What is the Most Important Relationship You Can Have In Life? Take a Guess, Then Read Below

    I hope it makes sense to make your biggest passion in life, life itself? To me the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. If the meaning of life is to learn and grow and live to the fullest, then why would you not want life to […]

What does the ego fear the most? It is Love, Self Love, Selfish Love and Selfless Love!!! Welcome to the SHADOW Side!

A question/comment from a earlier post Women Longing For Their Men To Step It Up ~ Self-Love-Reflections Question: From Casey, My friend recommended this site to me. He did this because I am in an awful relationship where I am so in love but the man I love is so busy with his career that […]

Women Longing For Their Men To Step It Up ~ Self-Love-Reflections

{Question from a Woman} Hi, Jeremy=] So, I just wanted to comment on what you had said about women that want their men to step up. I’ve been trying to explain to my boyfriend how that’s what I am wanting right now. But I feel like his ego is blocking our communication. He hears me […]

Kundalini Dance – Awakening Men To Women’s Wisdom

With Kundalini Dance we heal and release negative patterns and old programs that no longer serve us by working on core soul issues. We ask the higher self to speak its truth from a place of unconditional love by going within to be a witness. By doing this we empower ourselves to reweave the grid […]

My Devotion to Her Divine Essence

(Excerpts from my journal writing at the Kundalini Dance Awakening Retreat) It doesn’t matter how! Just be I am present, madly in love with Kali I see her beauty even when she does not I step in my personal power so that I am present for myself and for her in her awakening Divinely perfect […]