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Sep 25

The Only Way Up and Out Is To Love It!

By Jeremy Creager | FREEdom , Jeremy Creager , Personal Growth , Poetry , Workshops & Events

…Here is a audio recording I did (today, the next day from when I wrote and posted what you are about to read below) and I wanted to add it in the post so you can hear me talk about it out loud if you like too.

Love the pain love the process…

Hello friends,

Jeremy here and I am being inspired to do creative writing every day for the next 30 days so I welcome you to join me!

As the tittle says; The Only Way Up and Out Is To Love It!

What I mean by that is when we are feeling down and low in life or when we feel stuck, stagnant or even metaphorically drowning in our shadows of negative beliefs, programs and systems that no longer serve us, it is love that is our way up and out.

I love life, I love personal growth… aka. The Personal Growth Intensity Junkie

I find I get into self-sabotage modes, and it comes and goes, in cycles it flows, in spirals in and out like the waves of the unknown.

I have learned how to say; hello to my ego, I feel its time to open up so we can get to know, ourselves in our deepest shadows and I have journeyed to darkest depths of my soul, now I welcome resistance because the reflection of Hell is really just a portal doorway to the next level of consciousness and deeper in love we go.

I meet fear within, that’s where lies the center points of my own sin, to truly face this is what will find the courage needed to win…

But how do you win when you feel stuck in a rut?

How do you get up from being so down?

Where is the hope when hope is know where to be found?

Why even try, when life passes us by and all we want to do is cry?

But we can’t because we have been living a lie…

To wake up from this feels like death is knocking at the door and we are fighting for our last breath…

Our identity is all our ego has got left…

Just the masks we wear to impress, get validation, seek attention and fit in, to the norm of depression because my pride is better then your pride and I still have not learned my spiritual lesson…

Jeremy Creager in a Tree

I still got to love the process…

Learn to love the pain for the lessons gained!

Has I learn to ask more of life to come what may, I welcome all of my shame, I welcome my fear, sadness and anger… I call forth my rage; let me surrender to the energies within that have been saved, afraid to come out like a loving beast monster trapped in a cage…

It is time to welcome: Come What May!

You may find your help from the Divine is love anyway…

Now more then ever is when, this very moment I say YES to the resistance, yes to the struggle and pain, yes to the trauma that I have over came, Yes to my woundings for they hold the keys to my salvation and blooming…

Bright like the light from the sun bring compassion for the darkness like the magick in the night innocence takes flight under the moon light.

Vulnerability in the safety of her womb, I surrender and open up my heart to be consumed, pure love I call you, come to me in my dreams, in my wake, awaken me…

I believe we are here on the planet and in life to learn and grow!

Sacred Relationships of Divine Union meeting our Beloveds deeper as we heal and reunite the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies first within balanced in harmony, love and honor embracing the universal flow…

I love this path of intense healing and personal growth and one reason is when I heal myself I help heal the world the collective energy as one raises the vibrational frequency and consciousness.

The way I see it is that love is at the core of everything!

So I welcome it all!

This journey in life of love and light is not always easy and it is so very important and valuable to have Mentors, Coaches, Guides and Spiritual Teachers as well as high quality friends that always want to inspired hope and love into your life so you can be happier and live life to the fullest…

My last year in High School I was in a mentoring program and got teamed up with a mentor that eventually took me to a Anthony Robbins Seminar when I was 18 and that changed my life for ever never to be the same again!

This is a life path, a way of life and the reason for living.

As always I welcome you to join the journey at whatever time is right for you.

I can’t wait till you do!

It gets lonely at the top, the higher in vibrational frequency the higher quality of life only less have chosen to take the path of least resistance…

Most are to scared to go through the death to be reborn.

I am scared too, every time I do go through it scares the living shit out of me, but thats the point you see, I now have fun meeting the depths of me.

enough about me…

I invite you!

Come journey with me!

Come find a Coach, a Mentor, Teacher or Guide!

I Recommend The Fountain of Life if your ready to dive in deep?

Thank you Dr. Azra and Seren Bertrand for bringing this work out from within.

Many Blessings,
Jeremy Creager

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Sep 06

Womb Awakening Intensive 40 Day Journey – Sept 8th

By Jeremy Creager | Personal Growth , Workshops & Events

 Hi my good friends, :)
its Jeremy here again and I am sharing with you here another one of my good friends post from facebook.
This 40 Day Journey is profound and powerful work I invite you to join us!

