Who Is Jeremy Creager?

Grab your journal and a pen and take some notes.
You’re about to learn how to create your own economy and make some
money from home without all the “guru” hype and nonsense.

But first… I invite you to recieve this Prosperity Distanthealing
, that my beautiful wife just showed me on YouTube.


That’s the energy I like to have in my life.

From The Home Office of: Jeremy Creager
In the beautiful Bay Area of Ca.

Creating A World Of Unconditional Love By Living With Compassion And Helping Others Grow

SUBJECT: How To Keep Things Simple and Generate Income From Home Doing What You Love…

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur:

Those few people serious and frustrated enough to read this long thing 3 times and pick up the phone to call me… will go on to create serious streams of passion driven income from the concepts on this site…

The other poor folks who never see this page or follow its advice will keep “hitting the wall” and remain frustrated, “overwhelmed” and info over loaded. Make your choice wisely.

Let’s stay right on point. I’m here to show you a path to turn the Internet into a global and mobile business – one that earns a consistent 6-figure income in multiple income streams. It’s not complicated.

Maybe after learning my story and the road I have been down, you can follow and create your own way too. There is a working model here that is proven to work.

Let’s get started.

First of All, lets get to know each other first…

My name is Jeremy Creager. My wife Leah and I have been married over 2 wonderful years now and together for 5. We have a passion for helping people succeed in health, healing and growth.

We help people do a couple things well:

1. We help people take personal growth steps, build honest healthy relationships and make money by starting their own home-based businesses.

2. We also show “Main St.” small local business owners how to create exposure on the Internet. Lets face it. If you are a business owner you need to be online. The cool thing is that by using our plan, the small business owner can generate residual income online while working their passion and mission in life. And we will show YOU how to do it.

3. We coach people in relationships, sexuality, spirituality and a deeper connection with self love.

Let me start by saying that I have no special tech skills. I’m not a computer geek, or an Internet marketing guru. I’m a regular guy. I failed at old MLM style pyramid building and I’m just an old school dyslexic Rapper from the West Cost that focused on “SIMPLE” and attracted others that have cracked the code.

Below is a Mastermind Rap I wrote about 10 years ago

Note: AVL is my brother & he’s doing the chorus ~ Thanks bro!


It’s Still Our Mission

And with the help of Masterminding with powerful teams of Entrepreneurs, Indigo’s, Lightworkers, Leaders, Teacher & Healers

Whatever we have done… YOU can do too and even better. We focus on building PEOPLE. Business comes.

Here is how I’m very different than “most average” people though…

I am a Ordained Minster: Universal Life Church 2006


As an Ordained Minister, I can legally give Healings and Spiritual Coaching.

I’m open-minded. I HATE quitting anything. I’m very coachable. I’m psychologically un-employable. I BELIEVE in myself. And I like to learn new things and share them with others.

If you have or develop any three of the traits above, I can show you how to turn your annual income into your monthly income faster than you’d believe possible.

Ok, before we go any further, let me say that the Internet has done an amazing job of bringing people together. The only downfall is the net has also made things very impersonal.

Truth is, unless you know a person personally, you really don’t know them. One of the regrets that I have using this kind of technology is that I’m not able to sit down with you face to face and get to know you right at this moment.

Grab a cup of tea and let’s just have a simple chat…

Websites don’t validate trust or relationship-building when it comes to getting involved in business opportunities. At the end of the day, this whole arena is about PEOPLE. And SERVING them. I meet people who are chasing MONEY but do not like serving people.
They fail, always… period.

So, anyway… About us, and how we can help you learn, grow, love and Make Money From Home…
We help people just like you all the time. In fact, many of the people we coach and train have experienced pretty much the same thing we did.

