Love equals Love

By Jeremy Creager | FREEdom

Oct 10

(Disclaimer; All of this is just my own opinion and personal truth at the moment.)


Love equals Love

I have an abundance of love within me.

I am who I am;

It is a gift to experience me in your life, as equal a gift as to experience you in mine.

A gift of giving is love. Love is open and letting go. To give our love as a gift is just being and that is all.

Caring is love; to give a gift is sharing.

To give love is to give caring, sharing is caring, and is to give love.

Love is always open, it is never closed.

I am who I am;

I was not afraid of my dad dieing, I am not afraid of my mom dieing, I am not afraid of dieing, but I am afraid of not living to the fullest.

I am not afraid of our relationships dieing, but I am afraid of being in a relationship (with myself or somebody else) that is not a vehicle to being able to live life to the fullest, through transcending fear and insecurities.

Fear is conditional; Love is unconditional.

Conditional is attachment to.

Unconditional is letting go of attachment and or being free.

Unconditional needs no judgment.

Conditional needs to judge out of fear of not meeting the conditions and by judging the conditional conditions.

Fear being conditional, judges what’s conditional; fear judges fear.

Fear is judgment.

From the heart; love does not judge love.

Love = love.

Love is not better or worse than love. Love can have all different forms of love but love still = love.

All love is equal, thus being unconditional.

There is love and there is more love and more love is freer, to be freer is to have or be more love.

In this realm of freer love, love from within expands, grows, and expresses more and more love.

I have an abundance of love within me.

To share myself with anyone is to share my love with them, and to experience another is to experience love.

The same abundance of love that is within me is also within everyone.

It is the nature of love to be free.

One cannot grow in love when one is not free.

One becomes not free, when one becomes attached to anything, even when one becomes attached to not being attached, one takes away freedom from one’s self.

(From a nonjudgmental point of view) When we are attached to something, it is neither good nor bad; it wisely serves its purpose, other wise it would not be there in the first place.

Attachment is only of the lovely ego, it is taking things personally.

The ego takes things personally out of fear of not being enough, out of this fear the ego attaches itself to anything and everything it can, to try and be secure because it is not.

Ego is always wanting more, and never wanting to let go of anything.

To have for the ego is to be more, and more for the ego is never enough.

It is the illusion of the ego to be separate from, disconnected from self and all else.

The ego imprisons itself unknowingly or uncaring, in our allowing of the taking away of our freedom and giving up our self power to the lovely ego.

One of the hardest things to let go of is attachment.

It is one of, if not the (in my opinion) strongest survival tools the ego has, to survive and to control us, by our allowing the ego to still our self power, self freedom, and self love, and then fill us with fear; fear of not being enough.

Self power, self freedom and self love are the self, we our free love empowered.

Free love empowered is enough.

I have fears, and I process them.

I have fears and I see the illusions that they are.

In just seeing the illusion of fear creates non fear out of fear, it makes fear no longer fear, no fear, but only the “illusion of fear” is fear, is just an illusion.

Take away conditional and there is unconditional.

Take away fear and there is love.

Take away conditional fear and there is unconditional love.

Jeremy Creager

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