Looking at stages of consciousness in awakening men and women, there is a stage among many phases that has been spreading disguised behind the trickster energy.


There is someone’s writing going around out there on the internet that I saw on Facebook, that I will provide here for the context of what I will be share about on this post.

“If men understood the value of a well-fucked woman they would have no choice but to prioritise their sexual evolution. If you understood that having a well-fucked woman on your side was the formula to succeeding in life, in every realm and every kingdom it would become your religion, Religiously giving her everything you’ve got, on your knees thrusting in prayer, hymns flowing from her hips to her lips a gospel choir conducted by your conductor, symphonies as sweet as an angels breath written by your caress.

Taking her deeper than the material, the mundane, the physical, undressing her body-mind, and soul, she is your ticket to success. The most valuable asset you could ever invest in, your embodied evolution, your sexual consciousness. She will ooze all over your existence, lusciously dripping warm and melting, lubricating your life, the ease within your flow, the lakshmi to your abundance, the magic behind your power, A moisturised life, gleaming in the glory of her erotically charged radiance. The remedy to your everything, a slathered on saviour, the coconut oil of the human variety. Apply liberally. Her creative energy that you have assisted in its activation, stirred up within her cauldron, will birth your every dream into reality. Your conscious cock is like a wizards wand, interacting with her magic to manifest.

Co-creating a new world with every breath, pulse and moan. You have the power to be the god she calls her own. Taking her to heights most holy upon sweaty sheets. You can be the moon to her tides, eclipsing her preoccupation with the mind, You can blow the wind into her sails and lift her up high to explore the oceans of the skies, the power in your body vibrating, attuned, refined. Divorcing her from unconsciousness & reuniting her with the divine, helping her become clarified. Taking her into timeless trance states where her body lay beneath your own, yet her psyche is in another dimensional time zone, reciting poetry straight from gods kiss, a lyrical psychic physicist, delivering wisdom straight from creations mind back in her body for dinner time.

You can be a part of miracles like that on the daily if you desire. When you heal one of us you heal us all. Conscious cock is medicine and we are all suffering from our unfilled prescriptions. We have become diseased from a lack of connection, from ourselves, from each other, from the earth, from the feminine. Now is the time for our reclamation. If you are into transformation and ignoring your sexuality you are sorely mistaken, our evolution relies on our full-bodied and souled integration. You can’t possibly know the power you’re denying. All the women you’re depriving.”

Conscious Cock is Medicine.© Copyright 2016 ~ ALANA LOUISE MAY All Rights ReservedArtwork by Tina Marie Elena

On one hand, there is/ and could be truth to this… but… too much of these colorful words…

  • 1. Imply that conscious cock is medicine, means consciously making love/fucking/having sex with the woman is the key to her awakening in the colorful words used above. And…
  • 2. In the mask of #1, you’re not really saying anything about the real process of how to awaken women so that everything your saying becomes true. 

The how too is not in the “making love to her”. It’s in loving her. Making her feel safe enough to open. Creating a safe space for her to honor her NO’s to sex so that she can heal her past sexual wounds individually and collectively. 

This also is the process where the man gets to heal his immature emotional needs for sex. Healing the anger and rape consciousness within and collectively on this planet. 

This is the journey of healing the split between the masculine and the feminine. 

Without speaking of this the colorful words above have more trickster energy in there than not. 

The New Advance Sacred Union Work To Heal The Split Between The Divine Masculine And Beloved Feminine

Along my journey in this work it is almost impossible to find support in this process because so few are even aware of this work.

The Woman’s New Advance Sacred Union Work:

This work is lead by the feminine… The woman has to feel and hear the deep call within to heal her sexual wounds and the collective wounds of the feminine on this planet, but at a new level… a new octave… a new frequency of love.

She doesn’t need to know much more than that… as the man will want to know why and for how long and to what end and give me a masculine linear time frame and all that to satisfy his mental mindset.

Now that is not how it works. Because let’s feel deeper into this…

But first lets take a quick look at the mans work.

The Man’s New Advance Sacred Union Work:

The man’s job is to feel. That’s pretty much it. Just be with the feelings. Sit with them. Get to know the feelings. Learn to love yourself. Take care of yourself. Love your woman. Create a safe environment for her.