Now With Completion Crack My Heart Open And Let Come What May!

Jeremy Dylan Creager Now with completion… I welcome new energies of more love and innocence… With the doors of completion closed with and in love behind me I stand in an open field of new possibilities… Freedom from emotional shackles that no longer tied me down or hold me back… I look in front of […]

~ My Sexual Shadow Desires and Dissatisfaction ~

Here is my writing for today as my heart pounds in fear to share this with you all… Been really feeling this intense energetic pain in my chest for the last 2 weeks and so looking forward to moving through and past this energy, so really hoping that sharing this shadow out in the light […]

My Shadow Fear, of Not Being Worthy of Love

A journey on the dark side where my shadows hide my fear of not being worthy of love… More pain in my heart, my body shakes and is petrified scared to death that I will die alone without true love sacred union in my life. For all the times I saw the beauty in a […]

Protected: My 4 In 1 Sacred Resistance Spiritual Portal Doorways

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Letter To My Secret Admiring Beloved

We have never met, but I have seen the beauty in my beloved, because I can see the beauty within me and I love it. I have seen her light that radiates bright in her eyes that shine with a twinkle behind such a beautiful site. I’m terrified but I don’t care, just because True […]

What is the Most Important Relationship You Can Have In Life? Take a Guess, Then Read Below

    I hope it makes sense to make your biggest passion in life, life itself? To me the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. If the meaning of life is to learn and grow and live to the fullest, then why would you not want life to […]

What does the ego fear the most? It is Love, Self Love, Selfish Love and Selfless Love!!! Welcome to the SHADOW Side!

A question/comment from a earlier post Women Longing For Their Men To Step It Up ~ Self-Love-Reflections Question: From Casey, My friend recommended this site to me. He did this because I am in an awful relationship where I am so in love but the man I love is so busy with his career that […]