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Apr 20

Tantra and Ecstasy: Love, Sex and Evolution Retreats for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Teachers & Healers

By Jeremy Creager | Sexuality Awareness , Workshops & Events

Hi, Jeremy here :) blessings my Tantra friends!

Any of my success in relationships and business has come from the depths from witch I truly know myself. I have used Tantra as a tool for deep personal growth and pleasure along my life journey.

The Meaning of “Tantra”

The word “tantra” is derived from the combination of two words “tattva” and “mantra”. “Tattva” means the science of cosmic principles, while “mantra” refers to the science of mystic sound and vibrations. Tantra therefore is the application of cosmic sciences with a view to attain spiritual ascendancy. In another sense, tantra also means the scripture by which the light of knowledge is spread: Tanyate vistaryate jnanam anemna iti tantram.

It’s no secret, I know you have sex too. ;)

We are all human, we have all been created by sex and most all of us have sex but do we use sex as a tool for growth as well as pleasure?

This is why I look deeper into Tantra in face of my fears.

As an entrepreneur and someone that has always been very passionate about my relationships I have learned to use life as a tool to love to learn and to grow. I love to dig deep within myself to live more fully, to love unconditionally, to know intimately myself better so that I can offer my unique divine gifts to the world faster and wider.

I have used Tantra and Sexual Healing in my life for years to connect deeper and understand myself, to help me manifest love in my life and to go deeper into intimacy creating a stronger solid trusting healthy passionate relationships based on honesty, love, integrity, fun, attraction and growth.

I am on a mission to make a positive impact into your life and those you love.

I want to share this helpful little article about Tantra as a path for Evolution by my good friend Leyolah Antara the founder of Kundalini Dance.

But after you read below don’t forget to check out the details for the up coming Bay Area Ecstasy and Alchemy: Tantric Shamanic Training Retreat Level 1 with Andrew Barnes & Leyolah Antara


Tantra and Ecstasy: Love, Sex and Evolution

By Leyolah Antara

The path of Tantra transforms sex into a spiritual practice, where through the sacred act of divine union we open up a gateway to oneness with the creative field of life. This opens our body mind vessel as an instrument for the creative impulse of life to express through us and we become instruments for the evolution of humanity. The ancient yogis and yoginis of India referred to the exploration of sexual energy for the purpose of transformation, spiritual awakening, enlightenment and physical rejuvenation as Tantra. The essence of Tantra being where we allow the free flow of sexual energy, yet containing it and allowing it to rise into higher creative expression.


Tantric energy orgasm is when the sensation of orgasm moves beyond the pleasure in your genitals and travels up through your central energy channel and illuminates and fills your whole body with light. Then you feel the ecstatic bliss and deep peace of whole bodied ecstatic orgasm in every cell.


When I rise my sexual energy through my body, it literally light’s me up. My consciousness expands and I feel instantly more radiant and heart centered. My mind becomes centered in the still point, the place within me that is peaceful and already awake, free and eternal.  As my sexual energy rises through my energy body it feels like warm, luminous, golden light traveling within me, melting stress and tension, deeply relaxing me. This process of tantric awakening has expanded my consciousness into recognizing the unlimited potential I have to create positive change both for myself and for the greater good and flourishing of all humanity.


I feel passionate about transmitting the tantric energy keys, as I feel that this is a crucial next step for humanities evolution. Imagine if the collective mass began to awaken their tantric energy pathways and rise their sexual energy up to the higher chakras, awakening higher consciousness in this way.


The Kundalini Dance practice I have been developing and teaching for the last 20 years supports the process of ones tantric awakening, as in the practice we clear the chakras and open the tantric energy pathways. Then when you are making love your sexual energy naturally rises up through the tantric energy circuits. That is when we experience our sexual energy as an evolutionary impulse that transforms and awakens higher consciousness, creativity and passion for life.


The first step on our tantric initiation is to allow ourselves to begin to shamanically clear suppressed emotion in the solar plexus, so that the energy can rise to the higher chakras. The solar plexus chakra is the seat of the emotional body and is often blocked due to past emotional suppression. This is particularly evident in men in western cultures, who are conditioned to not show their emotions. That is why men often find it more challenging than women to feel the bliss of full bodied ecstatic orgasmic sex. Once the solar plexus is cleared our sexual energy can rise to our hearts. That’s when the full bodied orgasmic, ecstatic fun, really starts. When we raise our sexual energy to our hearts, we feel the source of love expanding within us, strengthening our love for ourselves and our beloveds.


