Root Chakra: Deepening my Roots

Root Chakra:  Deepening my Roots

(Notes from my journal during “The Awakening Retreat” Day 1) I bring in mother Earth Energy I bring in financial abundance I release financial blocks and limitations I am grounded I am in love with nature Nature is in love with me Thank you for loving me I love you back Thank you for being […]


        Hi this is Jeremy Creager hope all is well with you. Please read enjoy and share this paper with your family, friends, and enemies. Thank you 5-10-07 PERFECTION I am Perfection; this is who I am, all that I am BEing is perfect; I am not “only just” a man, I […]

Embrace 100% Desperation where the birth of Success is born

Embrace 100% Desperation where the birth of Success is born

I am desperate and I don’t care who knows about it. It’s not a bad place to be but in fact it’s a perfect new beginning to start with. To give up, to let go, to release and be free in the moment. I heard this quote “The Mother of all Success is 100% Desperation” […]

My Vision ~ I Share With The World

What’s Your Vision? This is mine! My Vision My vision is to create life to be all that it can be My vision goes forward into lifetimes way ahead of me This vision that I see, Is for the greater good of all, selfishly Words do not really give my vision justice, But for the […]

Bringing Integrity Into Awareness

I can envision the whole wide world with Integrity and the understanding of it as the norm. Meaning: having Integrity in all of human-doings and in all human-beings within society as a whole. Can you follow that? In the world that we live in, Integrity is not looked at as a necessity, and I imagine […]