We are almost there! Sept 8th .. “At the center of your being
you have the answer;
you know who you are
and you know what you want.” Learn tools and practices that can take you on a journey of self discovery, gain clarity, attract true love, discover what ailments or illness is trying to tell you and heal!!! ‪#‎ibs‬ ‪#‎highbloodpressure‬ ‪#‎cancer‬ ‪#‎reproductiveproblems‬ ‪#‎illness‬ ‪#‎ailments‬ ‪#‎whatsyourpurpose‬ ‪#‎findyourpassion‬ ‪#‎overcomegrief‬ ‪#‎heartbreak‬ ‪#‎bringmorehappytoyourlife‬ ‪#‎parenting‬ ‪#‎genekeys‬ ‪#‎discoveryourtruefeminine‬

We are almost there! Sept 8th ..  “At the center of your being  you have the answer;  you know who you are  and you know what you want.”  Learn tools and practices that can take you on a journey of self discovery, gain clarity,  attract true love, discover what ailments or illness is trying to tell you and heal!!! #ibs #highbloodpressure #cancer #reproductiveproblems #illness #ailments #whatsyourpurpose #findyourpassion #overcomegrief #heartbreak #bringmorehappytoyourlife #parenting #genekeys #discoveryourtruefeminine
Sep 06

40 Day Hara/Womb Awakening which starts on the Full Moon

By Jeremy Creager | Personal Growth , Workshops & Events

Aloha Family and Friends,
Consider joining me and many other dynamic Beings for a 40 Day Hara/Womb Awakening which starts on the Full Moon, Monday, 8 September!
You Can Find out more info at ….
I have Been apprenticing with Azra and Seren, who have founded this organization and will Be mentoring some of you during this journey!
It is truly a life transforming experience on so many levels, releasing all that doesn’t serve and align with your highest truth!
Many Blessings,

Welcome to The Fountain of Life The return of Womb Consciousness is the greatest revolution happening on the planet at this time. From the deep it whispers to us, calling us home. The Fountain of Life is a vision for a new humanity to live in a fully embodied way. It completely transforms us – and o…
May 19

Creating Sacred Space with Tony Bonnici June 4th 2011 In Oahu, Hawaii

By Jeremy Creager | Workshops & Events

Join my good friend Tony Bonnici in Honolulu, Hawaii Saturday afternoon June 4th at the Still & Moving Center for his upcoming workshop- Creating Sacred Space: Discovering Peace and Change. Joseph Campbell says, “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” Come ready to find yourself again.

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May 02

Join Us This Weekend May 6-8 for some Ecstasy and Alchemy

By Jeremy Creager | Sexuality Awareness , Workshops & Events

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

This message is brought to you from the home office of Leah Rose Duke and Jeremy Creager.

We have just celebrated our 5 year anniversary and we have found ourselves diving way deep together and still working on our relationship every day.

Looking back, the key to our successful relationship has been always working on ourselves as individuals and keeping the intimacy strong in our relationship. One of the ways that we do that is by attending workshops and retreats hosted by high quality, high vibrational teachers, leaders and visionaries.

We know it is last minute but we wanted to share an upcoming event that we are both going to be participating in this weekend May 6-8th 2011. It is called Ecstasy and Alchemy: Shamanic Tantric Training Retreat. This weekend workshop is dedicated to all those who want to push their evolutionary edge and transcend limits that hold us back in ourselves, our relationships and our sexuality.

Andrew Barnes and Leyolah Antara just spoke at the Sex and Consciousness Conference in Sedona, Az over this past weekend, and have agreed to offer a training retreat here in the Bay Area.

For those who really want to take your next step; you should jump on this rare opportunity to experience their united forces, which are being offered for the first time here in the United States.

We don’t know when there will be another chance like this one. We personally can’t wait to experience the new heights this is going to take our relationship and the depth of service this training is going to bring to our professional practice.

This workshop is for singles and couples.

We look forward to meeting those of you who will be joining us while riding our edge on this journey of personal evolution.

For more info or to attend, please visit:
or contact the host and enrollment coordinator Yarah Volkman at: 831-331-6232

Leah Rose Duke & Jeremy Creager

P.S. Please forward and share this to anyone you feel may be interested.

Apr 22

Our Connections Have Inspired Me!

By Jeremy Creager | Jeremy Creager , MKP Mankind Project , Personal Growth , Sexuality Awareness , Workshops & Events

by Jeremy Dylan Creager on Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 11:39pm

Hi friends,


Our connection has inspired me, so this is not a short message but if you want to know me more and what my life is all about these days, then keep reading…


So, what are you into?


I would bet that if you truly are friends with me you are also into deep personal and spiritual growth and or making streams of money from home.


If you are in love with doing deep personal and spiritual growth work then you are like me.


I have a deep passion in Sexual Healing for the Divine Feminine (and Masculine) and invite you to check this out: Tantra and Ecstasy: Love, Sex and Evolution Retreats for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Teachers & Healers at:


Also, as a man committed to your inner growth and the growth of the men in your life, I invite you to check out The ManKind Project at


I am very passionate about this work. I have built relationships with men of Integrity, depth and that choice to live lives of mission in accountable communities.


