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May 02

Join Us This Weekend May 6-8 for some Ecstasy and Alchemy

By Jeremy Creager | Sexuality Awareness , Workshops & Events

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

This message is brought to you from the home office of Leah Rose Duke and Jeremy Creager.

We have just celebrated our 5 year anniversary and we have found ourselves diving way deep together and still working on our relationship every day.

Looking back, the key to our successful relationship has been always working on ourselves as individuals and keeping the intimacy strong in our relationship. One of the ways that we do that is by attending workshops and retreats hosted by high quality, high vibrational teachers, leaders and visionaries.

We know it is last minute but we wanted to share an upcoming event that we are both going to be participating in this weekend May 6-8th 2011. It is called Ecstasy and Alchemy: Shamanic Tantric Training Retreat. This weekend workshop is dedicated to all those who want to push their evolutionary edge and transcend limits that hold us back in ourselves, our relationships and our sexuality.

Andrew Barnes and Leyolah Antara just spoke at the Sex and Consciousness Conference in Sedona, Az over this past weekend, and have agreed to offer a training retreat here in the Bay Area.

For those who really want to take your next step; you should jump on this rare opportunity to experience their united forces, which are being offered for the first time here in the United States.

We don’t know when there will be another chance like this one. We personally can’t wait to experience the new heights this is going to take our relationship and the depth of service this training is going to bring to our professional practice.

This workshop is for singles and couples.

We look forward to meeting those of you who will be joining us while riding our edge on this journey of personal evolution.

For more info or to attend, please visit:
or contact the host and enrollment coordinator Yarah Volkman at: 831-331-6232

Leah Rose Duke & Jeremy Creager

P.S. Please forward and share this to anyone you feel may be interested.