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Our Commitment!
To help you grow your business and take it to the next level with your entire marketing strategy put together just like it should be. The Picture On The Box Of What Your Marketing Plan Should Look Like.

 I offer my skills and services that I have been developing for years now to you and your business.

 I care about my clients that the success of their business. Think of me as your silent business partner to help grow this thing together.

 Each project I work on I put my passion of creativity in. My goal is to bring my artistic skills mixed with my marketing background to produce results in your business.

About Jeremy


If you love what you do and are really good at it, or aim to be I mean masterful in your trade because you take pride in your work, then I want to help you build a thriving business model that reflects the quality you'er dedicated to putting out.

Work With Jeremy

Jeremy Creager ~ My Story
I am a loving husband, father, son and older brother of 6 boys.

I'm a creative marketing consultant specializing in and dedicated to delivering high quality business development, customer service, Internet Marketing Systems and Solutions for local businesses.

I have been passionate about business since I was 14 years old. Back then I cut firewood and mowed lawns for extra money. Since then I have been a dedicated student, an employee, and built business's from the ground up.

Including but not limited to building a business model that allowed me to be one of if not they most expensive window Tinter on the planet all while maintaining a 5Star rating on Yelp, Google+ and other review sites.

With me on board as your coach backing you up, you will know that you have a confident, experienced and knowledgeable person on your team who can deliver the kind of quality work you and your clients expect and need.
Jeremy and his beloved
You Dream It, We'll Achieve It Together!
It takes the two of us to turn this dream into reality. What you put in is what you'll get out of it. I can do most of the heavy lifting for you but the degree of success will also depend on your participation and I do mean a bit more then just your funds/what you pay me... I can only do so much for your business on my own, that is to say, your time and focus in building your business is required too. 

The faster you get me what I need to get started on each project, get's the ball rolling quicker and money likes speed. Also ongoing and regular meetings for project approvals, masterminding, updates and checkins are a must for things to run smooth and on time. 
Customized Strategies!
Using me as your One-On-One Business Coach is like having a behind the sense silent business partner. I am here to help mastermind together with you a business plan for growth in the direction you want things to go. 

You probably know your business inside and out really well, but I know local marketing inside and out really well... So together we can do great things. I'll show you the picture on the box of your entire marketing plan. 

Your success is my success. 
Some Examples Of Our Work!
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Listen To What My Clients Are Saying
Because They Matter Most!
Daniel Gromm

Daniel Gromm

Jeremy Creager has been redoing and updating my website for years now... He is also helping with my reputation Management and online marketing, plus social covers for my social sites.

Jason Martini

Jason Martini

I have known Jeremy Creager for over a decade now and have hired him on as my website and marketing guy to help me build my online presence and brand of my Real Estate company. 

Business Coach

Why Work With Me?

The Value Of Having Someone In Your Corner

I want to help take your business to the next level. Because you don't know what you don't know and pigs don't know pigs stink. Having someone from the outside looking in getting more of a birds eye view can really be beneficial to you and the growth of your business.

I love marketing and leveraging the internet and finding ways to streamline processes that allow you to track and scale your success. Let's make it happen for you.



My last year in high school I was in a mentoring program and the mentor that teamed up with me took me to my first Tony Robbins seminar Unleash The Power Within (UPW) when I what 18 and that put me on a personal growth track for many years now.

When I was younger, people my age was going to the clubs and doing the bar scene but I was going to workshops, seminars, retreats and events for everything from personal growth to business, marketing, sales to spiritual healing and so much more.
Tony Robbins and 18 year old Jeremy Creager
Education & Training
  • 2011 ~ Certified Independent Marketing Advisor (IMA) with DotComSecrets
  • 2011 ~ Certified Holistic Life Coach with The Spencer Institute
  • 2011 ~ Leadership Training with The ManKind Project
  • 2010 ~ New Warrior Initiation with The ManKind Project
  • 1999 to 2010 ~ Unleash The Power Within, Date with Destiny and Life Mastery with Tony Robbins (student then staff)
Entrepreneurial Experience
  • 2006 - Present ~ Founded and managed a small window tinting business in the Bay Area
  • 2009 - Present ~ Main Street Marketing: Marketing/web consultant for small local businesses
  • 2000 - Present ~ Multiple Network Marketing Businesses both online and offline
Business Marketing Skills
  • Customer Service, Sales
  • Marketing: Online and Offline
  • Web Development: Blog Creation, Social Networking, Social Media, Social Bookmarking, Websites, Sales Funnel Systems
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Email Marketing: List Building, Content Writing, Article Submission
  • Product Creation and Ecommerce
  • Video Creation, Editing and Distribution
  • Dominating Linking Strategy
  • Reputation setup, Reputation Management, Reputation Marketing
  • And more...
Business Marketing Training
  • with Mark Kithcart
  • DotCom Secrets home study course with Russell Brunson
  • Empowered Entrepreneurs with Jonathan Budd
  • Simple Freedom Training with Franco Gonzalez
  • Empowered Tribe training with the Tribe
  • Marketing Survival Skills Training with Mike Hobbs
  • Job Killing ~ Local Marketing Trainings
  • And more...