Now With Completion Crack My Heart Open And Let Come What May!

Jeremy Dylan Creager Now with completion… I welcome new energies of more love and innocence… With the doors of completion closed with and in love behind me I stand in an open field of new possibilities… Freedom from emotional shackles that no longer tied me down or hold me back… I look in front of […]

~ My Sexual Shadow Desires and Dissatisfaction ~

Here is my writing for today as my heart pounds in fear to share this with you all… Been really feeling this intense energetic pain in my chest for the last 2 weeks and so looking forward to moving through and past this energy, so really hoping that sharing this shadow out in the light […]

My Shadow Of, Not Being Man Enough

This shadow is hard for me to write about, hard for me to work on, feel and face, to admit to myself these fears that I have of not being man enough. The tightness in my neck, and the weight of the world on my shoulders makes me want to cry in pain and agony… […]

Red Blood Moon Dancing With The Shadows

Have You Ever Danced With Your Shadows In The Red Moon Light? Take a long deep breath as we go down in the depths of the dark black night… Yes we have danced many times before but now we dance in dislike… For we move around underground eyes open with no visible sight… It’s a […]

Healing My Little Boy’s Wounds On My Way Back To My Beloved Within

I feel a deep hole in my heart, a hole in my chest… it’s a sadness… lonely… A dark void hiding in its own shadows… A hunger, a desire to not be empty inside… A huge craving for sex and or pot to mask the pain… I feel the energetic protection shield that has been […]

Protected: My 4 In 1 Sacred Resistance Spiritual Portal Doorways

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Moving Through Transition Spiritually In Front Of A Sacred Portal

Thank you Anabel for posting this on facebok In the resistance feeling overwhelmed by unfinished projects, to many passionate focus’s, so many dimensions to life… Moving through transition but only in the preparation phase where shadows pick up and get stronger fighting for its life because a certain level of consciousness is about to die […]