I personally live in the beautiful San Francisco CA Bay Area and was recently interviewed about my MKP New Warrior Training Adventure weekend experience and if you would like to check it out please go to the Nor Cal MKP site here: and get the 12 audio interview series Voices of Warriors for free. :)


I have done and still do many kinds of workshops, retreats and events but MKP is my biggest focus for my inner growth these days.


How many man do you know that are willing to look at there own shit or even own there shadow side and also allow themselves to be seen in their gold?


My Integrity Vision and Intentions


*I see a world where every government and religious figure has raised their level of integrity to share with the world.


*I see a world where people only watched TV stations from the ones that all owners and employees have integrity by job requirement.


*I see a world where all parents know and embody integrity for setting an example for their children.


*I see an online spreading of integrity awareness.


*I see Integrity giving us courage for facing our shadows and demons.


My theory is that there is a need to learn and teach the vibration of integrity on this planet today.  I think the world needs to see the value of living fully with and of integrity.


And as far as making money from home…


Here is the Return On Integrity Unlimited info you just attracted into your life! :)


The simple message:

Turn A One Time $250 into Streams of $5,000 Again & Again.


Like Webinars? Watch this recording:


The Nuts and Bolts Straight Up:


I love this one:

It’s a PYRAMID! What’s the Product???

First of all… we don’t need to sound so amateur… look

around… EVERYTHING is a pyramid!


Your government…

Your job…

Your financial system…

Your family…

Your church

Your schools…


DUH… the real hidden question is this:


Is this legal?

Is there a product?


Your Answer from the CEO:


24 Hour Recorded Product Overview:



Google: “M..L..M.. Attorney Kevin Thompson”


They just conducted a full legal audit

of our company, program structure and

comp plan… of course we passed with

flying colors…


so after you take a look at all that info I would love to know what you like about it :)


It will help to build whatever else you are already doing right now!



Blessings of love and light my friend,



PS. Also anyone that joins our ROI Unlimited team gets all the Simple Freedom training for free.

Check it out here:


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Apr 22

Stop Kissing Frogs in 60 Days or Less! We don’t believe in fairy tales … but we do believe in love – by Yitzhak Miller

By Jeremy Creager | Workshops & Events

A Free Interactive Introductory Teleseminar

Wednesday, April 27 · 1:00pm – 2:00pm

At YOUR CHOICE OF TWO TIMES (1pm or 6pm Pacific), in the comfort of your home or office, by phone FREE BONUS: Download of our newest offering: “How to Transform a Frog Into a Prince”

Created By

More Info
Free teleseminar:
Stop Kissing Frogs in 60 Days Or Less!
Offered TWICE on Wednesday, April 27:
1pm PDT=4pm EDT & 6pm PDT=9pm EDT


How to Transform a Frog Into A Prince
is your free bonus for participation in this live call

Get your free ticket at this link:

We don’t believe in fairy tales …
but we do believe in love


Do you find yourself saying:
…”All men are boneheads!” or
…”My ‘picker’ seems to be hopelessly broken.”

If you are a woman who wants to be able to confidently choose the right man …

Join us for a Content-Rich, FREE Teleseminar
Stop Kissing Frogs in 60 Days or Less!
Wednesday, April 27
1:00pm PDT / 4:00pm EDT
or 6:00 pm PDT/9:00 pm EDT


Important note: This event is free. However, you need a ticket in order to attend OR receive the link to the playback. (A Facebook RSVP will not get you the call-in information.)

Get your free ticket at this link:

Extra bonus: Stop Kissing Frogs Ticketholders will also receive a free nutrition consultation from a good friend of ours!


How would your life be different if you knew:

• The 2 biggest telltales if he is a prince or a frog
• The 2 biggest obstacles to kissing princes
• The #1 way to “fix your picker”

And YES…
We WILL answer the question:
“So where do I find these men?”

So if it doesn’t work like in the fairy tales, then what do I do?

Get your free ticket at this link:


“Way Beyond a Dating Coach…”
This free teleseminar is led by Yitzhak Miller.

Yitzhak Miller

Yitzhak Miller

Yitz’s “Masterfully Discern a Man’s Integrity” programs
provide women the rare opportunity to work *with a man*
on challenges they face *with men.*

Yitz was trained at Stanford and UCLA medical centers, is nationally board-certified by the American Psychotherapy Association, is completing his Sex Educator training with the San Francisco Sexuality Institute, is completing his Tantra educator training with Charles Muir’s Source Tantra, and—though his programs are totally non-religious—he also happens to be an ordained Rabbi.

For more information about Yitzi, visit

Can’t make it at that time on the 27th?
Grab your seat and we’ll send you the playback.
But be on the call live if you can so you’ll receive the bonus: How to Transform a Frog Into a Prince.

Reminder: This event is free. However, you need a ticket in order to attend OR receive the link to the playback.

Get your free ticket at this link:

Extra bonus: Stop Kissing Frogs Ticketholders will also receive a free nutrition consultation from a good friend of ours!

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