To really open into deep tantric union requires us to open our hearts both to our beloved and to source. Opening our hearts, requires us to open to our vulnerability, to open to feeling pain that we have buried deep within. It is easier to stay open sexually without it being connected to our hearts as we don’t need to feel the sadness, the pain, the past hurt. Which we often bury deep and build protective body armour around. As we rise our sexual energy to the heart it dissolves the armour, the protection, in order for the armour to dissolve we need to feel it, to express to let go.

The Kundalini Dance ceremonies are a safe container in which to feel and release old suppressed emotions. Emotional release involves the whole body. There is movement, sound and energy associated with each emotion and until the stagnation is freed up the emotion will remain as a holding pattern in the body.


The truth is we are not our emotions or our thoughts, we are the timeless, spacious vast essence of infinite love and creative consciousness at our core. In our Kundalini Dance practice we center into the stillness of our inner light. Our inner light, the love within radiates through the shadow, the bodily tensions, the contractions of fear, the layers of physical protection and body armour. Dissolving all in love.

Culturally and collectively we are shifting out of an entire cycle and we are now witnessing a gradual inner mutation, embracing our sexual energy as an evolutionary current will move us towards higher consciousness, greater freedom, and greater synergy. Come and join us in the exploration.


Thanks and blessings,


PS. Remember to check out the details for the up coming Bay Area Ecstasy and Alchemy: Tantric Shamanic Training Retreat Level 1 with Andrew Barnes & Leyolah Antara


PSS. Help spread the word by sharing and twitting this post to your friends so we can all do our part in raising the level of human vibration to compassion and unconditional love.

Leave your comments about tantra below!


Apr 13

How is this Ecstasy and Alchemy: Tantric Shamanic Training Retreat Level 1 different from a usual Kundalini Dance Retreat?

By Jeremy Creager | Workshops & Events

Hi Jeremy here, thanks for checking out this post. :)

I am really exited about this event I am sharing with you all!

I plan on attending myself and look forward to connecting with you there.

My good friend Yarah and I are helping our friends put this together.

Meet our friends, Andrew and Leyolah :)

Andrew Barnes and Leyolah Antara are internationally acclaimed
teachers, authors, and evolutionaries based in Australia. Shortly following their appearances at the Sex and Consciousness Conference, in Sedona, AZ, they join us in the Bay Area, as they align their wisdom and experience to share cutting edge tantric shamanic practices for their first workshop together in North America.

If you already know the lovely Leyolah Antara then you must know about her transformational Kundalini Dance Retreats.

If not just check this video out!

So, back to this upcoming Retreat these two beautiful people are offering us in the States as unusual an opportunity like this is.

Maybe your triggered and lit up just by the tittle of the event alone, or maybe it’s just what you were wanting and that’s how you manifested this into your life right now as your reading this?

But to bring more clarity on this event; Keep Reading! :)


How is this new Ecstasy and Alchemy: Tantric Shamanic Training Retreat Level 1 different from the Kundalini Dancing Retreats?


This, Ecstasy and Alchemy: Tantric Shamanic Training Retreat Level 1 with Leyolah Antara and Andrew Barnes will be a lot more focused on the transmission of tantric sexuality keys for personal evolution and lovemaking with a partner to reach deeper states of divine union…

This retreat is focused on sexual healing and reclaiming sexual power and remembering sacred sexuality practices that are crucial for our next evolutionary steps.

We will be dancing a lot as well as doing bodywork on each other; practicing body De- Armouring processes with each other. There will be a lot more partner 2 partner bodywork.

(De-Armouring is a form of bodywork that releases the holding patterns of the mind that are held within the body/particularly focused on emotional body and sexuality.)

Andrew Barnes also holds space for deep processing.. Leyolah will have the support of a man to take people deep into process…

Having the balance of masculine and feminine facilitators supports women to go deeper both into being triggered by the wound and also healing the wound of separation with the masculine..

