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Oct 01

Audio Track – I’m Crazy, That’s Why Life Is Beautiful All The Time!

By Jeremy Creager | Jeremy Creager , Poetry , Unconditional Love , Vision

I’m Crazy, That’s Why Life Is Beautiful All The Time!

Is not at least a little bit crazy the way to be anyways?

And why would we not want to see beauty all the time?

Right? :)

Here is a short fun audio recording I did today…

Check it out here:

Thanks and many blessings,

Jeremy Creager


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Nov 15

Root Chakra: Deepening my Roots

By Jeremy Creager | Vision


(Notes from my journal during “The Awakening Retreat” Day 1)

I bring in mother Earth Energy

I bring in financial abundance

I release financial blocks and limitations

I am grounded

I am in love with nature

Nature is in love with me

Thank you for loving me

I love you back

Thank you for being so beautiful

I drop down into my center

I own my personal space

I am healed by Earth Energy and I am empowered through Source Energy

I am soft free flowing and solid all at the same time within me I am balanced

I am truly loved

I am blessed by God

I honor my unique gifts

I breathe and I am calm

All the beauty in the world is a gift for me

I am truly grateful

I want to surrender all my past guilt and shame

I release and let go of all judgments

I wish to know death intimately unafraid

I wish to drown to be reborn free to flow as eternal conscious source energy

I pray for forgiveness and know there is nothing to forgive

I pray to know God intimately

I pray for strong self discipline

I pray to know and experience my personal power unwavering in my space with serenity and clarity of purpose in alignment with the greater good of all

I pray to know my purpose for the divine feminine

Thanks for reading


Jeremy Creager

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Oct 14


By Jeremy Creager | Unconditional Love , Vision





Hi this is Jeremy Creager hope all is well with you. Please read enjoy and share this paper with your family, friends, and enemies.

Thank you



I am Perfection; this is who I am, all that I am BEing is perfect; I am not “only just” a man, I am

Perfection within all my imperfections,

Lessons of life in all dimensions,

As ones heart has love in it then perfection is realization,

Painting beautiful pictures of life from the fulfillment of the heart is passion,

One may see perfection in pain and suffering with compassion,

Self love means; perfection is I am,

When we penetrate the deepest depths of perfection,

All the qualities of love in us come out from within,

Perfection from perception,

Who sees beauty’s flawlessness in all that is?

Perfection is yet another thing that connects us,

You are me and I is we perfect us be,

The perfection that is us blows my mind,

As perfect as one is being love perfection is all that we find,

All things are wonderful even within space and time,

I know the greatness within you as the perfect divine,

See the perfection in death and be at peace with it,

See the perfection in life and love it,

Perfection sees beyond duality,

Perfection sees the illusions of reality,

Perfect freedom as life dose whatever it’s doing,

Perfect is peace stillness the unmoving,

Perfect perfection is within all of us,

Find perfection within yourself and yourself you will love and trust.


Channeled Through, Jeremy Creager

Aka, Perfection

I would love to here your input on this. Please leave your comments or questions or email me at

Thanks and many blessings,


PS. I got this video off my friend Jayson ॐ Shawver ‘s facebook page; sick video or I should say music with a great message and high vibrations

~Timothy Leary



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Oct 10

Embrace 100% Desperation where the birth of Success is born

By Jeremy Creager | FREEdom , Integrity , Relationships , Vision


I am desperate and I don’t care who knows about it. It’s not a bad place to be but in fact it’s a perfect new beginning to start with.

To give up, to let go, to release and be free in the moment.

I heard this quote The Mother of all Success is 100% Desperation off some online training video months ago. I didn’t fully know what it meant but it did resonate with me so I typed it out real big in Word Document and then printed it. I posted it so I see it right in front of me when I am sitting at my desk every day.

I want to be as real with you as I can and don’t pretend to have all the right answers in life.

What you are about to read below is me, a desperate man coming from my heart expressing how I feel in life at least right now in the moment I was righting it. I sent it to a select few close friends and family and a few people that could be experts in the areas of my desperations. I got some really good replies; they were my own personal questions so I got back some really good personal answers.

AND thank you so much to those that did respond to me, they really mean a lot to be for all your love and support.

Blessings to you all with love and light

I was thinking that if I posted my questions here, not just in privet messages.

It could be two fold. If you want to play!

First, to those that may really relate to what I am saying and want to add, comment or ask questions you can AND you have my permission to be as DESPERATE from your heart as you want and need.

Second, for artist, teachers and healers, for those that has valuable insight and wisdom to share about these times of desperation. We would love for you to put your heart into your response not just for me but for all those that come across this post and feel like they are in the same boat in life at this particular time. And you can add value to them and their lives right here on this page.


Desperation from the bottom of my heart

I am looking at and working on myself – What is my life all about?

How does a 29 year old man that sucks at grammar and spelling although enjoys creative writing become successful with an internet website/blog business?