You see, after running a traditional business (Perfect Darkness Window Tinting) for several years, we soon found out that what we really owned was a full-time+ job disguised as a business. Not enough hours in the day, or week for that matter. I learned that you still couldn’t trade hours for dollars and get ahead (or stay healthy). That equation works against you, so I decided to self-educate myself and find out how to leverage my time using leveraged marketing, compensation models, the internet and a global market.

I’m NOT a “techno geek” so the system we had to put together had to be simple.

Instead of a bunch of hype, we simply use these “Simple” web sites, 800#s, conference calls and booklets to spread our simple concepts to others like you.

We don’t chase people around or waste time on facebook. We just turn a simple conversation like this, into money. It’s about connecting with people. It’s about simple leverage.

“Success is not counted by how high you’ve climbed,
but by how many people you brought with you”

This site is NOT one of those affiliate “cookie cutter” sites with hundreds of members each trying to sell their “deals” for a commission. You won’t be fed a bunch of empty hype, smoke and mirrors, or anything else that you might have seen up until now.


I also don’t hide behind my website.  I answer my own emails personally (usually within 24-72 business hours). I’m happy to talk to you on the phone (unless I’m on vacation). My direct number is (707) 477-7373 and I’m usually available from 10:00 AM to 7:00PM PST, Monday thru Thursday.

Most People FLOP Because They Try To AVOID People.
The Big “Secret” Hidden in Plain Sight is That The More
You CONNECT and SERVE People, The More You Make!

Just send me an email and we can arrange a mutual time. (The Internet sometimes lets us forget about the time differences across the globe.) I’m in (San Francisco, California time) and if I’m available I’ll gladly answer all your questions.

So who is Jeremy Creager, really?

I’m a man on my mission with a powerful giver of the heart beautiful wife by my side, spiritual warriors reflecting our shadows, working on our shit, taking our steps and growing together as a team. I’ve always loved wisdom and helping people. I became a student of love, relationships, business, leverage and marketing and did whatever it took to succeed. Plain and simple.

I love my family and they’re proud of me. No amount of money could ever make me do anything to risk losing their respect. I actually enjoy what I do and for over 4 years, I’ve worked hard and smart to build websites I can be proud of. I value the friendships I’ve made in the home business arena, and I want you to be glad you got to know me.

Because of our entrepreneurship, we’ve been able to establish a way for Leah and I to work together. No separate commutes. No being apart 10-12 hours a day. We get to decide who we work with, when we take days off, when we vacation. We are in control. We are very down to earth on the spiritual side, not arrogant or aloof and we like meeting people from all walks of life.

And the most beautiful thing about creating that kind of control in your life is that you do NOT have to work with “Negative Buzzards” or cynical energy leaches… we pick and choose exactly WHO we work with and we are free to completely ignore the “Negatives” of the world and that is empowering.

From Foggy San Francisco…(Northern California)


I come from an average, low class unstable background and up bringing. Born in Santa Cruz, grew up in Northern California.

I “grew up” in the Relationships, Entrepreneurship and the Personal Growth worlds. After going through all 12 years of school with dyslexia and without ever fully reading a book on my own, I got my hands on these big thick manuscripts of Neo-Tech secret society hidden from the many type of information. Also going to positive empowering workshops, seminars and events and within different network marketing businesses I learned how to positively manage fear and change. I learned how to set goals, make plans and TAKE ACTION.

After getting out of many long years of hard breaking your back physical labor work, I got a job on the assembly line, then in the shipping and receiving department. Almost two years later I got into the window tinting industry but shortly realized I was just spinning my wheels and was going nowhere.

Trading time for dollars can only give you so much. Even if the money is great, the trade off is your TIME. Seemingly everything was going great, however, I have always knew we wanted a better lifestyle…

I Simply Decided NOT to Be Brainwashed or Domesticated Any Longer! What “Society” Wanted Me To Submit To Simply Did NOT Make Sense For Me, So I Opted Out!

For the past ten years I’ve been on a mission of working from home full time with consistent results. I’ve leveraged the Internet and some really cool systems to create a mobile and global business from my desktop.

