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Digital Reputation Marketing & Business Coaching

Taking your business to the next level with marketing services and or business coaching services. Get help from someone that has 15+ years experience and is passionate about building and growing both business and life success.
Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?
Let's get you ranking in the search engines. We can do that both organically and using paid ads. Making sure you are plugged in with the pertinent social media accounts for your business and local listings, built out fully and being creative and innovative with how you impalement the benefits they offer your rankings, thus driving more traffic to your website and business.

Search Engine Domination: Dominating the search engines for local key words is one of my favorite things to do in the marketing realm. Give me the pleasure of doing something I am passionate about and take up this opportunity to work with me so I can work with you in making sure you dominate the search engines with your local keywords and push your competition down and to the next pages.
Website Traffic
Check out this presentation video I did of my window tinting business back in 2017 of the previous years stats for website traffic, conversions into leads & sales all on automation.

I show you proof that I know what I am doing when it comes to creating leads & sales online. Using online tools, programs & systems to automate then streamline the whole process.

The next step is to scale up from there its really important to know all your numbers, all the stats, so you know where to focus on & tweak to get higher conversions. Then it becomes easy to scale your business for more profits.

Please NOTE: At the end of the video I say I am going to show you the programs & systems I used message me and let's talk more. Some of the products & services below may or may not be what I used then & could be different to what I would recommend now for your business needs today.
Feel free to check out this video presentation:
Taylor Made Custom Marketing For Your Business
The video is only a real life example of just a small view of the outcome of what we can create working together with my Digital Marketing, SEO Services & Business Coaching Services.
Fastest Way To Double Sales

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming.

The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Website Design & Development
Designing Websites is another one of my favorite things to do because I like the creativity it takes.

I have been building and designing websites for over 10 years now.

For a local business a website should be a lead generation machine. Meaning your site should be designed to collect leads for your business.

Yes it's nice when your site looks pretty but if it don't collect leads for your business it's not helping you create sales and new customers or clients.

As an artist, coming from a very artistic family I love creating aesthetically looking great websites but as an internet marketer and business entrepreneur I know the impotence of and the know how it takes to build a site that converts visitors into leads.

Let's design a mobile friendly lead-gen site today so you can capitalize on the traffic that visits your website.

Contact me today and let's get started.

Local Citations
Get Your Business On the Map with Our Guaranteed Local Citations Service.

Every local business is lost without Local Citations.

Another words you may not be getting found or showing up in all the places your target audience is online.

Citations help the end user find local business for the products and services they are searching for.

Citations also help you, the business owner or rather your business website to rank in the search engines.

A Citation is another way of saying Your Business Name, Your Business Phone Number, Your Business Address and Your Business Website Link.

We put Citations on local listing sites.

It is very important to be consistent with your citation, meaning everything has to read exactly the same. Four instance if your address is say: 1234th street you can't put street in one listing and st. in another listing.

There are hundreds of local listing sites Some are of more quality and relevance than others.

So let's get you on track with all the right local listing sites for your business by setting up your Citations.

Contact us today!

Search Engine Optimization
SEO or Search Engine Optimization for ranking your website. There is both On-page & Off-Page SEO

You need both in order to rank for your local keywords and drive targeted traffic to your website and offers.

They go hand and hand together.

In a nutshell, On-page SEO is when you create high quality content on your pages and posts related to your products and or services designed to rank for the keywords that your target marketing is searching for on the internet.

Off-page SEO is when you create high quality content with the keywords you want to rank for but instead of putting it on your website you post it, share it and syndicate the content, with backlinks to your website, all over the internet. Places such as on Social Networking Sites, Social Bookmarking sites and other places where lots of people are hanging out online. People find your posts on these sites, read it and then click the links that take them back to your home website.

Both help to drive traffic to your site. Both help your organic rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

Google service the end user, the searcher.

So if you have a lot of high quality content on your site being added frequently plus people hitting your site through backlinks from other sites where lots of people are hanging out, then Google will deem you an authority site and rank you higher in the search engines.

Let's get you on the top of the first page in the organic section. Put me to work for you so I can help you dominate the whole first page of Google.

Contact us today!

Social Media Management
Managing your Social Media accounts can be time consuming but is still very important for the success of any business in today's times.

Often it also takes creativity to come up with content to create and post and syndicate out there on the different platforms for customers and potential customers to see.

Why is Social Media Impotent?
Today Social Media is so impotent to reach your target market.

I know, you personally might not be on all or any of the social media sites but sorry to say the truth is that hundreds of thousands of people are and they hang out there everyday.

It's your job as the business owner to get in front of those eyeballs and share your message, promote your products and services and attract your ideal customers and clients.

Social Media Management Benefits
creating backlinks
driving traffic
supports organic rankings
creates social proof
builds a following
builds relationships with your market
platform to share your work/job pic's
platform to share your customer 5Star Reviews
Plus a whole lot more.
Want to know how Social Media can help you more in your business?
Contact me today and let's talk about how Social Media Managing can support your businesses growth in creating more business sales and reaching a larger potential customer base.

High Quality Backlinks
One of the main things you need to rank your site in Google, Yahoo and Bing is high quality backlinks.

There are all kinds of backlinks and you can get them from many different places.

You can get Do-Follow backlinks, better.

You can get No-Follow backlinks, not as good.

But you want both, just more of Do-Follow ones then No-Follow links

Also the quality of a backlink depends on where it's coming from, meaning:

1. Is it a relevant site or relevant content on a page to your site or the page on your site that it links back to, and...