How can a man that has looked at his purpose and mission in life still not know what to do in the world and not know what to offer?

How can a man that has spent most of his life wanting to help others not know how to help them or even his self sometimes?

How does a man that has so many passions in life not know what to focus his business on or about and how to make money at that?

How could a 29 year old man that has been doing personal and spiritual growth since he was 18 if not his whole life, not know what he has to offer to the world?

Why does an honest man with compassion and integrity still after 29 years on this planet struggle with financial problems in life?

Why does a man with so much information and awareness in his head have such a hard time getting it out into the world in a way others can and want to hear it, and want to pay for it as valuable life serving content?

How does a man know if he is clear on what he loves and is passionate about in life?

PS. How are you doing in your life? Hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Other then the above words my life is beautiful.

Blessings with love,


I wanted to share what my mom rote back to me because I love her so much and I am grateful to have given her the opportunity to share her love and wisdom with me.  Thank you mom for loving me, I love you back!

Here it is;

How does ANYONE, of ANY age, achieve success in business, have clarity of their purpose, goals, passion, service, focus, priorities, and fine-tuned communication skills? Men who are much older than you often still ask those questions, sometimes their whole life through. The answers are in-part inside of you, ready and waiting for your surrender and acceptance of yourself, your limitations, and your flawless talents; and also in-part found in the world we live in (or universe). The internal and the external factors work in balance, and we either choose to work with those forces or against them, every day, every moment–and that balance changes continually.

For me, I get my comfort, clarity, and assurance for following my best path through my dependence on God. I don’t know any other way to find such answers but to seek guidance, try a path out with our best efforts, while letting go of the burdens that hold us back–which is done by relying on a higher power to handle them for us.

Keep learning, keep soul-searching, keep doing and trying your best, be teachable, adaptable, willing, and never give up. I have complete faith in you to follow your passions and find your niche successfully. Thank you for writing to me. I love your with all my heart.



I am desperate to hear your response, please leave your comments below

I am desperate to know how I can help you in life.

I am desperate to know how you can help me in life.

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Sep 13

My Vision ~ I Share With The World

By Jeremy Creager | FREEdom , Jeremy Creager , Unconditional Love , Vision

What’s Your Vision?
This is mine!

My Vision

My vision is to create life to be all that it can be

My vision goes forward into lifetimes way ahead of me

This vision that I see,
Is for the greater good of all, selfishly

Words do not really give my vision justice,
But for the sake of communication listen with your heart to get this,

My vision can never not include all that is,
Picture human consciousness,
Vibrating at higher states of awareness

Where the mastering of body, mind and emotions are common scene,

And the spirit gets to play and manifest
through your soul’s highest essence

All beings come from a place of love and acceptance

Abundance of all things is at our finger tips

Healed our karmic lessons free to vibrate with compassion,

The beauty beyond what you can even imagine

Listen and feel this vision,

That human suffering no longer serves our mission

You have never known a peace like I see it here,
Open your hearts eye to see it so clear….

A bliss-ed out orgasmic state
All love and no hate,

Inspired creation passionately sources as we create
our own fate,
Gratitude for all those that pass our way
and for the relationships we create.

Thank You For Loving Me, I love you back!
Jeremy Creager

Vision is what gives you drive, its what moves you forward.
Vision will wake you up excited early in the morning alive with motivation and passion on a mission so pay attention to the vision you are manifesting…

Here is a video I found online that I like and thought it goes well with this post

PS. Please leave comments or questions also I would love to know what your Vision is.
I may add it to the page

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Aug 25

Bringing Integrity Into Awareness

By Jeremy Creager | FREEdom , Integrity , Jeremy Creager , Unconditional Love , Vision

I can envision the whole wide world with Integrity and the understanding of it as the norm. Meaning: having Integrity in all of human-doings and in all human-beings within society as a whole. Can you follow that? In the world that we live in, Integrity is not looked at as a necessity, and I imagine that when the world functions as a whole with Integrity there will be no more wars and probably no more suffering like is happening now when the world is functioning without Integrity..

I think of Integrity as an energy field that brings vibrations of Unconditional Love and Honesty, Trustworthiness, standing for the greater good of all and doing what is right in despite of what others may think.

I might say that having integrity is having a good understanding of karma.

Having Integrity is when you do something wrong, you correct it, you make it right as best you can in whatever way you need to make it happen. It is doing what’s right and living your life like that. A lifestyle, a way of living and the way you do anything is the way you do everything so do all things with integrity the best you can/know how. The key is to be in a state of compassion so that you can hold Integrity in your energetic space, so that you act in kindness with gratitude for all things.

So let’s collect, post, share and add to all the different levels of understanding, meaning and awareness’s of Integrity.

Check this bad ass video clip out

Al Pacino’s Speech in “Scent of a Woman

OK lets here what INTEGRITY is to you now.
And if you have any questions about Integrity just ask I will give you the best answer I can.

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