The Only Way Up and Out Is To Love It!

…Here is a audio recording I did (today, the next day from when I wrote and posted what you are about to read below) and I wanted to add it in the post so you can hear me talk about it out loud if you like too. Love the pain love the process… Hello friends, […]

The Sacred Art of Writing with The Fountain of Life

Hello friends, Jeremy here and I wanted to share and invite you to this 2 Tele-Womb Circles course I am taking with Seren Swannesha Bertrand with The Fountain of Life Click images to get more info and to sign up!   Please feel free to leave your comments and share this post with anyone you […]

Womb Awakening Intensive 40 Day Journey – Sept 8th

 Hi my good friends, its Jeremy here again and I am sharing with you here another one of my good friends post from facebook. This 40 Day Journey is profound and powerful work I invite you to join us! Anabel Vizcarra We are almost there! Sept 8th .. “At the center of your being you […]

40 Day Hara/Womb Awakening which starts on the Full Moon

Blessings my friends, its Jeremy here again So I know I have not been posting much on my site so I wanted to start it up again. I am honored to share with you some work that I have been doing now for a while that I just love and am very passionate about so […]

Creating Sacred Space with Tony Bonnici June 4th 2011 In Oahu, Hawaii

Join my good friend Tony Bonnici in Honolulu, Hawaii Saturday afternoon June 4th at the Still & Moving Center for his upcoming workshop- Creating Sacred Space: Discovering Peace and Change. Joseph Campbell says, “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” Come ready to find yourself again. Please leave comments below […]

Join Us This Weekend May 6-8 for some Ecstasy and Alchemy

Hello Brothers and Sisters, This message is brought to you from the home office of Leah Rose Duke and Jeremy Creager. We have just celebrated our 5 year anniversary and we have found ourselves diving way deep together and still working on our relationship every day. Looking back, the key to our successful relationship has […]

Stop Kissing Frogs in 60 Days or Less! We don’t believe in fairy tales … but we do believe in love – by Yitzhak Miller

A Free Interactive Introductory Teleseminar Time Wednesday, April 27 · 1:00pm – 2:00pm Location At YOUR CHOICE OF TWO TIMES (1pm or 6pm Pacific), in the comfort of your home or office, by phone FREE BONUS: Download of our newest offering: “How to Transform a Frog Into a Prince” Created By Yitzhak Miller, Emily Levy […]