We will be able to go much deeper into healing the core wounds between the masculine and feminine combination/synergy of Andrew and Leyolah

For more information on Andrew and Leyolah and the Retreat go here: Ecstasy and Alchemy: Tantric Shamanic Training Retreat Level 1

Or here:

This video shows Andrew Barnes opening a woman’s sexual energy channels. This type of energy work enables women and men to connect to their bodies sexual energetic system and to let go of resistance to experience more bliss in their life.

“If we know sexuality as an intuitive meditation, it transforms into a gateway, opening to a deeper level of energetic experience, and an expansion of consciousness. With this, a knowing of deep love for self and others that transcends personal relations returns, becoming a reunion back to the ultimate source of creation, and a realization that we are one. The time for planetary consciousness is now”… Andrew Barnes 2009.
The bodywork in the video is based on the work of Shantam Nityama


If you have more questions we would love to know what they are and how we can help.

Please comment and send this info out as a gift to those you love and may really benefit and need this in their life right now, they will thank you later.


PS. For more information on the up coming Retreat go here: Ecstasy and Alchemy: Tantric Shamanic Training Retreat Level 1

Apr 09

Ecstasy and Alchemy: Tantric Shamanic Training Retreat Level 1

By Jeremy Creager | Workshops & Events

FREE Audio Interview about the Tantric Weekend Retreat right here:

Entheoradio Live Recorded Interview with Andrew Barnes & Leyolah Antara

Plus: videos below you don’t want to miss!

Hello My Brothers and Sisters,

We are super excited to announce the upcoming May retreat that we are helping put together…

We are honored that Andrew Barnes and Leyolah Antara have agreed to offer a training retreat here in the Bay Area, after their appearances at the Sex and Consciousness Conference in Sedona, AZ. For those who really want to take your next evolutionary step; you should jump on this rare opportunity to experience their united forces, which is being offered for the first time here in the states. We don’t know when we will have another chance like this one. I personally can’t wait to experience the new heights this is going to take my relationships to and the depth of service this training is going to bring to my professional practice.

We look forward to meeting those of you who will be joining us on riding our edge on this journey of personal evolution.

Blissful Blessings,
Yarah  & Jeremy Creager

with Andrew Barnes and Leyolah Antara


This program is designed for practitioners in the healing fields and also simply for people who want to evolve and experience transformation using cutting edge tantric shamanic practices. If you love to share and facilitate for others; if you are a therapist, healer, body worker professional or not; if you simply want to learn to embody these practices to enrich your life and relationships…If you love dance, music and seek to integrate your spiritual experiences to serve the flourishing the whole of life…

…then this tantric shamanic alchemy intensive and facilitator program is for you.

Ecstasy and Alchemy: Tantric Shamanic Training Retreat Level 1
@ Isis Oasis Sanctuary
Geyserville, CA

May 6-8, 2011

The shaman reads the earth messages; the earth is speaking and its time to listen. 2012 is almost upon us and the time is short; we must prepare for the vibrational alignment that is already taking place. In 2011 we have already seen huge natural challenges and changes, some that have shifted the magnetic north of our planet. The earth is calling us to lift our vibration and rebirth with her through these changes.

Are you vibrationally, mentally and emotional ready to ride this wave?

In this 3-day progressive practitioner training, we will cultivate our sexual energy as a creative evolutionary impulse that transforms and awakens higher consciousness. Our tantric shamanic practices will support us to walk between worlds of ordinary and non-ordinary reality; move beyond the identification with the mind and the emotional body, and expand into the self that is already awakened.

You will learn:

  • To embody advanced sacred sexual alchemy practices that will cultivate heightened energy flow in your body and support you to open the tantric energy pathways and awaken higher consciousness so that you can begin to transmit to others.
  • Be held in a tantric shamanic dance container to transform the emotional pain body that has been withholding the free flow of your creative, life force energy and open your ecstatic body.
  • Learn cutting edge Emotional and Sexual Body De-Armouring techniques to dissolve physical and energetic blockages and allow energy to flow freely through the body.
  • Participate in tantric sexual healing ceremony and ride your current evolutionary edge.
  • Learn coaching skills to support you and your clients/partners to move beyond the confines of the false beliefs of the egoic self and tap into ones higher evolutionary creative potential in relationships, creativity, vocation and sexuality.
  • This is the foundation course for becoming a Certified Awakening Within Relationship and Sexuality Coach, but also serves as an intensive for those who are only on a personal journey. Book now for early bird and bring a friend special prices.