2. Is the site the backlink is coming from a high trafficked site, another words does Google already consider the site an Authority site?

Examples Of Quality Backlinks
A few examples of quality backlinks are .gov sites, social media sites, social networking sites like blogs and article sites with quality content and high traffic on them, Social bookmarking sites and other websites that are relevant to yours, either within the same niche and or websites that are in the same local area as you.

If you'er ready to rank your site and beat out your competition in the local search engines for your keywords, then backlinks are one of the best ways and the next thing you need.

Contact me today!

Copywriting & Strategy
Copywriting & Strategy is content creation for your business to either sale, educate or entertain your target market.

From blog posts articles to sales pages to social media content and more, creativity and marketing background is key in the purpose and performance within the outcome you'er looking for in copywriting skills.

Let's talk about the outcome you want so I can get to work for you to get you the results your looking for.

It's one of my long-term passions to write, to do creative writing and mixed with my passion for marketing these go hand in hand within copywriting and best strategy for your website and business needs.

If you know your business, your trade and that's your skill but writing and creative writing and sales copy is not really your thing, then you need an experienced copywriter.

That's what I am for I am here to serve you in your copywriting needs.

Let's connect and create an action plan so I can get to work for you asap.

Also it's worth noting and reminding you that each peace of high quality content that is post online, your website or other sites linked back to your site is just like a 24/7 sales person driving potential customers and clients to you, your site for the end of time or until you take down the content.

That's just how the internet works. That is the power of the internet and how you can leverage copywriting in your business.

Now is the time to get started.

Contact me today.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing is one of the best ways to make sales in any business.

One thing I love about email is that with an autoresponder campaign it can be automated, meaning create it once, set it and forget it.

Let it run on autopilot, just like a 24/7 sales person working for you endlessly until the end of time or until you shut if off.

Email marketing is a powerful leveraging tool.
If you have been around the internet marketing industry for any length of time you will know a much common phrase is, the money is in the list.

I know that with Instant messenger and text messaging open rates are higher than open rates within emails.

Because these days as people are bombarded with emails both junk and non-junk mail, I caution you yet still, I would not recommend discarding the powerful tool of email marketing.

I have had people on my list for years that eventually will buy from me because of timing when I ask them they said at first they were just looking and it was not the right time but they kept getting my emails and one day a sale or discount email comes out or a featured job done from another client and BAM, it's what they needed to see. On top of being the right time.

Building Relationships With Email Marketing
One thing they say in marketing is that it normally takes 7 times for something to get in front of the consumer before he or she makes that buying decision and email marketing is one of the best ways to get in front of your next customer or client.

Contact me if your ready to get started with Email Marketing for your business.

Reputation Marketing
Reputation Marketing is reputation management plus marketing syndication of your 5Star Ratings.

More content coming soon.

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Business Coaching
It's time for Business Coaching if you're ready to take your business above & beyond just marketing.

Marketing is a must for any business. And in your case not sure of that then that is another reason why you need business coaching.

But also you need business coaching for growing your business in ways you might not have thought of yet. A business Coach can help with upping your mindset, expanding you'er thinking and helping you to get out of your own way.

As a Business Coach I mentor you in more ways then one meaning it's not all about your business. Or I should say if you want to grow your business you need to grow you.

I always say "The Way You Do Anything Is The Way You Do Everything"!
All ares of your life are connected.

I'll help guide you to bring more balance into your life and business.

You don't know how many business owners I have seen that think they know their business so well yet seem so stuck in there ways the truth is they are in their own way and it often takes someone on the outside looking in to see more from a birds eyes view to bring clarity to the big picture.

I love business building and I look forward to helping you build your business. I have been passionate about personal growth and self development for most of my life. I have invested so much of my life to healing and growth and I know I have so much to offer you when your ready to take the leap and take your business and life to the next level.

If you are ready to get started or have questions, the first step is connecting with me so we can talk and see if it's a good fit for the both of us.

Contact me today!

Workshops & Training
Stay tuned... Paid and FREE Trainings coming soon! Contact me for requests.

Online workshops and trainings coming soon. Building Business and Marketing topics to come. Feel FREE to send me a message and request training topics of your choice.
Local Marketing Bundle Packages
Brand Manager
Reputation Managing + Retargeting Traffic + Local Listings
  • Set up 24/7 Monitoring
  • Citations - up to 300 (15 to 20 as needed)
  • Listing Optimization
  • Instant Review Alerts
  • Monthly Reputation Reports
  • Bad Review Response
  • Email Support
  • Retargeting
  • Custom Design Ad Set
Business Builder
Reputation Building + Cold & Retargeting Traffic
  • Brand Manager Features
  • Two Custom Feedback Pages
  • Custom Feedback CRM
  • Complete Analytics
  • Smart Feedback Routing
  • Sign In Page
  • Employee Training Center
  • $2000 Media Center
  • Custom Design 5X Ad Set
  • Hyper Local Campaign
Market Leader
Full Reputation Marketing + Traffic + Social Covers + Funnels
  • Manager and Builder Features
  • Professionally Designed Images
  • Produce & Syndicate Review Commercial
  • Website/Blog Review Marketing
  • Image Review Marketing
  • Video Review Marketing
  • Video Syndication - YouTube
  • Reputation Marketing Analytics
  • Custom Design 10X Ad Set
  • Create Monthly Promotions
Set up $495: $2000/month
Set up $695: $3000/month
Set up $895: $4000/month
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