~ My Sexual Shadow Desires and Dissatisfaction ~

Here is my writing for today as my heart pounds in fear to share this with you all… Been really feeling this intense energetic pain in my chest for the last 2 weeks and so looking forward to moving through and past this energy, so really hoping that sharing this shadow out in the light […]

Protected: My 4 In 1 Sacred Resistance Spiritual Portal Doorways

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Join Us This Weekend May 6-8 for some Ecstasy and Alchemy

Hello Brothers and Sisters, This message is brought to you from the home office of Leah Rose Duke and Jeremy Creager. We have just celebrated our 5 year anniversary and we have found ourselves diving way deep together and still working on our relationship every day. Looking back, the key to our successful relationship has […]

Tantra and Ecstasy: Love, Sex and Evolution Retreats for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Teachers & Healers

Hi, Jeremy here blessings my Tantra friends! Any of my success in relationships and business has come from the depths from witch I truly know myself. I have used Tantra as a tool for deep personal growth and pleasure along my life journey. The Meaning of “Tantra” The word “tantra” is derived from the combination […]

Tantric Numerology

Tantric Numerology ___________________________________________ If you want to do your own Tantic Numerology Click Here: _______________________________________________________ Tantric Numerology Name: Jeremy Dylan Creager Birth date: 06/28/1980 Tantric Numerology – SOUL OF 10 The SOUL Number is the core of your identity. It indicates your own internal relationship with yourself. Your relationship to the infinite, unlimited part of […]