So, we’ve learned what works well from some great mentors and self study and testing. And by teaching others what we do, we attract more success.

What I love doing these days is teaching people how to use the leverage of free enterprise and ancient wisdom, mindset and Ben Franklin’s Philosophies to set up home based business systems that are proven to efficiently generate cash flow.

It wasn’t always like this, though! I struggled big time for years learning what I’m about to show you.

I decided I’d take a risk, get uncomfortable for a while and learn this free enterprise stuff so maybe I could have a shot at generating multiple income streams and also have the time freedom to enjoy life with my family and travel the world.

Look my new friend; I don’t know what keeps you up at night, or what is really driving you to success and prosperity, but whatever it is… let it burn WHITE HOT inside. You’re “why” is the most important factor to your success. Everything else doesn’t matter as long as you have a HUGE and WHITE HOT “WHY” driving you forward…
Yes, this site is a bit of reading. But I did that with a purpose.

Serious people will take the time to learn as much as they can about what it takes to really succeed in this arena. Take your time. And if you can relate with some of my story, you’ll have an easier time learning how really simple my system truly is. And it’ll work as well for you as it does for me in finding high quality people to work with.

So, let’s get to work with a bit of history. Most of us were taught the “system” of going to school, working hard to be “perfect” so we can then beg an employer to give us a job. Work hard, play by the rules, save money and then retire. Does that work?

Back in our grandfather’s enterprising days massive wealth was created through mining the abundant natural resources that fueled the industrial revolution of the West.

However, most of our grandfathers never saw a fraction of the wealth that was created. The average person was sold on the idea that if they just worked hard for 40 or so years, they would live a nice life and at the end, the government and their old company would be there to help them into a comfortable retirement. Hmm…

How did that plan work out?

I like to call a “spade a spade” and any way I look at it, the “system” we’ve been taught to believe in and to put all our faith in growing up has shown itself to be a corrupt fraud.

People are taught to get into enormous amounts of debt just to “invest” into a piece of paper (degree) and then to run around and beg someone to hire you… Couple years down the road, they advise you to go back and give them another $80,000 for some “Master’s” degree that doesn’t let you “master” a thing… you get a little raise but now they OWN YOU.

In your 40s and 50s you’re constantly being told that you may be replaced at any moment by someone younger, cheaper and more naive… and you’re given the boot.

Now what? Nothing… and after 40 years of “playing” their game you have to start all over… They called that “job security” – and I saw at an early age that it was a complete hoax. A few fat cats at the top of a corrupt system designed where YOU build everything for them and get basically NOTHING back but stress, heart disease, indentured servitude and a “Master” who tells you when you can take a vacation, when you’re allowed to be sick, when you can watch your kids play ball and when to go to sleep and wake up every day…


No, thank you. I looked around at people 20 and 30 years older than me and said:

“HELL NO! I won’t end up like that! I’ll figure out a different way… there HAS TO BE a way I can ban together with my buddies and create our own economy!”

And so… I made the decision to self educate me and find people that had “done it” a different way… and I did… and it’s made all the difference in the world. And that’s exactly what I want to teach you how to do… IF you resonate with it. It’s not for everyone… but it WAS for me… and plenty of other people who have joined the path.

Today, we live in an Entrepreneurial Age, where true success
comes from exploring  the untapped potential of the human mind…
and imagination. We call it the “Inspiration Economy”

The Inspiration Economy. Relationships are now a business model.

I can show you how to tap into this revolution, build your own online/offline business from home and completely transform your life.

Now, we’ve never met, but I think we share a common goal:

Total Financial Independence … while making a difference living our mission with passion!

In today’s Gold Rush of home based business ownership and relationship marketing on social media sites such as facebook, youtube, twitter, blogs etc., what we’ve created here is not only a pioneering community of principle centered entrepreneurs but also the source for building Multiple Streams of Global Income from the comfort of your home.

