Jeremy has been a truth seeker for most of his life. Looking for purpose and meaning in every area of his life, from family, to love, to relationships, to spirituality, to sexuality and holistically including business and sacred vocation.

Initiated Spirit Keeper of the Womb and Certified Mentor/Teacher of The Fountain of Life

2013 to 2017 ~ Womb Awakening with The Fountain of Life
2011 ~ Leadership Training with The ManKind Project
2010 ~ New Warrior Initiation with The ManKind Project
2008 ~ Certified Reiki Practitioner, Energy Healer
1999 to 2010 ~ Unleash The Power Within, Date with Destiny and Life Mastery with Tony Robbins (student then staff)

Jeremy has been on a life long quest to find true love, to find his beloved. This deep longing in him for love and sacred union has lead him on a spiritual spiral of self discovery through his own woundings in childhood and family lineage.

The pain and suffering, emotional and otherwise, he experienced in all his past relationships only intensified the yearning for more love and Divine Union.

Hearing the call from The Fountain of Life to journey in Womb Awakening practices to heal the wounds of the past, both within and for the collective. This took him on a three-year spiral to come into his power and gifts to call in his Beloved that he had longed for.

After this Dark Night of the soul and finding his beloved, the Sacred Union Love Pod Spiral has awakened him to his many gifts.

Announcing himself as a spirit keeper of the womb, his quest now is to nurture, garden, protect, and create a safe Earth for the feminine to fully blossom.


My last year in high school I was in a mentoring program and the mentor that teamed up with me took me to my first Tony Robbins seminar Unleash The Power Within (UPW) when I what 18 and that put me on a personal growth track for many years now.

When I was younger, people my age were going to the clubs and doing the bar scene but I was going to workshops, seminars, retreats, and events for everything from personal growth to business, marketing, sales to spiritual healing and so much more.

Tony Robbins and I

Education & Training

  • 2011 ~ Certified Independent Marketing Advisor (IMA) with DotComSecrets
  •  2011 ~ Certified Holistic Life Coach with The Spencer Institute
  •  2011 ~ Leadership Training with The ManKind Project
  •  2010 ~ New Warrior Initiation with The ManKind Project
  •  1999 to 2010 ~ Unleash The Power Within, Date with Destiny and Life Mastery with Tony Robbins (student then staff)

Entrepreneurial Experience

  • 2006 – Present ~ Founded and managed a small window tinting business in the Bay Area
  • 2009 – Present ~ Main Street Marketing: Marketing/web consultant for small local businesses
  •  2000 – Present ~ Multiple Network Marketing Businesses both online and offline

Business Marketing Skills

  • Customer Service, Sales
  • Marketing: Online and Offline
  • Web Development: Blog Creation, Social Networking, Social Media, Social Bookmarking, Websites, Sales Funnel Systems
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Email Marketing: List Building, Content Writing, Article Submission
  • Product Creation and Ecommerce
  • Video Creation, Editing and Distribution
  • Dominating Linking Strategy
  • Reputation setup, Reputation Management, Reputation Marketing
  • And more…

Business Marketing Training

  • with Mark Kithcart
  • DotCom Secrets home study course with Russell Brunson
  • Empowered Entrepreneurs with Jonathan Budd
  • Simple Freedom Training with Franco Gonzalez
  • Empowered Tribe training with the Tribe
  • Marketing Survival Skills Training with Mike Hobbs
  • Job Killing ~ Local Marketing Training
  • And more…


DotComSecrets Local Training Program
Life Mastery Tony Robbins Seminar Sept. 11 2001
JC Holistic Life Coach Certificate of Completion
New Warrior Training Adventure The ManKind Project
Staff Training 1 with The Mankind Project
Jeremy Creager ~ Art Recognition
Youth 2000 Mentor Participation Award