You may personally know somebody in your life that doesn’t want to change or get help to learn, grow, and evolve spiritually. 

Likewise, you may also see and project on a larger scale that looks like evil in the world. Some of these people are controlling corporations and big systems like government, religion, or health care systems. Many of these people truly don’t have the best interest at heart for others on this planet, including Mother Earth her self. These people do it for themselves, to meet their need for greed, control, and power over others.

Here’s the truth as I see it. 

To a degree… I believe many people came into this life not to learn lessons that will elevate their level of consciousness but instead acquire more karmic debt lowering their consciousness because that’s what their soul needs in order to propel slingshot themselves forward and higher in future lives.

Maybe some will find their way in this life and find a way to change directions upwards into the light.

That is their choice. 

It’s not that some are helpless or hopeless in this life, it’s just a spiritual timing thing of destiny to do the real work down the path of love.

Maybe they coasted a little too much in present and past lives and played it too safe.

To evolve spiritually and raise our consciousness it takes risk and courage to dive deep into shadow work and truly take stock and inventory of oneself.

Because all is love, not all is lost. There is Love and then there is less love. That is it.

On a cosmic level where you see so much bad in the world, it may seem like there is no love, but it’s just less love… a degree that is so low it is surrounded in darkness, but at the core of everything is Love.

There is always hope. 

But normally there is nothing we can do for others if they are not ready to take their steps.

Only those with eyes to see will see.

Here is what we can do to help those that don’t want to help themselves yet…

  1. We can be a mirror for them. The way we are best a mirror to others is by being in our bodies, out of our minds of the past and future present in the now. 
  2. We can have compassion for them, for where they are at and the process they are in.  
  3. We can do our own work. 

Doing our shadow work and taking our steps holds so much power for the higher we get the stronger our power of love we are. 

One drop of pure love counter balances a whole sea of un-pure love or a lack/less love. 

If you look at the map of consciousness… just a few at the top hold the many at the bottom. 

This means as more of us awaken and rise up in love frequencies of higher states of consciousness what will start to happen more and more by default is awakenings. On a spiritual level, the souls in life right now will start to feel the call deep within to heal and awaken on their own. 

Maybe you are hearing the call now. 

The magic is in that we are all one connected in the sea of love. We are individual expressions of the one love-consciousness, that some call God… others call Goddess, I prefer the Source, the all that is, was and ever will be.

We all need support and guidance as we go down the spiritual road of evolution, awakening, and raising the level of consciousness in ourselves and on the planet.

If you or someone you know is ready to take the steps of spiritual healing and personal growth and would like some support and guidance on the path of love then I invite you to take this journey and reach out to me for healing coaching sessions. 

I am not perfect except within all my imperfections. I am no better or worse than anybody else but I am an old soul on the lightworker path for many lives. Even in this life, I’ve been on the awakening journey immersing myself in retreats, seminars, events, and workshops for over two decades now.  

I have passionately steadied human relational dynamics, human development, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I study love relationships and sexuality. I’m fascinated with consciousness and transformational work for healing and growth. 

Over the years I’ve dived deep into men’s work, shadow work, feminine based spiritual practices work, and sacred union work. I have studied trauma-based work, sexual healing work, and childhood development work.

I read between the lines. I look at the connected threads that spanned through space and time. I pay attention to your spiritual contracts and karmic agreements.

In my channeling I astro project and tap into The Akashic records.

I am a non-judge-mental listener and compassionate healing coach. 

Many blessings,
Jeremy Creager

The Awakening Masculine

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