“Our Mission is to Show Good, Honest People How To Create Their Own Economy… Sharing the Knowledge, Wisdom and Systems that generate Multiple Streams
of Home Based Income”

We believe that in today’s ‘Inspiration Economy’, people are able to create multiple streams of global income much faster than ever before by building relationship networks leveraging marketing systems that promote home based businesses.

Another arena that presents a massive opportunity is teaching existing small business owners how to harness and leverage the power of the social web and internet marketing and promotion to better brand themselves, build better relationships with their existing clients, promote their products and services better and generate more leads and sales for their businesses using the power and reach of Social Networking platforms like facebook, youtube, twitter, blogs and online direct response marketing strategies.

Our systems and coaching allow you to grow a business in both arenas: Network Marketing and Marketing Consulting to Small Businesses. If you’re new, you can start in Network Marketing and as your experience allows, branch out to serve small businesses as well.
I know you want all the facts and the details about what this is, what I do, how much it costs and if it will work for you.

More than likely you’ve probably “tried” a home business before, most people that visit my site have…

How were your results?

Did you get the mentorship you were looking for?

Did you generate multiple streams of income?

Did you receive training and support?

Did you ever really feel like you understood what it was you were supposed to be doing?

Most people have not.

Keeping it Simple and Tapping Into Leverage

The programs I build now require NO cold calling, NO pestering family and friends, NO wasted time. They are built purely by smart online/offline marketing systems that I personally employ and teach you to duplicate. The focus is on learning how to build better relationships with people.

You also get a step by step, 1-2-3 training that is there to assist you along the way. That is in addition to my personal coaching and mentorship.

Our Internet & Offline Marketing Training Platform consists of a training web site, training video blog, audios, recorded calls, live webinar training, a discussion forum on facebook for support and prospecting and a social networking community so you meet other people and build your network of contacts all from home. Essentially, we are a Mastermind Club.

Why multiple home business income streams?

Because in today’s economy, only a complete FOOL would not build multiple sources of income. It’s just a smart thing NOT to put all your eggs in one basket.

What’s your “Plan B” today?

What if you lose your main source of income? What then?

Wealthy people everywhere ALWAYS have multiple income streams flowing to them.

The “average masses” don’t.

In fact, most “average people” are barely clinging onto only one income stream that barely keeps them above water… it’s the old brainwashing and domestication programming we all got growing up:

1. DO NOT ROCK THE BOAT! Do NOT DARE to think different or question “society.”

2. Go To School and be “perfect.”

3. Beg an employer for a job and a “title.”

4. Silently build “their” dream and not yours.

5. Focus on your one little income stream… watch TV and “veg” life away…

6. Live in fear of coming out of your “comfort zone.”

7. At about age 45-55 get dumped for a younger, cheaper replacement.

8. Boo-hoo to others as you live the “American (drown in debt) Dream.”

9. Fear and Hate your neighbor and fake like you’re living large in your poverty.

This is one big BRAINWASHING MYTH that has been programmed into the masses which keeps them always broke, tired and scared…

And while you’re living “the dream” above, what do the wealthy do?

What do people like Oprah, Robert Kiyosaki, Kid Rock, Donald Trump and Rachel Ray do?

They own and operate MULTIPLE income streams.
They read books on prosperity and the lives of GIANT people and leaders.
They trust and network with each other and leverage their relationships.

They think and live outside the box and are free to express themselves.
They live UNcommon lives because they think UNcommon thoughts.
They laugh at “society” and “authority” and command their own lives.

Those who learn to control their own minds create their own economies…

“You either learn to control your own mind, or forever live employed
by those who have learned to control theirs…” Franco Gonzales

I am a FIRM believer in multiple income streams and in NOT putting all your eggs in one basket. You see, in the past I’ve been burned and have been involved in online business programs that have changed pay plans, or other things that made them undesirable. I have had “good jobs” become unbearable. I’ll be the first to tell you that there are no guarantees and bad things sometimes happen to good companies. And job situations change. There is no “security” anymore and I’d argue there NEVER really was. But that’s true in all of life.

