Relationship Coaching

I am passionate about Relationship Coaching because my heart and soul lives for honest open love based relationships meant for growth, love and joy.

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Relationship Coaching Consultations

My specialty and passion is helping others in their emotional lives and relationship issues.I love the beauty in life so much and I believe that we all at the core are beautiful glowing God’s and Goddesses.

I work with the divine masculine and feminine energies to help guide transformation and balance to occur within your true essence of joy and brilliant beauty, empowering you to embody your radiant self. I live for that.

In my Relationship Coaching sessions I introduce the understanding of connecting from a place of heart based unconditional love and compassion for all things. I help to process this paradigm shift and interact intentionally in relationships of high consciousness. I feel called to share the deep wisdom that comes along with intentionally embodying a high vibration.

I have always loved sitting back and observing, watching, learning about people and their emotions. Maybe because my birth sign is Cancer, I can really resonate with the emotional system. I have also seen a lot of insecurities both in myself and in a lot of men and women so I have learned a lot and have a lot of compassion for the growth process of life.

There is a great healing of the feminine happening at this time. For thousands of years, human civilizations have been unbalanced within the masculine and the feminine energies. Many women have emotionally hardened in self protection because of the dominating and aggressive masculine energy, but the mother earth feminine energy is naturally nurturing and healing. I believe in order to heal the world and restore it to balance we need to heal our women. I say heal one women and she will touch the lives and hearts of many men.


What does a basic Relationship Coaching Session with me looks like?

Men, Women and Couples: You are Invited!

If you live in San Francisco or the Bay Area, then I invite you to come have your session at my home in the Sunset District of San Francisco.  If you live out of the area, state or country, phone and Skype consultations are available. I offer 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes sessions depending on the depth and level of intensity you want to work at.

We start with a short meditation or breathing inquiry and then spend time connecting from the heart on a soul to soul level to the best of our ability. When you are ready to start talking about your fears or life issues and challenges I hold space for you. I am a supportive compassionate listener and very good at hearing what you have to say without judgments. I will be truthful and honest with you, and help you find inner answers to your questions by guiding you to find your own inner awareness.

I encourage you to look more deeply within yourself and look at different energetic spaces within your life and life experiences, and I give a detached and unbiased opinion from an outside perspective of non-judgment. This allows you to share your deepest and darkest fears in life and unload, to let go and relax in a safe place of compassionate energy.

If that’s what you truly want, and if you are ready to face your fears then I am here for you.

My Relationship Coaching Intention is to honor your highest interest in our space together and support you to learn and grow by being your high quality friend so you can embody your true self and align with your most joyful path.

You can talk to me about any life issue and whatever your present to in our Relationship Coaching Consultations.

Relationship Coaching Sessions are available in person, by phone or Skype.

If you are local to the Bay Area and want to meet face to face send me an email and we will work it out.

I am passionate about and dedicate myself to guiding, coaching and serving individuals and couples ready to work on the relationship, emotional, sexual and spiritual areas of their lives.

Personal email:

One must be over 18 to invest in a Coaching Session.


“Jeremy is the best guy to talk to when you are questioning yourself, your relationships, or if you just need an honest opinion. He offers useful advice and guidance in a way that no woman can, but he understands you like women do and he listens – I mean really listens.

Every time we talk I come away feeling calmer and I have usually worked out whatever it was that I was worried about or dealing with. I HIGHLY recommend utilizing his services as you will not only be helping yourself, you will be helping him and other women too.

As a truly compassionate soul, Jeremy’s path in this lifetime is to be of service to women and he wants nothing more then to share his deep understanding of the feminine and masculine with others. I am so grateful to have him as a friend and guide and someone I know I can always count on when I need it the most.”

with love,

Benefits of Relationship Coaching with Jeremy Creager

* Develop a passion for life.

* Learn to see that life is meant for growth.

* Learn how to use relationships in life is a tool for growth and as the foundation of the relationship.

* Learn how to attract your ideal soul-mate into your life.

* Get support and guidance when in the middle of a bad break up and learn how you can grow from it.

* Learn how to build a relationship based on unconditional love, trust, honesty, intimacy and passion.

* Discover and deepen your willingness to grow personally.

* Move beyond trust and abandonment issues.

* Deepen your self worth and self-love.

* Be guided into creating your relationship based on love and growth.

* Meet and fulfill your need to feel safe and to be open and honest within your relationship.

* Move through your insincerities, jalousies, shame and guilt and grow with empowerment from them.

* Develop the awareness and practice of using relationships as a powerful reflection tool to learn from with someone you love.

* Learn and practice the key principles to solve all relationship issues, that being they are really a reflection of the relationship issues we have with our own self love.


* Use self love to serves the greater good of all.

* Continue your relationship education on how to have a healthy happy relationship.


The value that I can provide being a relationship coach is my life long passion for relationships as a tool for growth.

I can provide my self-serving for the good of all beliefs about relationships that work really well for me.

I can provide my own formula that I used to attract my ideal relationship and soul mate into my life and keep the attraction growing.

The value that I can provide as a relationship coach is keeping it simple, clear, sometimes fun and to the point.

The value that I can provide as a relationship coach is that I want to support you on your souls paths in life.


Relationship Products of Value to come…


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Many Blessings,

Jeremy Creager

Relationship Coach

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PSS. I’m truly loved. Thank You For Loving Me!

It is a passion of mine to help with Relationship Coaching