Andrew Barnes and Leyolah Antara are internationally acclaimed teachers, authors, and evolutionaries based in Australia. Shortly following their appearances at the Sex and Consciousness Conference, in Sedona, AZ, they join us in the Bay Area, as they align their wisdom and experience to share cutting edge tantric shamanic practices for their first workshop together in North America.

You don’t want miss this!

Ecstasy and Alchemy: Tantric Shamanic Training Retreat Level 1

All-Inclusive Investment Arrive Fr1 AM – 2 nights Arrive Thu PM – 3 nights
With Private Room $845 $932
With Shared Room $781 $836
With Dorm Room $747 $785
With Camping $715 $737

Food and Accommodations: Isis Oasis Sanctuary

Delicious high vibrational foods will be served up for us to dine on. It is very important during this process that we eat in meals that support us in cleansing and healing. You will feel much lighter and clearer throughout this weekend.

A magical sanctuary in the wine country where vines and the flowing river blend harmoniously to create colorful imagery through-out the seasons. Once a Pomo Indian ceremonial ground, then a Bahai’ School whose principle philosophy is global unity, it is now a sanctuary that provides an extraordinary environment for body, mind and spirit. While basking in the wisdom of the 500 year-old fir tree centerpiece, take in the sights of this 10 acres with lush landscape, a swan pond, waterfalls, an aviary of exotic birds, animals and endangered felines.

A sauna, sparkling pool and spa set within a secluded garden enhance your special time of rest and relaxation. The meditation temple will add an additional sense of the sacred during your visit. Our tribe will be staying in the lodge, just on the other side of the pool area. Our rooms are decorated beautifully in Ancient Egyptian motif.

Getting here is easy: Only 90 min north of San Francisco on Hwy 101, Isis Oasis Sanctuary is an ideal location for retreats. Take Hwy 101 to exit 510 for Geyserville Ave. Turn right onto Geyserville Ave. Destination will be on your right. 20889 Geyserville Ave.


I recently had the opportunity to witness Andrew Barnes give a demonstration of his sacred spot / energetic bodywork that he does. I was blown away by what was quite likely the best live demonstration that I’ve yet to witness (and I’ve seen many!) Andrew skillfully guided her through the movement and release of every imaginable emotion stored within her body. She went from pleasure to grief and tears, to anger and rage, to ecstatic orgasmic states; all before ever touching her physical body and working solely with her energetic body. The incredible presence and skill that Andrew Barnes showed led me to proclaim in that moment, That’s it, he’s my next teacher! I’m adding these skill sets to my toolbox. Absolute magic to watch. I am honored to have been able to bear witness.


-Destin Gerek (The Erotic Rockstar), LA, California


I speak with truth and compassion to others that are ready to take their big spiritual / mystical step. Leyolah is an authentic shaman priestess. She is driven by love to serve humanity to the new awakening. She is a blessing to those who are ready. Your life will be changed as you connect to your own archetypes, your complete self. Three days into our sessions I found myself remade. Her kundalini energy instruction, body work and shamanic guidance has brought me tremendous realizations and clear direction. Her ability to move energy and tap into exactly what is needed is profound. I have journeyed through the separation wound between men and come to peace with those relationships. I am now running the earth / Shakti energy in harmony with the masculine feminine energy. This has been a catalyst for wonderful spiritual and personal insights for me. Exploring past life significant events has reconnected me with my purpose & gifts that I can offer this earth and humanity at this time. I have integrated Leyolah’s teaching & guidance to enhance my personal shamanic way though my voice and didge playing.


– Ted Pierson, CA, USA

For more information on our facilitators, please visit:

Andrew Barnes

Leyolah Antara

Andrew living his Passion

Leyolah living her Passion


We encourage you to share this invite with anyone and everyone that may be interested or that may benefit from this transformational healing experience. Thank you for helping to lift the collective vibration.For the weekend intensive training retreat:

May 6-8, 2011

Level 1 with Andrew Barnes and Leyolah Antara

Ecstasy and Alchemy: Tantric Shamanic Training Retreat