So we learned to set up income streams that we own and control and we also leverage into existing income producing programs and systems that add additional cash flow, passive income and residual income. We focus on serving and teaching people. As our relationships build trust, people buy from us or join us in business.

I Decided To Create My Own Work, And That Created My Own Economy!

Different people require different price points. I include options in various price points in an effort to keep it affordable to most serious business builders. People may choose to start in programs that are right for them and then add additional income streams as their business grows.

We coach people to master the art of controlling their own income streams. 


Build a personal list of highly targeted prospects, and offer them valuable products, services and training – and those relationships of trust based on service and delivering value grow into multiple income streams.

Simple is POWERFUL

We had to learn, by shear necessity to specialize in “Keeping It Simple“.

You don’t have to have the flashiest website or system to make a lot of money online. As a matter of fact, I think you’ll be able to make more money in less time, the simpler your system is. That’s the way it’s worked for me for years. Read the book “Grind it Out” by Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s and you will learn, as I did, about the proven philosophy of building SYSTEMS, or mechanisms that can be scaled to produce cash flow.

A Few Pictures To Get To Know Us…

There’s no better way to get to know someone than to see them with the people they love, doing the things they enjoy. And I think a big part of someone getting to know you is to actually see where you live, what you do, and what’s important to you.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

If you find someone really interesting, doesn’t it make it easier to contact them? You already pretty much feel like you know them. This is why this online relationship building strategy will work for you as it does for me.

We LOVE to travel! Whether it’s at a five star resort in an exotic location, or just around the corner up in Yosemite, or even camping on a road trip across the US, cruising all the way to Yellowstone in Wyoming like we did a few summers ago for our honeymoon.

Traveling is one of the many “perks” of owning an International Home Based Business and being an Entrepreneur. Having both the financial freedom and the time freedom to just get up and go when we want feels great.

Hobbies and Interests

There are lots of hobbies that we enjoy. I’m a big personal growth, self-love and sexual healing freak!

We also love to hike and be out in nature.

Leah loves health and healing, and one of our goals is to own a nice healing retreat center for transformation in the tropics. She loves to be social and the girl can really burn up a dance floor with Kundalini Dancing.

Every Day is a New Adventure

We’ve been fortunate enough to be on our mission of earning a great income because of the successful marketing mentors we work closely with and learn from.

I get to work as little or as much as I want. Some weeks I work as little as 2 hours a day. Other weeks (such as when I’m creating a brand new site), I’ll work 5-8 hours a day or more. But I set my own schedule. If it’s a beautiful day out, I’m not gonna miss it. If a buddy of mine calls up and wants to go out to lunch, I’m usually free to go.



I ’m in the PEOPLE business, first and foremost. I’m also in the “Picks and Shovels” Business and I’m in the LEVERAGE business.

I love to help others grow.

I love being a coach for self-love, relationships and sexuality.



When the gold miners came to California in the 1800’s to look for “Gold in dem der hills”, WHO made the most money? It wasn’t the miners, it was the person who supplied all the equipment, picks, shovels and pans to all the miners. Only a few good and lucky ones actually struck it rich with Gold veins. If you can understand this one little concept, it can make you a lot of money.



“When everyone is looking for gold, it’s a good time
to be in the picks and shovels business.”
~ Mark Twain

My Mission to Leverage My Home Business?

Many people want to know how about my mission to “automate” my home business and generate consistent, full time results. I don’t do any cold calling, so all of my clients come to me first. I’m like a “Business Broker” or a tour guide, who tells people where to go to get more information, and after they get it, I simply take their order and assist them in setting their business up and training.

These days our business is pretty much on cruise control and we spend the majority of our time building relationships with people and teaching them the “how to’s.”



