Let’s tap into your deeper self, your heart, and soul calling.

I am a compassionate listener, intuitive reader, and holistic life coach.

An Old Soul + A Life Long Journey of Healing, Growth & Transformation

As a healer, I am dedicated to raising the level of consciousness on this planet. This requires looking deep into our soul to remember who we are and why we came here. This is a path of integrity and love. One of bravery and humility for we must do our shadow work in order to step more into the light. I am passionate about sacred union relationships to heal the split between the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine. This is the journey down the path of love and it not only calls us into sacred union with our beloveds and it also calls forth the sacred vocation work we are meant to do and bring into this world through our own unique expression and gifts.

I welcome all of you and invite you to step into your higher calling.

~ Jeremy Dylan Creager

I have had my journey through the dark side… With drug addictions that I thought I had under control, illegal activities done with a mastermind like execution and I have suffered from deep deep pain and heartache but these struggles were all lessons I learned from and they put me on this path of awakening.

Pulling my soul searching for self-discovering deeper into relationships, spirituality, sexuality, and even entrepreneurism.

I found myself in mainstream personal growth work like Tony Robbins Seminars for years focusing on Relationships, Communication, Life Mastery, and Business. I spent years in Network Marketing companies more so for personal growth and being around positive people that love to grow and learn.

I have also journeyed deep into the spiritual communities doing work on myself through Kundalini Dancing, clearing chakras, and past life work.

I have had years of training in native American energy healing work, including hands-on healing, intuitive readings, grounding techniques, and setting energy protection grids. Also, sitting in Men’s Circles doing shadow work as well as diving deep into the Feminine based spiritual practices…

All this and much more, I tell you just to let you know not only did I come into this world with an old soul but I have been doing my work in this life for most of my life, so when I invite you to do your work, know that I have done it too… that I am doing it too, as this is not only a life long journey but its lifetimes long. The soul’s journey to Awakening.

I can hold space for you. I am a compassionate listener and intuitive reader at your service.

Now these are new times we have just entered into and never before have we seen what is unfolding now in 2020… It has only just began… I will get worse before it gets better.

I am here for you in these major times of transition and change. I can support you and guide you to go inward and find your truth.

I specialize in the realms of Relationships (Sacred Union), Spirituality, healing sexual wounds, working on past traumas both your own personal and your family Lineage. I also work with business-building ideas, marketing and I can do intuitive readings for you.