds, not words. I thank you for helping to construct the structures that my expansion relies upon. I thank you for labouring long and hard to establish rule of law. I honour the warrior spirit that built the railroads, the cities, the bridges that bring us into contact with one another. I honour those warriors who fought and died on battlefields in an effort to protect us. You have sacrificed so much in order to hold us safe. Praise to those benevolent warriors who came before.

I am grateful for GrandFather, for holding the space for my expansion with patience and wisdom. I am grateful for Father, for defending and sheltering me. I am grateful for Father Sky, for showing me a vision of possibility that transcended my circumstances. I am grateful for the Divine Father, the real Father of us all. I now feel his divine presence, so close. Fiercely compassionate, he was always right here, holding me safe.

There has been so much blame between us, so much hatred and name-calling. To be sure, it is essential that we express our anger and heal our hearts. Nothing should be swept under the rug in that process, everything should be exposed. But it is also important that we have compassion for each other and endeavour to understand the context for our actions. We have all been victims of a sociological landscape that impacted on our identifications and behaviours. Like two different species in the same bed, we were compelled by circumstances to inhabit roles that kept us miles apart. Those roles have caused us great suffering, each gender suffering in its own way. To the extent that one gender was denied wholeness, the other was denied it as well. Women were denied the right to basic protections and pathways of expression, men were denied access to a tender, receptive way of being. No one got off easy, despite appearances.

As we move towards a more enheartened interface, may we create space for new visions of possibility. We must begin the process by healing the genderation gap that exists between us. We must soften the edges perpetuated by our reactivities. We must heal the rifts along the gender continuum that keep us apart. In my most clarified imaginings, I envision a world that fully celebrates the healthy feminine and the healthy masculine. Instead of throwing all gender differences out with the bath water, we make a conscious distinction between benevolent and destructive identifications. We craft a sacred balance of our healthiest aspects. Each of us identifies the unique fusion of feminine and masculine energies that aligns with our essential nature. And we openly learn from one another -men teach healthy manifestation, women teach healthy womanifestation- and we come to humanifestation together. We meet each other in our entirety.

May we never forget the relational and co-transformative nature of human expansion. Although the ultimate romance is with your own soul, it is our experiences together that give birth to the essential lessons. We are each here to participate in this dance of sacred imagination, stepping on each other’s toes and turning each other toward God one clumsy step after another. We trip, and then we get back up with greater awareness. With this in heart, I am hopeful that we can learn to accept one another in our humanness. We are going to continue to make mistakes, but there is grace in that if we see our errors through to the lessons they contain.

I look forward to the day when we can meet one another in our true nakedness, stripped free of unresolved emotions, pain-induced projections, the distortions of duality. For too long we have been on opposite sides of the river, the bridge between our hearts washed away by a flood of pain. But the time has come to construct a new bridge, one that comes into being with each step we take, one that is fortified with benevolent intentions and authentic self-revealing. As we walk toward one another, our emotional armour falls to the ground, transforming into the light at its source. And when we are ready, we walk right into the Godself at the centre of the bridge, puzzled that we ever imagined ourselves separate.

May you feel the presence of the Divine Mother close at heart, inviting you to rest deeply on the tender shores of your own essence, nestling you in the grateful arms of those you have protected. Those who have received your blessings may not always acknowledge it, but your acts of love have landed within us, growing us stronger and infusing us with love’s light. Rest dear warrior, rest. I hold your heart safe.

© Jeff Brown, 2011 (Author of ‘Soulshaping- A Journey of Self-Creation’;

*’Apologies to the Sacred Masculine’ is the second in this apology series. It can be read at  The first piece ‘Apologies to the Divine Feminine (from a warrior- in-transition)’ can be read at . The third part of the series- Apologies to Myself- will be posted soon.


Now… right? wasn’t that awesome? :)

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Many blessings,