In these times of the new normal, energies are intense and things are not easy. Life can be very stressful and relationships are being asked to go deeper or face separation.

I know the pains of the heart all to well… You know, those feelings in your chest that are almost more then you can bare… That makes it almost imposible for you to go to work everyday and handle your day to day business. Sure sometimes the practicle things can be a distraction for a little while but not for too long when there are unresolved relational heart pains in your chest.

These feelings are so intense… Like there is a black hole in the middle of your chest and you feel like there is nothing you can do to make it go away.

For most men in general feeling, your feelings are not something we do so easily. Even when the feeling is not so heavy it’s hard for most men to just have the feeling’s… to sit with them… to just be with the feelings that come up for us.

But that is the work.

As an Awakening Man, we need to practice just being with these feelings.

To learn how to identify what feelings they are and then learn to express them, to name them… So often we as men know we feel something, even when it’s intense feelings, but can’t even identify what it is that we are feeling.

That’s why tapping into just being open to having the feelings come up. The work is to not do stuff that distracts us from feeling… To not push the feelings down or to the side.

Negative addictions that don’t serve us, that we use to stuff our uncomfortable feelings…

Things like:

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Workaholic
  • Over Eating
  • Watching too much TV
  • Porn

That’s just to name a few.

So many addictions come into play here because we cannot handle just feeling what’s inside of us.

As men, we are taught to think feelings make us weak or look weak but this is not true… Being a mature man is owning the feelings we have inside.

Not understanding the nature of our feelings makes us unsafe because we are more likely to explode or combust when we get too full or too hot and when we do not know how to constructively channel these feelings and energies in a positive way.

In my experience the heart love relationship pains are the worst.

Here are a few positive practical things to do that are not escaping your feelings.

And I must warn you they are not really meant to make your feelings go away or even get better right away… more often then not the painful heart feelings and pain can grow and get more intense but the key is:

  1. You’re not doing something negative to stuff the feelings, and…
  2. You are nurturing yourself through a healing process that will truly make you stronger.

This is an advanced spiritual practice. To transmute painful feeling ask for more of it…

For example, to transmute heartache every again, ask the universe to give you more heartache, and more and just be with it, sit with it and welcome it.

  1. Try an Intermittent fasting diet:
    This will definitely make things more intense especially for those of us that eat for comfort and are emotional eaters.

2. Exercising:
Even just walking for 30mins to an hour a day.

3. Nature:
Get out in nature and take in the beauty.

4. Talking to someone:
Getting support in these Tough Times it’s really important… Talking to someone you can trust to hold space for you, to honor where you are at and to be compassionate with your journey and process can really help. Having an intuitive healer and life coach listen to you is key because just being heard is huge. Someone to support you along the way is one of the most powerful things you can do to move forward in life in the way you want.

If your going through this time with a lot of painful feelings coming up, I really feel for you.

These are some of my practices and I would like to be here for supporting you or someone you know that might need a companionate ear and intuitive healer.

All the best and many blessings,


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