Creative Expression Of Integrity

By Jeremy Creager | Integrity

Sep 17

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With integrity I am not playing around,
but it is time to get down,
integrity is found,
beneath the surface underground,
see the purpose and the vision is profound,
breathe you are the beautiful sound,
God’s expressions blessings without any bounds,
Integrous life is right side up but most of the world is upside down,
If you can speak vibrations like me,
Then express integrity flowing through us as energy,
This is our Tribe, and this is our community,

Challenge of Integrity

I told you I’m not fucking around on a mission with intensity,
It’s the Indigo-ness inside of me,
Driven by pure love that burns within; the egos enemy,
If you can feel my heart I want to be your friend and then play in creativity,
One by one end all pain and suffering,
In the creations of vibrations raising,
create the teachings of inner wisdom results will be surprising,
So it’s time to pay attention,
I promise you I’ve seen it with my own vision,
This opportunity you don’t want to be missing,
I can feel others that vibrate like me,
I know you’re out there otherwise I wouldn’t be,
We all feel a divine need,
Its time to quite screwing around you see,
I challenge the love and courage in you to express Integrity.

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About the Author

Jeremy has a hard-core and intense approach to life and personal growth, entrepreneurship, relationship enhancement and intimacy healing. Back in the day when most of his friends were out hitting up the bar scene, he was busy with personal and professional growth seminars, workshops & retreats. He is self and exponentially taught as much of his real-world savvy higher education came in the form of books, audios, and videos on the subjects of life, human purpose, relationships, spirituality, sexual wholeness, sexual healing, communication, mindfulness, sustainable business and energy within the physical and nonphysical emotional bodies. Connect with me on your social networks!