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By Jeremy Creager | Sexuality Awareness

Apr 20

Hi, Jeremy here :) blessings my Tantra friends!

Any of my success in relationships and business has come from the depths from witch I truly know myself. I have used Tantra as a tool for deep personal growth and pleasure along my life journey.

The Meaning of “Tantra”

The word “tantra” is derived from the combination of two words “tattva” and “mantra”. “Tattva” means the science of cosmic principles, while “mantra” refers to the science of mystic sound and vibrations. Tantra therefore is the application of cosmic sciences with a view to attain spiritual ascendancy. In another sense, tantra also means the scripture by which the light of knowledge is spread: Tanyate vistaryate jnanam anemna iti tantram.

It’s no secret, I know you have sex too. ;)

We are all human, we have all been created by sex and most all of us have sex but do we use sex as a tool for growth as well as pleasure?

This is why I look deeper into Tantra in face of my fears.

As an entrepreneur and someone that has always been very passionate about my relationships I have learned to use life as a tool to love to learn and to grow. I love to dig deep within myself to live more fully, to love unconditionally, to know intimately myself better so that I can offer my unique divine gifts to the world faster and wider.

I have used Tantra and Sexual Healing in my life for years to connect deeper and understand myself, to help me manifest love in my life and to go deeper into intimacy creating a stronger solid trusting healthy passionate relationships based on honesty, love, integrity, fun, attraction and growth.

I am on a mission to make a positive impact into your life and those you love.

I want to share this helpful little article about Tantra as a path for Evolution by my good friend Leyolah Antara the founder of Kundalini Dance.

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Tantra and Ecstasy: Love, Sex and Evolution

By Leyolah Antara

The path of Tantra transforms sex into a spiritual practice, where through the sacred act of divine union we open up a gateway to oneness with the creative field of life. This opens our body mind vessel as an instrument for the creative impulse of life to express through us and we become instruments for the evolution of humanity. The ancient yogis and yoginis of India referred to the exploration of sexual energy for the purpose of transformation, spiritual awakening, enlightenment and physical rejuvenation as Tantra. The essence of Tantra being where we allow the free flow of sexual energy, yet containing it and allowing it to rise into higher creative expression.


Tantric energy orgasm is when the sensation of orgasm moves beyond the pleasure in your genitals and travels up through your central energy channel and illuminates and fills your whole body with light. Then you feel the ecstatic bliss and deep peace of whole bodied ecstatic orgasm in every cell.


When I rise my sexual energy through my body, it literally light’s me up. My consciousness expands and I feel instantly more radiant and heart centered. My mind becomes centered in the still point, the place within me that is peaceful and already awake, free and eternal.  As my sexual energy rises through my energy body it feels like warm, luminous, golden light traveling within me, melting stress and tension, deeply relaxing me. This process of tantric awakening has expanded my consciousness into recognizing the unlimited potential I have to create positive change both for myself and for the greater good and flourishing of all humanity.


I feel passionate about transmitting the tantric energy keys, as I feel that this is a crucial next step for humanities evolution. Imagine if the collective mass began to awaken their tantric energy pathways and rise their sexual energy up to the higher chakras, awakening higher consciousness in this way.


The Kundalini Dance practice I have been developing and teaching for the last 20 years supports the process of ones tantric awakening, as in the practice we clear the chakras and open the tantric energy pathways. Then when you are making love your sexual energy naturally rises up through the tantric energy circuits. That is when we experience our sexual energy as an evolutionary impulse that transforms and awakens higher consciousness, creativity and passion for life.


The first step on our tantric initiation is to allow ourselves to begin to shamanically clear suppressed emotion in the solar plexus, so that the energy can rise to the higher chakras. The solar plexus chakra is the seat of the emotional body and is often blocked due to past emotional suppression. This is particularly evident in men in western cultures, who are conditioned to not show their emotions. That is why men often find it more challenging than women to feel the bliss of full bodied ecstatic orgasmic sex. Once the solar plexus is cleared our sexual energy can rise to our hearts. That’s when the full bodied orgasmic, ecstatic fun, really starts. When we raise our sexual energy to our hearts, we feel the source of love expanding within us, strengthening our love for ourselves and our beloveds.


To really open into deep tantric union requires us to open our hearts both to our beloved and to source. Opening our hearts, requires us to open to our vulnerability, to open to feeling pain that we have buried deep within. It is easier to stay open sexually without it being connected to our hearts as we don’t need to feel the sadness, the pain, the past hurt. Which we often bury deep and build protective body armour around. As we rise our sexual energy to the heart it dissolves the armour, the protection, in order for the armour to dissolve we need to feel it, to express to let go.

The Kundalini Dance ceremonies are a safe container in which to feel and release old suppressed emotions. Emotional release involves the whole body. There is movement, sound and energy associated with each emotion and until the stagnation is freed up the emotion will remain as a holding pattern in the body.


The truth is we are not our emotions or our thoughts, we are the timeless, spacious vast essence of infinite love and creative consciousness at our core. In our Kundalini Dance practice we center into the stillness of our inner light. Our inner light, the love within radiates through the shadow, the bodily tensions, the contractions of fear, the layers of physical protection and body armour. Dissolving all in love.

Culturally and collectively we are shifting out of an entire cycle and we are now witnessing a gradual inner mutation, embracing our sexual energy as an evolutionary current will move us towards higher consciousness, greater freedom, and greater synergy. Come and join us in the exploration.


Thanks and blessings,


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