Poetry ~ The Path To Love And Innocence

Behind every fear there is love. I send a message to all those who are dear, attached to a beautiful white dove flying up above. For every shadow brings a gift and an enlightened state of being. I see you in your darkness and that’s OK with me. Yes it is positive thinking that allows […]

~ My Sexual Shadow Desires and Dissatisfaction ~

Here is my writing for today as my heart pounds in fear to share this with you all… Been really feeling this intense energetic pain in my chest for the last 2 weeks and so looking forward to moving through and past this energy, so really hoping that sharing this shadow out in the light […]

My Shadow Fear, of Not Being Worthy of Love

A journey on the dark side where my shadows hide my fear of not being worthy of love… More pain in my heart, my body shakes and is petrified scared to death that I will die alone without true love sacred union in my life. For all the times I saw the beauty in a […]

My Shadow Fear Of Being Broke Financially

Well my story that I relate to and have told growing up goes like this: With 5 younger brothers and a single mother raising us, sometimes working 2 or ever 3 jobs at a time to take care of us… I still feel like we grow up financially poor… The way I remember it is […]

My Shadow Of, Not Being Man Enough

This shadow is hard for me to write about, hard for me to work on, feel and face, to admit to myself these fears that I have of not being man enough. The tightness in my neck, and the weight of the world on my shoulders makes me want to cry in pain and agony… […]