Many people claim to have automated systems but the reality is that most people don’t know enough about Internet marketing to make their “systems” produce results. The honest truth is that NO SYSTEM is truly, 100% “automated.” You can’t build “automated” relationships.

There is some work and effort involved – but as you can see, this website does a lot of the heavy lifting for me. I use this website, facebook, youtube and my blog to help spread my INTENTION and my message and story to you and others. This is working for me 24/7.

I find like-minded people by sharing my messages and invitations on advertisements offline and online such as post cards, 800# messages, ebooks, booklets, audios, videos, facebook, and blog posts, along with online advertising and offline methods.

As far as the internet goes, the content I post online such as videos and blogs and networking on social sites like facebook etc allow like-minded people who can resonate with my story and messages to find me. I invite them to free information and training and begin to build a relationship of trust with them. Then I invite them to call or email me personally!

Most People Do It The Wrong Way…

An example of the “wrong way” is that most people promote online business opportunities where there “system” is their company replicated website. They are told to buy expensive leads, and cold call them to drive them to their replicated site. Or they go out and spend a fortune on Google ads or facebook pay-per-click without really knowing how a “sales funnel” needs to be designed to make that type of paid advertising generate results.

Most just use non-productive tactics trying to drive traffic to their replicated sites which has never worked well or long term. Other people use blind advertising and lead prospects into presentations and websites loaded with HYPE and embarrassing over hyped and even fraudulent income claims to try to entice sales.

That does NOT work. Company replicated sites and marketing hype do a TERRIBLE job of selling anything. That is NOT automation and it is not sustainable. You simply will NOT succeed by HIDING BEHIND A COMPUTER and avoiding people. That’s insane in this arena.

What we teach our online business partners is Professional Direct Response Marketing, List Building, Relationship Building and fundamentally sound sales skills. When you wrap all that up we call it:

Attracting a Crowd, and Inciting a Movement.
You Create Your Own Work, Which Then Creates Your Own Economy.


It’s all about focusing on serving and building relationships with people. With the right core philosophy, the “marketing” and the “systems” become communication tools to leverage.



Here is what we do and what we teach:

1. Create a personally branded “Who Is” page or blog and let people get to know you.

2. Set up automated advertising that drive targeted, real time prospects into your funnel. Use social media and social networking to take your intention and your message and easily get it in front of people online allowing those who resonate with you to seek you out.

3. Build Your List. Drive traffic to a custom Direct Response Lead Capture Page that creates your own leads. Use autopilot offline direct mail and simple post cards that ANYONE can duplicate.

4. Build Relationships and Trust. Deliver valuable content to your targeted list consistently to build trust and credibility. Be accessible. Be of service. Add increase into others. This can be done by follow up emails, pdf’s, booklets, audios, videos and social networking etc.

5. Presentation and Invitation. Have videos, conference calls and webinars present for you and invite people to buy from you and/or join you in business.

6. Training, Support and Mastermind Groups. Send your new business partners to your professional team training & support site so they can begin to duplicate your system. Leverage the power of Mastermind Groups and training calls/webinars to teach people how to create their own “sales funnels,” and model the marketing process.

Real relationships are critical for retention of marketing teams. It’s the environment and relationships that keep them on the team. Focus on “fast money” and “comp plans” and fail to work to build relationships and community, and your marketing teams will always fade away.


It’s easy for anybody to “bail out” on a “system” or quit yet another biz op or program – but it’s incredibly difficult to quit on yourself and bail out on your friends…


That’s the POWER of building real relationships and Master Mind Communities… most people completely miss that critical point.



This is the exact blueprint of My Mission to build a full time business from home.

But you see, 95% of people with online businesses continue to LOSE money.

They continue to fail because the people that “recruit” them are not connected to teams with leaders that know what they are doing or that truly care about long term relationships. Many new business owners end up frustrated, with a ton of debt, no support or training and no profits. The focus on “fast money” and “get-rich-quick-guru-manipulation” is what causes a wide variety of problems for most people.

