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I put up a new page today and created a few banners… now offering FREE Sacred Union Relationship Advice if you or someone you know has Sacred Union questions send them this link where you can ask your questions.

What’s coming up for you in your relationship?

Are you wanting to go deeper into the healing journey of your love relationship?

Here’s the page to go to: http://jeremycreager.com/free-relationship-advice/

We are dedicated to healing the split between the masculine and the feminine.

It’s not easy work… It will take you down into the underworld where you will meet all of your shadows and have the opportunity to find the gifts hidden in the deep below that you didn’t even know were there.

We call it Sacred Union because it’s a safe space to open up and show all of your shit to the beloved and still be held in love. We welcome all the wounds of the past into the light. This container is where we do our work to heal childhood traumas, past life traumas, traumas past down from our lineage trapped in our cellar memory of our DNA and the the collective wounds of the world.

The work in Sacred Union is always coming back to love.

What in your relationship triggers you?

Where do you find it hard to stay in a love space with your beloved?

Many people are triggered from simple things like:

  • Money Issus
  • Sex
  • Kids

Those are just to name a few of the main things but more so that is whats on the surface level… the real thing is what’s underneath.

This is where having a mentor or coach can really be a support to you and your relationship.

I have created this page: http://jeremycreager.com/free-relationship-advice/ with a forum on it to Ask Us Anything and get FREE Relationship Advice to help and support you in going deeper into your Sacred Union and down the path of love.

There is a Core wound that every man must walk through in Sacred Union and I am here to tell you as a Man to a Man you don’t have to do it alone… I know you have your beloved and although that is most important, she is also faced with her core wound as a woman and may not have all the answered… at least in the way that the masculine mind wants to understand it.

So I am here to help guide you to your truth.

In later posts I will go deeper into what the core wounds are for the Masculine and the Feminine on this path of love.

Until then please stay tuned… Feel free to Ask Your Questions and or Book A Session.

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