The key to waking up men is found within sacred union. For his beloved woman to rebirth him. A process where woman stops having sex with man for a period of time that can come and go in cycles but all the while she loves him fiercely with all her heart. Until he awakens, until she feels his heart opening.

Will he stay? Will he show up? Will he choose love, come what may?

Keep giving immature men what they want and they have no motivation to grow up. Also note: he won’t do it on his own as a single man. He needs to be in the physical presence of her womb. He won’t know the way. He has to trust his woman and follow her feminine ways. The trust really comes in for him because she won’t have answers to soothe his masculine mind… he will want to know why? For how long? To what end? He can’t understand.

She will just have a knowing, a deep feeling that she can’t explain or put into words. She won’t have the answers because there is no linear timeline that will bring him peace of mind.

But she needs to trust her deep knowing. She needs to learn to listen to the wisdom of her heart, her womb and her yoni’s call for only the purity of her beloved to enter her most sacred space.

It’s not even her job to awaken him…

It happens by default when she does her work of learning to only let into her womb an awakening man. To stop saying yes when she’s not feeling it just to make him happy.

This time period gives her the space to honor her NO, to go deeper into the healing of her past sexual wounds and traumas of this life, of past lives and of the collective.

Before his heart opens he will first need to welcome all his feelings to come up… he must learn to sit with them, to be with them. To own them. All these feelings of anger, of rape consciousness both within and collectively, of fear of abandonment and entitlement to have his needs met by woman.

The justifications of getting his needs met will make him want to leave. He will tell himself that she is not choosing love, that she is not loving him unless she meets all his emotional and sexual needs. He will tell himself that he is loving, that he supports her, that he provides for her, that he is kind to her and because all of this he deserves to have his needs met by her.

His Unhealed Inner Little Boy

I want. I need. Give it to me or I will through a fit. I will rage. I will destroy. You owe me. I deserve it. Your mine. Your body is mine. You wouldn’t have to feel the fear like I am going to take it from you if you just freely gave it to me.

He is a physically grown man. But emotionally a little boy. He is scary. Unpredictable. Can’t be trusted.

Even if he controls himself so well and thinks he would never hurt her and would never act out or even let out his bottled up rage… she feels it. She knows it’s buried deep within him. He’s dangerous and even the outer shell of the loving man that he is on the outside and pretends or believes he truly is, is not safe.

How many women still let these unsafe and non loving energies inside their wombs?

And all the insecurities that come up in man in the face of woman not showing up to meet his needs.

He won’t feel worthy. He won’t feel like he is enough. He will feel unlovable. He will feel abandoned and betrayed. He will feel tricked or used.

It’s his most deepest and painful wound. The true separation from the feminine.

He must learn to take care of himself, to nurture himself not by self pleasuring and not by finding other addictive behaviors to suppress these feelings. To learn how to welcome these feelings into his body and feel them fully. Walking in nature, exercising, eating healthier and finding someone to talk to and get supported by. He awakens by understanding this is the only process that allows him to develop emotionally in a way that heals the split between the masculine and the feminine, to take responsibility for his maturity.

In turn loving and supporting his woman and the feminine to heal the sexual wounds of the past.

The only thing that can bring him peace of mind is knowing:

  • 1. He is showing up in love for his beloved. And…
  • 2. He is honoring his own spiritual karmic healing growth path and becoming a mature emotional awakening man.

It’s a beautiful (not easy) process. It’s not about punishment, control, or manipulation. It’s about love, trust, and supporting each other in our healing and growth journey.

One side has abandonment self worth issues and the other side sexual abuse wounds.

Our deepest wounds are opposite from the other and thus we are perfect for each other both for mirroring our triggers and wounds and for being able to support one another.

We could choose to leave but then we will still just carry these wounds with us into the next relationships. But we choose to love. To be gentle with ourselves. We are lucky that it is not just one-sided. We both want to heal and grow. And we both have a deep calling, a mission to heal the split between the masculine and the feminine on this planet so we also choose to do our work for the collective.

If you know someone that is in need of support I am offering sessions.

Many blessings,

The Awakening Man,

Jeremy Creager

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