When you join with us in anything we represent, we’ll teach you how to use each tool, so you can leverage your business intelligently. But the CORE focus is on learning how to attract good quality people, and build solid relationships.


Having Access To Systems NORMAL PEOPLE Can Brand & Duplicate Is CRITCAL in the beginning…


Most “business opportunities” and “training” these days teach complicated tactics that can NOT be duplicated by the vast majority of people or replicated “systems” that make you look like one of THOUSANDS of other newbies all pitching the same “system.”

Those “systems” may have worked in 2006 -2008 but they are saturated and not effective today.

The other problem with replicated “marketing systems” is that they have become vehicles that the system OWNERS use to have YOU doing all the hard work to advertise and effectively build THEIR prospect lists. Even though you may be building into your own “autoresponder,” the system owners maintain a MEMBERS LIST which they now begin to market into promoting and cross promoting offers you may not be getting paid from.



It is Marketing Suicide To Work Hard To Attract Leads Only To GIVE Them To The System Owners or The Main “GURU” Who Is Branded On The “SYSTEM.”
You Must Have Your Own Marketing Funnel…

The amount of time and money it takes to build a “serious” home or online business is ridiculously low compared to the amount of money it can generate for you and how simple and leveraged you can make it. It all starts with understanding the concept of leverage.


We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, right?
Well a good video is priceless.

Watch this video by Best Selling author Robert Kiyosaki where he talks about
what we do and you’ll get a better idea about what you’ve got your hands on…


Click play to watch Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing (the perfect business)

He has written 15 books so far and sold over a whopping 26 million copies!


My beautiful wife Leah and I


We Learn To Tap Into Massive Leverage Offline & Online And Combine That With CLASSIC & PROVEN Marketing Principles In SOLID Opportunities To Build LONG-TERM, Stable Home Based Income.

It’s our Mission to experience NOW a stable consistency in our businesses, much more peace in our life and more time to share with my family and loved ones and that was the goal!

The difference becomes night and day.

It’s our Mission to be able to personally develop a substantial recurring income from this type of business system. In fact, our vision is to double our income this year and do it with ¼ of the time it used to take us to generate our income before. People and Leverage = Power.


“An investment in Knowledge Always Pays the Best Interest!”

Ben Franklin

This industry is starving for leadership and groups that keep this simple and for teams that are there after the sale! When you are part of our team all the negatives of traditional home-based businesses are taken away. All you do is model our advertising and build relationships with good people. Our Master-Mind community and training helps you with that too.

Your Success is Based on Your Personal Philosophy and Who You Allow to Influence You.


Who do you hang out with?

What philosophy of life do you live by?

Who are the Top 5 People You Attempt to Model in Your Life?

Tony Robbins and Jeremy Creager

Where my Personal and Inner Growth Work all started.  Crewing these seminars gave me a real taste of my path in life as a Teacher/Healer/Life Coach.  I was a young man here.  When all of my friends were out drinking and having fun at the bars, this is what I was doing….Taking my steps in life.

Life Mastery Tony Robbins Seminar: Sept. 11, 2001 Another life changing moment in my history.

Everything we teach about success and business is firmly rooted in the philosophies of Tony Robbins and Franco Gonzalez.

The mind set philosophies and Internet marketing teachings of Tony and Franco have basically saved my life from mediocrity. When it seemed everyone around me in my youth was headed for an “average” life and seemed to be happy about it, the teachings of Tony Robbins and others opened my eyes to new possibilities. I began to have a bigger vision of what my life should be.

I began to seek out above average people. People of success. Business people, philosophers and teachers that looked at life in a totally different way. And then I began to learn and to model their success. Their habits. Their thoughts, became my thoughts through their books, tapes and seminars. Who’s your coach? Who are you influenced by?

Personal development, empowering workshops, retreats & events and having the right mindset is my secret to success.

And today I have a passion for deep personal growth and sharing what I’ve learned with other success minded people.

There is an inner feeling of joy I can’t yet put into words that I feel when I teach someone thirsty and hungry for success in life and I see him or her succeed. It’s just awesome. It goes way beyond the money. It’s a calling… something that gives your life a strong Purpose. You do it for the joy it gives you.

So How Do You Really Succeed in a Home Business?

What’s the most effective way? Who shows you?

That’s why many “newbies” struggle.

With all the automation and systems available to build a business, without the knowledge, background and support of someone that is there to help you build your system, you are pretty much left to re-build the wheel and fend for yourself… and that can quickly become very frustrating and expensive.


That’s where we come in…

And the circle of friends and business partners that I have stuck with through the years. We operate as a team. I help coach you personally, and you’re also connected to our team and training sites, and resources.

You’ll learn what to do first, next and so on. The key is to keep it extremely SIMPLE.

I’m there after the sale. You can always call me. You’ll have instant access to my team sites that spell it all out, Step by Step, so you can duplicate my results. We guide you step by step with 1-2-3 marketing ads and resources you can plug into immediately. With our marketing training alone you will know more about building a high-income home business than 99% of the industry.

You see, no matter what type of business you find, the sad but true statistic is this:

Over 95% of ALL People Who Try a Home Based Business WILL Fail to make a profit!


With us You will learn what the successful 5% do that the other 95% don’t.

Feel free to take a tour of our program and Internet marketing training and call me.

If you like what you see, call to schedule a personal consultation to see if we are a good fit for each other. I only like to work with committed and serious people and with people who are ready to “get to business.”

Most people go too fast and join programs without a relationship built or any trust whatsoever. That is poison. Usually what then happens is the new person comes in with unrealistic expectations, lack of trust, skepticism and some level of an “entitlement” mindset and all those things just get completely in the way of building a real business.

So for that reason, please call me after your review or attend a couple of our free and open training calls and lets first work on developing a healthy level of trust so that when you DO join us and we get to work… it’s productive and we don’t waste anyone’s time.

Please do not go any further than this paragraph if you are:

1. Negative in attitude and enjoy being pessimistic…

2. NOT DEAD SERIOUS about sincerely learning to improve your life and
learn about the art and science of Free Enterprise and the Prosperity Mindset…

3. Not Interested in helping others and having FUN at the same time.


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Whether we do business together or not, I sincerely hope you find all the success that you desire. You deserve the very best. Home based business marketing is all pretty straight forward and simple. It’s mainly common sense and we can help keep you focused and on track for consistent results. Call me with any questions. We’re here to help.



All the best,

Jeremy Creager

Direct Line: 707-477-7373
Monday – Thursday 10AM – 7PM PACIFIC


P.S. The first rule of sales and marketing in the
“Inspiration Economy” that we are in now is to



Always GIVE without any expectation of getting…

It used to be about “Always Be Closing” but today
it’s all about:

“Always Be Serving!”



Here are two gifts that will serve you well, if
in fact, you’re serious about building a home
business and not just a closet “Get Rich Quick Junkie”
like I used to be…

1. Simple Freedom – The Booklet. (Click to download)
There is a code here hidden in plain sight that
many other “Super Producers” learn or are trained
in and they build EMPIRES…

2. FREE Social Media Mastery video training here:

“Jeremy, I’d like to study with you directly. I don’t know what to do first etc.
but I’m serious about learning and building my own home business.
What should I do first? And where can I plug in for beginner training?”


You know, there are a couple basic first steps you need to take.
I can help you organize the information and prioritize it.

My training emails will walk you through step by step.
At any time you can contact me by phone or email and
we can schedule personal time if you wish.

Simply ask me for a consultation in an email to:


“Ask and You Shall Receive…”